How To Make Teeth Damage And Broken Tooth Injury Claims – How Much Compensation Can I Claim?

The pain and embarrassment caused by tooth damage can be very traumatic and cause ongoing problems even after treatment has been finished. If you’ve been involved in an accident, which resulted in broken teeth and was caused by somebody else, you may be entitled to compensation.

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A Guide To Broken Tooth And Teeth Damage Compensation

Tooth damage compensation claims guide

Tooth damage compensation claims guide

Unlike many injuries to the human body, tooth damage can’t be repaired naturally. If a tooth is chipped or broken, it will stay that way and when a tooth is knocked out, it can’t usually be replaced without some sort of false tooth.

The pain involved in accidents resulting in tooth damage can be painful at the time and for a period afterwards. However, it is the psychological damage that can really cause problems, especially when front teeth are damaged or removed.

It is essential, therefore, that if your teeth are damaged through an accident caused by somebody else, that you claim compensation to firstly cover the pain and suffering caused but, more importantly, to pay for any treatment or cosmetic surgery required to put the situation right. are personal injury specialists who can help to make tooth damage injury claims, using no win no fee solicitors, on behalf of clients up and down the country.

We’ve written this guide to explain what compensation can be claimed for, the legal definition of liability in personal injury claims, what to do in the event of an accident, how much compensation you may be entitled to and the most common claims for tooth damage that are made.

If you are involved in an accident, then you can take steps to make claiming easier such as:

      • Photographing the scene including the cause
      • Reporting the accident so it’s recorded in an accident log book
      • Seeking medical assistance
      • Asking any witnesses for their recollection of what happened in a written statement

These steps will make claiming simpler and will increase the chances of winning compensation for your injuries.

We want to ensure you get the right information before making a claim. This is why we offer free legal advice to anyone considering a claim. We believe it’s best to have the correct information rather than guessing whether you can claim or not.

What Is Tooth Or Teeth Damage?

Tooth damage can take on many forms. Personal injury lawyers can make compensation claims for any type of tooth damage including any of the following:

      • A broken tooth: Any injury where the tooth is broken leaving the root of the tooth inside of the jaw.
      • Loose tooth: This can happen when the root of the tooth is damaged or broken by an impact to the head or jaw.
      • Chipped tooth: A part of the tooth is chipped away by some form of impact.
      • Cracked tooth: A split of the tooth occurs (or a crack) caused by an impact.
      • Grazed teeth: This is where the protective enamel of the teeth is worn away by the teeth impacting with an abrasive surface.

A personal injury solicitor will use medical reports to base a compensation claim on which will determine which type of injury has been sustained, which teeth were damaged and how the damage has impacted the victim, both physically and psychologically.

How Much Can I Claim For Broken Teeth Or Dental Injuries

Whilst we don’t offer a personal injury claims calculator, we can provide the table below which outlines the amounts of compensation that can be awarded for different types of injury under the ‘General Damages’ element of a claim.

Remember that general damages are just one part of any claim, so the figures listed aren’t the full amount that a claim could result in.

Type of ClaimSeverityCompensationNotes
Psychological InjuriesLess Severe£1,440 to £5,500For injuries that happen for a shorter period and a lesser impact on daily life
TeethSignificantUp to £35,790Chronic tooth pain with significant deterioration of the teeth
£8,200 to £10,710Serious damage or loss of several front teeth
£4,080 to £7,160Serious damage or loss of two front teeth
£2,070 to £3,710Serious damage or the loss of a single front tooth
£1,020 to £1,600Loss/damage to a back tooth or teeth

As you’ll see, there is a range of compensation awarded for each type of injury which is based on how severe the injury is.  Using a personal injury solicitor who’s experienced in injury claims should ensure you’ll get the correct level of compensation for your injuries. They use medical experts and evidence to support the claim and ensure your injuries are categorised correctly.

What Can I Claim After Damage To My Tooth Or Teeth?

As mentioned in the previous section, a personal injury solicitor can base a claim on a number of different elements. These are known as ‘Heads of Loss’.

Some of the different elements of the claim that can be used include:

General Damages

These are to cover the pain and suffering caused by the injuries. A personal injury solicitor will provide evidence to demonstrate how severe your injuries were. This covers both physical and psychological injuries.

Special Damages

These elements are based on financial losses. They are easy to prove, with receipts and bank statements but a solicitor has to justify that they were needed.

The basis of special damages is that you should not be in any worse financial position following an accident, than you were before it.

Some special damages include:

Loss of Income

In some cases, if you have to take time off from work while you recover or to attend medical appointments, you may lose income if your employer doesn’t offer full sick pay.

With more serious injuries, you may need to stop working altogether or have to change jobs if your injury prevents you completing your duties.  If either of these cases are true, then you could claim for future lost earnings which, depending on your salary, age and prospects could lead to substantial damages.

The Costs of Travelling

When you suffer with tooth damage, you may need to travel to specialist dentists or hospitals multiple times for treatment. The costs of fuel and car parking can soon build up to a large amount, so you can claim these costs back.

Personal Property Damage

At the time your accident occurs, if any item of personal property was damaged or broken then you can claim back the cost of replacing or repairing the item.

Care Costs

If you require any professional care, following an accident, then you can claim the cost back.  Check with your solicitor prior to arranging care to ensure you can claim it back.

Medical Treatment Costs

There are cases where NHS treatment isn’t the right option for your treatment. Therefore, if your solicitor agrees, you could arrange private medical care for your broken tooth and claim the cost back.

As highlighted above, any special damages require evidence such as receipts and can only be claimed if they were directly caused by your accident. You should speak to your solicitor before committing to any costs to ensure they’re recoverable.

When Can You Make Teeth Damage Compensation Claims?

As with all personal injury claims, you need to be able to prove that somebody else caused your accident in some way.  If you caused the accident yourself, then you won’t be able to claim.

Generally, your solicitor will apply the following three tests to prove liability:

      • Did the defendant (person or organisation you blame) owe you any duty of care?
      • Did they breach that duty of care at all?
      • Were your injuries caused by the breach?

If they can answer yes to all of these questions, then there’s a good chance you could claim compensation.

In the next few sections we’ll explain how different types of accidents could be claimed for and how liability could be proven. Don’t worry if your accident isn’t listed, these are just the most common. We can help with claims from any type of accident, so long as somebody else was liable.

Dental Injuries And Tooth Damage Caused By A Road Traffic Accident

Road traffic accidents are common and often lead to broken and damaged teeth because any impact caused to the head can lead to tooth loss. It’s possible to suffer tooth damage in lower speed accidents and it can happen to a driver or passenger alike.

In the case of pedestrians, cyclists or motorcyclists, tooth damage is even more likely because of the impact caused when they either hit the other vehicle or the hard road surface.

If you’ve been involved in a road traffic accident, caused by another driver and sustained damaged teeth, please get in touch. We’ll assess your claim with you and decide whether you’ve got a good claim or not.

Claims For Broken Teeth Caused By Accidents At Work

If you sustain tooth damage or have a tooth knocked out at work, then you may have a valid compensation claim.  It is dependent on the circumstances, but employees are protected at work by the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

Under the legislation, employers must ensure the workplace is safe and risks are reduced where possible. This is done by risk assessments, staff training, the provision of safety equipment as well as health and safety policies.

If you believe that your accident at work was caused because one of the above wasn’t done properly, even if it was caused by a colleague, you could make a claim against your employer.

Employers are not allowed, by law, to discipline you for making a compensation claim against them (providing it’s a genuine claim) and have insurance in place to cover themselves. You therefore shouldn’t be off from claiming for the compensation you may be entitled to.

Claims For Broken Or Damage Teeth Caused By A Slip Or Fall

Slip, trip and fall accidents can happen just about anywhere in day to day life and are common causes for damaged or lost teeth.

Compensation can be claimed if the fall was caused by some form of negligence such as:

      • You fall down a flight of stairs because the hand rail was faulty and end up with damaged teeth.
      • A trip hazard wasn’t visible due to poor, damaged or faulty lighting which meant you tripped over it.
      • The floor or path you were walking on was uneven, such as raised paving slabs or pot holes.
      • A floor was wet or slippery and there were no warning signs, or they were inadequate.

Any type of trip and fall can lead to damaged teeth, so call us if you believe you suffered injuries because of somebody else’s mistake.

Claims For Dental Injuries Due To Medical Negligence

Dental injuries from medical negligence

Dental injuries from medical negligence

It goes without saying that medical professionals such as dentists, doctors and surgeons have a duty of care to every patient.

If you’ve suffered tooth damage following medical negligence you may wish to seek compensation.  Usually, a claim would be made against the NHS or private dentist group rather than the individual responsible for the injuries.

It’s important to use a lawyer experienced in medical negligence claims as proving negligence can be a complex task. An experienced solicitor will have medical experts who they can call on to assess you professionally and provide the evidence to support your claim,

Can I Sue A Restaurant For A Broken Tooth?

When you are dining in a restaurant, you’d think something like food poisoning would be the biggest risk when eating there. It is however possible to break a tooth if there is foreign body hidden in the food or if the meal hasn’t been prepared properly.

You’d need to prove that the tooth wasn’t damaged prior to the meal and provide evidence of the cause of the accident.

We’d suggest you photograph the cause of the injury, report it to the restaurant so it’s logged (and ask for a copy) and ask any witnesses who were with you for a statement of what happened. can assess your claim and help you by letting you know if you’ve got a good chance of winning compensation against the restaurant.

How Much Time Do I Have To Claim Compensation For Teeth Damage

All personal injury claims in the UK must be made within strict time limits. If you fail to lodge the claim in time, it’ll be refused automatically.

The current claim time limits are:

Accident typeLimit
Workplace, road accident, slip or fall, medical3 years from the actual date of the incident - 3 years from knowledge date (the date you became aware of the injury)
Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority2 years from the actual date of the incident
ChildrenParent claiming; till the child turns 18. Child has ability to claim up to three years in most cases from their 18th birthday.
Brain injuryThe time limit for those who lack mental capacity does not apply until they have recovered.

You should contact us as soon as possible following an accident, so that your solicitor has enough time to gather the supporting evidence required to make your claim.

How To Start A Personal Injury Claim For Teeth Damage

The easiest part of making a claim for your teeth damage will be picking up the phone and calling

Our team of advisers are here to answer any questions you might have. This is even if you’re not sure you want to proceed yet. We offer free legal advice so that you can base your decision on facts rather than guessing.

Our friendly team offer a free, no obligation, initial assessment of your claim.  We listen to what happened, the evidence you’ve gathered, the injuries sustained and the impact on you.

Once done, we’ll provide an honest assessment of how likely you are to win the case and gain compensation.  If we believe you’ve got a good chance, we’ll connect you with a personal injury solicitor who offers no win no fee services.

We cover no win no fee in more detail in the next section.

No Win No Fee Tooth Damage And Dental Injury Claims

Many clients worry about making a compensation claim because they’re worried about the financial risk in claiming. In some cases, that worry is justified but only work with no win no fee solicitors. This reduces the risk massively.

A no win no fee solicitor doesn’t get paid unless they win your case. Even then you don’t have to send them payment as they take a success fee (an agreed percentage of your compensation, maximum 25%) from any compensation and send the rest straight to you.

Many of our clients tell us that if we didn’t offer no win no fee, they probably wouldn’t be able to afford to claim or be willing to take the risk of ending up with a large legal bill. This is why we only work with no win no fee solicitors for all cases.

Why Work With Our Advisors?

All members of our team are friendly and professional and can offer free legal advice to you while you’re deciding whether to make a claim or not. They are open and honest and will provide an accurate assessment of the chances of success in making a claim.

When you decide to contact us, we’ll follow this process:

You make contact with us, detailing your injuriesWe'll assess the claim for youIf we agree the claim is valid, and you're happy to proceed, we'll begin

Call Our Advisors To Start Your Claim

It’s important to note that our personal injury specialists can help with claims that have happened anywhere in the UK. Also, if we take your case on, we’ll only use solicitors that offer their services on a no win no fee basis.

If you’re happy to begin your compensation claim today, then you can get in touch by:

      • Calling us on 0161 696 9685 where one of our advisers will take the details of your claim straight away.
      • Sending us as many details of your claim in an email to and we’ll get back to you.
      • Filling in this online form with the relevant details to begin your claim.

Remember, when you get in touch with us, we will offer you free legal advice.  Then we’ll assess your claim, for free, and if we agree that you have a good chance of winning the claim, we’ll connect you with a no win no fee solicitor to begin your claim.

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