Stab Injury Compensation Claim Guide

By Stephen Kane. Last Updated 11th January 2024. If you’ve been the victim of a stabbing, you may be entitled to make a criminal injury claim for compensation. Within this guide, we offer advice on when and how you could make a stab injury compensation claim through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA).

Other sections of this guide include a look at potential compensation payouts for stab victim compensation. We’ll also cover the types of damages that could be covered by your criminal injury claim, the time limit for starting proceedings and how a No Win No Fee solicitor could help you with your case.

To learn more about making a criminal injury claim if you’ve been stabbed, you can contact our friendly advisors. They’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to help answer your questions and offer free advice. To contact our team, you can:

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Stab injury compensation claims guide

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  3. My Attacker Escaped – Can I Get Compensation?
  4. Time Limits For Stab Victim Compensation Claims
  5. No Win No Fee Criminal Injuries Solicitors
  6. Advice For Victims Of Stab Injuries

Criminal Injury Compensation Amounts For Stab Wounds

If you’ve been injured in a violent crime and cannot claim against the perpetrator, you could claim for criminal injuries through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA). You may seek a criminal injury compensation calculator to value your claim, however, this may not be able to take any special expenses into account.

The CICA awards compensation to claimants in line with the criminal injury compensation tariff found in the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme 2012. These are fixed payouts amount for specific types of injury.

The table below contains figures from the criminal injury compensation tariff.

Injury Notes Amount
Multiple severe injuries plus financial losses This figure includes compensation for pain and suffering the claimant has endured Up to £500,000
Mental Injury A permanent mental injury that is moderately disabling. £19,000
Mental Injury A disabling mental injury, as confirmed by a psychiatrist, that lasts for 2-5 years. £6,200
Chest An injury that requires a thoracotomy. £6,200
Abdomen An injury that requires a laparoscopy or laparotomy with 3 or more organs needing to be repaired. £6,200
Abdomen An injury that requires a laparotomy but only one or no organs will need to be repaired. £1,800
Lung Both lungs have been punctured £4,600
Upper Limb Scarring Scarring tot he upper limbs that results in a serious disfigurement. £3,500
Facial Scarring Facial scarring that results in a significant disfigurement. £2,400
Eyes A significant penetrating eye injury to one eye. £1,000

To discuss more about either type of compensation, or for more information about making a claim as a stab victim, please speak to one of our advisors.

Damages Your Criminal Injuries Compensation Can Include

If you have been the victim of a stabbing, and you make a successful claim for stab victim compensation, then the settlement you receive will likely be made up of several different types of damages. Above, we considered potential compensation awards for physical harm. It’s also possible to recover financial losses that have been incurred because of the injury. Generally, you’re able to recover the following costs, though to be sure, contact one of our expert advisors for more information.

  • Lowered ability to work
  • Loss of wages or salary (in CICA claims, you have to be absent from work for more than 28 weeks, and you will only receive pay at the statutory sick pay rate). 
  • Cost of hiring a nurse of home help
  • Medical charges
  • Travel fees

If you would like to know what types of damages you could claim in your own case, please use the telephone number near the end of this page, and one of our claims team should be able to tell you.

My Attacker Escaped – Can I Get Compensation?

When making a claim through the CICA for getting stabbed, you may wonder, ‘Can I get compensation even if my attacker escaped?’

If you have been injured in a crime of violence, as defined by the CICA, you can still make a claim even if your attacker escapes. However, you will need to ensure that you meet the relevant criteria and can provide sufficient evidence before pursuing a claim through the CICA. The criteria include:

  • The claim must be made within the relevant time limits (this is generally 2 years).
  • The incident must have taken place in Scotland, England, Wales or other relevant place (such as a ship registered to one of these countries).
  • You will need to provide a police reference number to prove that the crime was reported.
  • You will need evidence that you meet the residency requirements.
  • Medical evidence regarding your stab wounds and the treatments you needed to receive for them.

The CICA will be able to contact the police for further information relating to the incident.

Our criminal injuries compensation calculator may be able to help you with gaining a clearer idea of how much compensation you could be owed. It will do this by asking you a variety of questions about how you were injured and the injuries you sustained.

Do not hesitate to contact one of our advisors today if you have any further questions about starting a criminal injury claim.

Time Limits For Stab Victim Compensation Claims

There is generally a two-year time limit for starting a stab injury compensation claim through the CICA. This time limit usually starts from when you reported the incident to the police. You’re normally expected to report it right away, unless you’re able to prove that exceptional circumstances stopped you from doing so.

Exceptions could be made to the two-year time limit for starting a claim. However, you will need to show that exceptional circumstances prevented you from starting a claim within the standard timeframe.

If you were under the age of 18 when stabbed and the incident was reported to the police, but no claim was made, then you usually have two years to make a claim from the day of your 18th birthday. If, however, the incident was not reported to the police due to exceptional circumstances, then you will have two years to claim for it from the date it was reported to the police.

For more advice on the time limit or other aspects of making a stabbing compensation claim, contact our advisors for free either online or on the phone.

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Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority claim

No Win No Fee Criminal Injuries Solicitors

When making criminal injury claims through the CICA, solicitors from our panel could help you gather evidence and start a claim. If you are concerned about funding solicitor fees, you should know that the solicitors on our panel can all offer their services on a No Win No Fee basis.

This means that you’ll only pay your solicitor a success fee if you are awarded compensation. The fee they deduct from your compensation is capped under the Conditional Fee Agreements Order 2013 to avoid you being overcharged.

You also will not have to pay an initial fee upfront to begin using the services of a solicitor, and if your claim fails, you won’t need to pay your solicitor at all.

If you would like to know more about No Win No Fee, speak to our advisors to arrange a free consultation.

If you have been the victim of a knife crime and have suffered a knife injury, then we can likely help you to make a compensation claim. Call 0161 696 9685 today, and explain your situation to one of our claims team, they will give you some solid legal advice on what to do next.

Contact us using webchat, phone or email. Our team will assess your claim. We will the process your claim for you.

Advice For Victims Of Stab Injuries

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