Non Fault Accident Compensation Claims Guide – How Do I Make A Non Fault Injury Claim? – Who Can Claim – How Much Can I Claim?

Last Updated by Max Mitrovic on 10th March 2022. Welcome to our guide to making a non fault accident claim. In it, we explain the non fault accident meaning, and answer questions about the no fault car accident claim process, such as ‘will a non fault accident affect my insurance?’ and ‘how is accident compensation calculated?’

Did you know that if you have been involved in a road traffic accident that was not your fault then you may be able to make a  compensation claim? You could be eligible to claim damages for any physical and psychological injury you have suffered, such as a sprained ankle, or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder as well as any out of pocket expenses that you have incurred.

In order to be successful when seeking non fault accident compensation, you need to be able to prove that the accident was caused by third-party negligence. offer to connect you with road traffic accident solicitors who are ready and waiting to help you achieve the compensation that you are entitled to. Call us today on 0161 696 9685 for further information.

Alternatively, you can also contact us through our website or by using the Live Chat window to see if you can make a non fault claim. Please read on through our detailed guide to find out more about the road traffic accident claims process and making a non-fault accident claim.

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A Guide To Non-Fault Accident Compensation Claims

Non-fault accident claims guide non fault accident non fault accident meaning (use as H2/H3 title) will a non fault accident affect my insurance (use as H2/H3 title) no fault car accident claim

Non-fault accident claims guide

Following a car accident that was not your fault you may have a number of questions about what you should do next. Our detailed guide aims to answer your questions and advise you what course of action you should take next. We will explain what the non fault accident meaning is and what you should do if you have been involved in an accident. You may be wondering what a claim will do to your insurance premiums and no claims bonus, we will explain.

You may want to make a non fault claim due to suffering injuries, such as a soft tissue injury or fractured rib. We will also run through different car accident scenarios. Whose fault it is will depend on the circumstances that caused your injury. You would only receive compensation for a non fault claim if another person’s negligence is deemed to be at least partially responsible for the accident.

You may have suffered personal injury as well as financial loss and may be looking for the best car accident claims company to represent you in a personal injury claim. are a highly professional company that has many years of experience in dealing with this type of personal injury claim. Please read on and then contact us to begin claiming the compensation you deserve.

What Is A Non-Fault Accident Claim?

You may have been advised that you could be eligible to make a non fault accident claim, but may be wondering what is a non fault accident claim? In a no fault car accident claim the victim is free of any blame. It is irrefutably agreed that they played no part whatsoever in causing the accident to happen, and a third party is to be blamed instead.

Every road user has a duty of care in the form of The Highway Code. You may be able to seek non fault accident compensation if another road user breached their duty of care, leading to your injury. You may be wondering “what is the average compensation for a car accident?” The amount you receive depends on many aspects, including how severe your injury is and the length of recovery time required.

How Much Compensation For A Non-Fault Accident Can I Claim?

This alternative options to a personal injury compensation claims calculator gives you a rough idea of the average compensation for car accidents that you may be able to claim in general damages. The amount you may be eligible to receive in special damages will depend entirely on your individual case. For a more accurate estimate, we always recommend that you speak to one of our personal injury solicitors at

DiagnosisAdditional informationEstimated Compensation
Severe neck injuryLeading to paralysisUp to £130, 060
Serious neck injuryPain and disability caused by fracture or dislocation.£39,870 to £49,090
Moderate neck injuryPain caused by soft tissue injury that is expected to resolve£12,050 to £21,910
Moderate neck injuryExacerbation of a pre exisiting condition caused by soft tissue injury£6,920 to £12,050
Minor neck injuryA full recovery expected£3,810 to £6,920
Less severe brain damageLoss of cognitive function following brain injury£13,430 to £37,760
Severe head injuryPermanent disability caused by brain damage£192,090 to £247, 280
Severe back injuryNerve and spine damage causing restricted movement£79,890 to £141,150
Severe arm injuriesPermanently restricted movement in the arm.£84,310 to £114,810
Severe arm injuryPermanent disability caused by fracture£34,340 to £52,490
Moderate arm injuryOngoing restriction of arm movement.£16,830 to £34,340
Moderate or minor elbow injuryFor example a laceration with full recoveryUp to £11,040
Serious leg injuryLeading to a long-term disability£34,370 to £48,080
Less serious leg injuryCausing chronic pain£15,750 to £24,340

What Can My Non-Fault Accident Claim Include?

General damages

Pain and suffering

General damages covers any physical injury that you have suffered as a result of your accident. The exact amount you may expect to receive after you have had an accident will depend on the details of your case but on the whole, the more serious the accident, the more you can expect to receive.

Mental suffering

Under general damages you may also be able to claim for any psychological hardship you have suffered as a result of the incident. This can include stress, depression and anxiety. Following a traumatic accident you are likely to have suffered some level of worry both about your physical health and potential financial hardship. This could increase the amount received from a non fault claim.

Loss of quality of life

If you are likely to be affected long-term by your injuries then this can seriously impact upon the quality of your life. Your general damages payout will take this into account.

Special damages

Loss of earnings

In a non fault car accident injury claim, you will be compensated for any loss of earnings that you have suffered as a direct result of the incident. If your injury is so severe that you are unable to return to the same job, and may have lost out on any chance of career progression, then this will be taken into account when awarding your special damages.

Medical expenses

If you have been liable to meet the cost of any medical expenses that are directly related to the incident then you can claim these back as long as you have documentation or receipts. This can include cost of medication and rehabilitation.

Travel expenses

If you have incurred any out of pocket expenses for travel costs, for example transport to and from hospital appointments then these can also be claimed back as long as you have retained the correct documentation.

Care costs

If your injuries were severe and debilitating then you may have been unable to carry out daily tasks around the home. If you required help with your daily tasks then the individual who provided the care may be able to make a claim for care costs.

Common Types Of Road Traffic Accidents

●     No Fault Car Accident Claim

Non fault car accidents make up the majority of non fault accident compensation claims.  Non fault car accidents could be caused by another driver cutting in front of you on a roundabout, reversing into your car or crashing into you whilst changing lanes.

You can make a claim whether you are the driver or passenger of a vehicle. In these car accident scenarios, whose fault it is can depend on many factors. As long as you can prove that the other driver was at fault and you were blameless, you can claim compensation for a non fault accident. As a passenger, this is much easier as there is barely any chance that you could be held responsible for the incident.

●     Non-Fault Collisions On The Road

Non-fault collisions are caused when two vehicles collide with each other. In order to make a claim, you will need to prove that the driver of the other vehicle was at fault.

●     Non-Fault Cycling And Motorbike Accidents

Cyclists and motorcyclists are more vulnerable road users as they are less well protected than car passengers. As a vulnerable road user, you may find that your claim is easier to prove as other motorists have a responsibility to take extra care around cyclists and motorcyclists.

●     Non-Fault Pedestrian Road Accidents

A pedestrian involved in a non fault accident can experience severe injuries due to the speed, size and weight of a motor vehicle. As a vulnerable road user, a pedestrian is usually in a strong position to make a non fault accident compensation claim.

You may want to know more about the average compensation for a car accident. The amount you could receive will depend on many factors. You may be able to receive more as a pedestrian because your injury may be more severe. 

Can I Claim If I Was Not Injured?

Although a non fault accident compensation claim is usually made when an individual suffers a personal injury, it is possible to make a claim if you have escaped physically unharmed. This is because physical injury is not the only type of loss that you could suffer as a result of a non fault accident.

There may be additional financial losses that you have suffered. This could include damage to your vehicle or failure to complete your journey which has caused you to miss a flight or an occasion of personal significance. Because claims such as these are less common, we strongly suggest that you take non fault accident advice from Our experts will be able to look at the details of your case and decide whether or not you have a good chance of winning compensation.

How Will Making A Claim Affect My Insurance?

You may be wondering “will a non fault accident affect my insurance?” There is a strong chance that following your non-fault accident, your annual premiums will increase. Each individual insurance company will have a slightly different policy on this so to get an accurate answer, it is best to speak to your insurance company directly. On average though, insurance premiums may increase by 30% after a claim.

You may also lose your no claims bonus after making a claim, unless you have chosen to protect it at an earlier date. The good news is that your no claims bonus will not be lowered as much following a non fault accident as it would be after an accident that was your fault. Harsher penalties are applied by insurance companies if you make a claim as a result of your own negligence.

You may also be wondering ‘do I have to pay excess if it’s not my fault’? The answer again is to speak to your individual insurance company but if your policy states that an excess is payable in the event of a claim then you will still have to pay this excess even if it was a non fault accident.

Evidence Which Can Help Your Non-Fault Accident Claim

The one piece of irrefutable evidence that you can gather following an non fault accident is a police report. Following an accident, the police should be contacted and after assessing the scene of the accident, they will file a report. You are able to use this report to prove that you were the innocent victim. You may also wish to use information from your insurance company about the state of your vehicle, particularly if it was a non fault accident write off.

Claims For Courtesy Car Non-Fault Accidents

The company who provided you with a courtesy car will seek to pursue their own compensation relating to vehicle damage and loss of business as a result of having the vehicle taken out of action.

You can make a separate non fault accident compensation claim for any personal injury that you suffered as a result of the accident. You can of course also claim for any financial losses that you suffered as a result as well. If you are unsure about your rights and responsibilities following a courtesy car non fault accident then please contact and our personal injury solicitors will be able to provide you with the help and advice that you need.

Claims For Workplace Accidents Without Fault

If you were injured during an accident at work, perhaps driving a company vehicle, then you can still seek compensation from the third-party negligent driver. Your rights to make a personal injury claim are unaffected by the fact that you are at work. The only difference is that your employer also may wish to claim for damage made to their vehicle.

Steps We Recommend Taking After A Non-Fault Accident

Following a non fault accident, there are a number of steps you can make to increase your chances of winning a later non fault accident compensation claim.

Initially, we suggest that you seek the medical attention that you require to maximize your chances of full recovery from your injuries. Being seen at the doctor’s surgery or hospital will also ensure that your injuries are fully documented as these medical records will be needed at a later date to prove the pain and suffering that you have experienced.

Be sure to get all the details of any vehicles involved in the accident. This includes their number plates, and the driver’s contact details. If possible, take a photograph of these to ensure that the details you have received are correct.

If anybody was witness to the accident then it can be crucial to your case to get the details. Your personal injury solicitor may wish to contact them at a later date to verify exactly what happened at the time of the accident.

It may seem unimportant at the time, but taking pictures from the accident site can be really valuable evidence. Take as many photographs as you can, you may well be glad you did further down the line.

Although you have three years to make a personal injury claim, we recommend that you contact as soon as possible. It is easier to launch a personal injury claim whilst the details are fresh in your mind and it is easier for your solicitor to gather evidence.

How Long Do You Have To Claim Compensation?

The standard personal injury claims time limit is usually 3 years. However, in exceptional circumstances the courts may allow this to be extended. If you feel that you may have a special case then speak to for further information.

Personal injury claim time limit 
Injury caused by an accident at work3 years
Road traffic accident3 years from the accident
Slips, trips and falls3 years from the injury
Compensation following death3 years following the accident that caused death
A child's injuryA claimant has 3 years from the date of their 18th birthday to launch a claim if their parents have not already done so.

How You Can Start Claiming Compensation For A Non-Fault Accident

Claiming compensation for non-fault accident non fault accident non fault accident meaning (use as H2/H3 title) will a non fault accident affect my insurance (use as H2/H3 title) no fault car accident claim

Claiming compensation for non-fault accident

Beginning a personal injury claim is the easy part. Contact and we will handle the case on your behalf. We offer a free no obligation consultation to talk through the details of your case and advise whether or not we think you should go ahead with your compensation claim.

We will ask you exactly what happened and find out what evidence you have managed to gather already. Your chosen solicitor may require that you have another medical examination. If you are happy to go ahead and launch your case then they will offer a No Win, No Fee agreement.

No Win No Fee Compensation For A Non-Fault Accident

No win, no fee agreements are highly beneficial to clients as they do not require any financial outlay at the beginning of the case. We believe that clients should not be held back from launching a case due to financial worries. Therefore, the solicitors we provide don’t ask you to pay a penny until you have successfully won your case and received your payout. If your case is unsuccessful then you will not be charged a fee.

Why Make Your Non-Fault Claim With Our Team? offer an honest and trustworthy service. We work with highly experienced and professional solicitors who have dealt with many cases of this sort before. We are always available to answer your queries and offer advice which can be invaluable during this uncertain time.

We understand that our clients will be suffering both emotionally and physically and may wish to keep stress to a minimum. Therefore, we take the burden of the case, advising our clients when there have been any important developments but otherwise handling the details on their behalf. If your lawyers have agreed to take on your case on a no win, no fee basis then you can feel confident that they think you’ll have a good chance of winning your case. These highly trained professionals will do everything they can to get you the compensation you deserve.

Contact our team by email, phone, or post. Our team will assess your claim.Once you are ready, we can then start your claim.

Contact Our Advisors Now To Make A No Fault Car Accident Claim

If you have been involved in an accident in Great Britain and think you might have reason to make a non fault accident compensation claim then please contact our team of experts at Take advantage of our no win, no fee service by calling 0161 696 9685 today. You can also contact us via our website and we will call you back at a time that is convenient.

Additional Non-Fault Accident Advice

All about Whiplash – An NHS information page on the condition.

THINK! – The government’s page on avoidance of road traffic accidents.

FAQ About Making A No Fault Car Accident Claim

What is the non fault accident meaning?

When you have an accident that is not your fault, and you are entirely innocent, this could be considered such an accident. It could happen if you are a pedestrian crossing the road at an appropriate crossing, and a driver fails to stop at the crossing when they should, for example. Another example is if a driver runs a red light at a junction and hits your car. If you would like to make a claim of this type, please get in touch. We could help you fight for the compensation you deserve.

Will a non fault accident affect my insurance?

If you’re concerned about whether you’d need to pay your excess and what would happen to your insurance premiums, we would advise you to speak to your insurance company. In some cases, while a claim is processing, your insurance excess may be payable, or your no-claims bonus could be suspended. If you are found not to be at fault, your insurance company may refund you the excess and restore your no claims bonus.

How common are injuries from car accidents?

If you’re wondering whether car accident casualties happen often, why not take a look at the figures below. These provisional figures from The Department for Transport show that there were a large number of casualties on Great British roads in the year ending June 2021. As you can see below, some of these injuries were sadly fatal and many involved serious injuries.

non fault accident non fault accident meaning (use as H2/H3 title) will a non fault accident affect my insurance (use as H2/H3 title) no fault car accident claim


Thank you for reading this guide. Now we have explained the non fault accident meaning  and answered questions such as ‘will a non fault accident affect my insurance’ and ‘how much compensation for a no fault car accident claim could I receive?’ you might be wanting to start a claim. If you are, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

You can see if you can make a non fault claim by contacting us for free legal advice with the above details.