Rape Victims Compensation Claims Guide – How Much Can I Claim? – How To Claim? – Compensation Amounts Calculator

By Danielle Nicholson. Last Updated 2nd June 2023. Rape is one of the most traumatic crimes that can happen to a victim and can leave them injured, feeling vulnerable and suffering from physical and mental health issues such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

It can be very difficult to come to terms with any form of sexual assault. We will explain how to receive rape compensation and provide examples of the amount of compensation you could receive.

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This guide will cover how much compensation for rape victims (and other sexual assaults) can be awarded so, if you would like more information before calling then please carry on reading.

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Rape Compensation – Guiding You Through The Claim Process

The Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme (2012) is provided by the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) as a way to compensate those injured in crimes of violence. A claim made through the CICA is just one of the ways that a victim of rape could seek compensation.

Rape compensation claims guide

Rape compensation claims guide

In CICA claims, you will not be claiming against the party that was liable for the assault. You would need to present a crime reference number and medical evidence in order to receive compensation based on the tariff of injuries in the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme.

Compensation in such claims can be awarded for the mental or physical injuries that a person has experienced due to a sexual assault or rape. Compensation can also be awarded for some financial losses tied to the crime.

This guide will go into more detail about the process of a CICA claim when claiming for rape injuries. It will explain how compensation is calculated and go into more detail about the required evidence.

If at any point you have any questions, or would prefer to speak to someone directly, getting in touch with our advisors could benefit you.

Rape Victim Compensation Payout Examples

When assessing an amount for compensation, your claim will take into account both the circumstances of your assault and the injuries you have been left with. Compensation awards through the CICA scheme are fixed and will be in line with the tariff they provide.

The tariff features sections specifically for rape victim compensation. The awards are categorised by different factors, such as the type of assault, the frequency of the assaults and the related mental or physical effects.

We have created a table below featuring some of the different awards and factors listed within the tariff. It is not a complete listing, but it can illustrate part of the compensation for rape set out within the tariff.

Type of Incident Type of Sexual Assault Injury Severity Compensation Amount
Sexual offence where victim is a child Non-consensual penile penetration of one or more of anus, mouth or vagina Resulting in serious internal bodily injury with disabling, permanent mental illness. Psychiatric prognosis confirms that severe mental illness has been caused. £44,000
Non-consensual penile penetration of one or more of anus, mouth or vagina An isolated incident £11,000
One or more of non-penile penetrative or oral genital act(s) Pattern of frequent, repetitive incidents that lasts up to 3 years £6,600
Non-penetrative Serious – physical act(s) that are sexual in nature that are non-penetrative and under clothing £2,000
Sexual offence where the victim is any age (if no compensation was provided when the victim was a child) Non-consensual penile penetration of one or more of anus, mouth or vagina Causing serious internal bodily injury leading to disabling, permanent mental illness. Psychiatric prognosis confirms that moderate mental illness has been caused. £33,000
Disabling and severe Resulting in permanently disabling mental illness confirmed by psychiatric prognosis – severe mental illness £27,000
Non-consensual penile penetration of one or more of anus, mouth or vagina Pattern of repetitive incidents lasting 3 years or more. This could involve one or more attackers. £22,000
Severe abuse Pattern of frequent and repetitive severe abuse that lasts 3 years or more. This could involve one or more attackers. £8,200

Rape claims can often feature several of these factors within the same claim, such as repeated assaults and mental trauma. While it is possible to make a claim for multiple injuries, there are limits in place; you would only be able to claim compensation for up to three, and only the highest valued factor would be paid out at the full listed rate. The second highest would only be paid out at a rate of 30%, and the third paid out at a rate of 15%.

However, there are exceptions to this if you wish to claim for a related sexually transmitted disease, losing a foetus or becoming pregnant as a result.

Our advisers can help you with information about claims for compensation for rape and advise on how to begin a claim through the scheme. Please contact today if you are looking for help with your claim.

Further Information About Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority Claim Calculator

In cases of rape and sexual assaults, victims will often have been involved in a struggle with the perpetrator. As such, victims of rape could have sustained multiple injuries. Whilst the most common rape injuries will often be genital injuries, as a victim of a rape or sexual assault, you may have also have suffered widespread injuries, both physical and psychological.

In many instances, you would claim rape compensation through the CICA as many victims are unaware of who has raped them. One important thing to remember is that you would need to report the incident to the police. This is because, when processing your claim, the CICA will need a police crime reference number. 

The CICA is a body set up by the government to compensate victims of criminal injuries. We shall look at claims made through the authority later in this guide, but compensation settlements are between £1,000 and £500,000. We should note that in certain cases, people can and have secure higher amounts of compensation, though such claims may not have been made through the CICA.

Assault Victim Case Study – £500,000 For Injuries Caused By Assault

In this case study, we will look at an example of how much victims of criminal assaults can claim through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority. In this case, the assault resulted in the victim suffering a traumatic brain injury. The claim was finally brought eight years after the initial assault.

What injuries did the victim suffer?

At the time of the assault, the victim was just 23 years old. As a result of the assault, they suffered a skull fracture, haematoma and contusion. The extensive nature of the head and brain injuries required immediate surgical intervention, including a partial temporal lobectomy and temporal craniotomy on the left side. There was extensive scarring, and the claimant was left with mental difficulties including problems with memory and communication.

As a result of the injuries, the claimant also suffered detrimental effects, such as behavioural problems, finding problems with motivation and difficulties independently carrying out or completing tasks. Further symptoms and effects of the injury included post-traumatic epilepsy. This condition would require long-term therapy and treatment. Therapy was identified to reduce the future chances of seizure from 50% down to 10%.

Further injuries included weakness across his right-hand side, poor balance and an unstable gait in the right leg, as well as weakness.

Consequences of the victims’ injuries

As a result of the assault, the claimant required constant care from their parents and was rarely able to leave their home. Without parental assistance, they would require care on a 24-hour basis.

The case

On the basis of the above injuries resulting from the assault, a claim was made via the CICA. An initial settlement offer of around £17,000 was made. However, this was based on an estimation of ‘moderate brain damage’, and the award did not include the cost of the claimants care. Upon appeal, further evidence was supplied by both a neurosurgeon and neuropsychiatrist. The injury was then reclassified as a severe and traumatic brain injury.

This appeal was subsequently accepted on the basis of the additional evidence. The cost of the claimants’ care was estimated at £2.6 million pounds. The maximum award payable under the CICA, £500,000 was awarded.

I Have Been Raped, Can I Receive Rape Compensation?

CICA defines three types of damages which can be claimed for under its scheme: injury payment lost earnings and special expenses. We’ll cover each of these in more detail below:

  • Injury Payment: Under other personal injury claims (not using CICA) these would be called General Damages and they cover the pain and suffering caused. The injury payment is the compensation for a rape victim’s mental and physical injuries.
  • Special Expenses: These cover the extra costs that you may incur following the crime against you such as the replacement of personal property that was damaged during the attack, costs of medical care, devices that aid your day to day recovery or adaptations that have to made to your house.
  • Loss of Earnings: If, because of the rape, you are not fit to work (either physically or psychologically) then you could claim for lost earnings. You’d need to prove that the loss of work was linked directly to the crime against you.

You should speak with one of our advisors if you have any questions about what can and can’t be claimed for under the CICA scheme. The scheme is not exclusively for rape victims and can cover other injuries caused by crime so please let us know as much detail as possible in case other claims might be relevant.

What Is Considered To Be Rape?

The key differentiator between rape and sexual assault is that penetration occurs with the penis or other body part in either the anus, vagina or mouth of another person, against their will.

The crime is one of the most serious and can lead to life imprisonment. Rape can be against men, women and children and only occurs where penetration happens as described above.

Statistics For Sexual Offences, Including Rape, In The UK

Rape and sexual assault crimes are recorded by the ONS annually and they don’t exclusively rely on police data as it is well known that not all victims of such crimes report them to the police. Instead they use the Crime Survey for England and Wales (CSEW) which also means changes in police reporting methods don’t affect the statistics.

Some key stats from the CSEW include:

  • Information across the crime surveys from March 2017 to March 2020 shows that less than one in six victims (16%) reported the assault to the police. 
  • In relation to women, across the same three-year period, 45% of rapes or penetrative assaults were committed by partners or ex-partners. 
  • Over half (54%) said that the perpetrator used physical force to commit the assault.

To learn more about rape compensation and to see what you could receive, please contact our team of advisors. They can answer any queries you have in a confidential and informative manner. You can contact them using the above details.

The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA)

CICA was set up by the UK government to compensate any victim of physical or mental assault crimes. They provide over £200 million pounds in compensation each year and provide a tariff of payments for different types of specific injuries caused by crime.

There is no specific rape victim compensation scheme but those affected by rape can claim via the CICA scheme for both physical and psychological injuries even if the criminal who committed rape has never been identified or caught.

How Do You Make A Claim Through The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority?

It is possible to obtain the claim forms for CICA claims via the government website but there can be some complexity with claiming, which done incorrectly, could lead to no payment or a lower amount than you should be entitled to.

This is why we recommend you use a service like Advice.co.uk to ensure you have the backing of a specialist solicitor who knows exactly what’s needed to make a successful CICA claim.

The considerations that CICA make are:

  • If the crime was reported to the police or not.
  • If treatment for any injuries was obtained by the victim.
  • Witness statements, medical reports and psychiatric reports.
  • The actual crime and how it occurred.
  • The victims own criminal record.

It’s not the case that CICA would try to prevent you from being paid but providing the wrong information could result in a lower than expected payment (or nothing at all) so please speak with our advisers if you’re unsure about how to proceed.

How Are Injuries To Rape Victims Assessed?

With regards compensation for rape, CICA has to assess how severe any psychological and physical injuries are. This ensures that the correct level of compensation is awarded to the victim.

Claims can be made for new injuries caused by the rape or by existing injuries that were made worse because of the crime. If there are multiple injuries, then the most severe is compensated fully and then subsequent injuries receive a reduced percentage of the tariff amount.

There is a possibility that a medical professional will need to assess anybody claiming via the CICA scheme and their medical report will be used as a basis for compensation payment.

What Can The Long-Term Effects Injuries To A Rape Victim Be?

Some rape victims may be left with long term physical or psychological injuries whilst some may recover from their physical injuries fairly quickly but be left with long term psychological issues.

Issues such as depression, fear, withdrawal, disassociation, self-harming and personality disorders can be common and lead to issues with the victim not being able be involved in relationships, keep their job or live the same type of life as prior to the crime happening.

Physical long-term issues can include sexually transmitted diseases which aren’t immediately detectable. Also, a victim of rape can receive life-changing physical injuries which mean they have to rely on support or care from others.

Can I Claim Rape Compensation For Injuries Suffered During A Rape?

As mentioned previously, under the CICA scheme, rape victims can seek compensation for any physical injuries sustained during the attack. Multiple injuries can be compensated for but only the main injury will receive a 100% payment from CICA, any other injuries will receive a percentage of the payment. CICA pays out for a maximum of 3 injuries except where the victim contracts a sexually transmitted disease, becomes pregnant following rap or the rape causes the loss of a baby.

If you do want to claim for compensation because you were raped, then there are some things which will help to make the claim more likely to be successful:

  • Keep any evidence that you can: Don’t remove your clothing or be tempted to shower or bath as you may destroy DNA evidence that could be used to trace the criminal.
  • Report the rape to the police: Either visit the police, call 999 or contact the Rape Crisis helpline to report the crime as soon as can.
  • Write down details of the assailant: If the rapist is unknown to you, try to write down as much detail about them as you can remember.
  • Report the crime: If you have been raped in a public place such as a hotel or workplace, ensure you report the incident and ask for a copy of the report.
  • Visit a medical professional: Following a rape you should visit a doctor so that you receive any necessary treatment and for evidence to be collected.
  • If you have any expenses because of the rape, and you’d like to claim them back as part of the compensation claim, keep evidence such as receipts or bank statements.

Finally, make contact with a personal injury specialist, such as Advice.co.uk, if you are going to make a compensation claim. Remember that there are time limits for claiming (see below for further information on this), so it is advisable to contact a solicitor or claims company as soon as you feel ready to so that you don’t miss out because of the time restriction.

Can Rape Victims Claim Compensation For Psychological Injuries?

Psychological effects of rape

Psychological effects of rape

There are many psychological injuries and problems that can occur following rape and these may be compensated for under CICA.

Post-traumatic stress disorder, low self-esteem, eating disorders, sexual disorders, depression and mood swings could all be eligible for compensation.

The CICA scheme exists to help victims of crime, including rape, and you should never dismiss making a claim as the funds are meant to be used to try and improve your life following a crime against you. As previously mentioned, you can claim for multiple injuries caused by the same violent crime which could increase the rape compensation you receive.

Is There A Time Limit When Rape Victims Are Making A Claim?

If you are making a claim through the CICA for rape compensation, you will typically have two years to start your claim from the date you reported the incident to the police. You are expected to make the police report right away. However, if you can prove that exceptional circumstances prevented you from doing so, you may have an extension to the time limit.

Furthermore, exceptions may apply to this two-year time window if you can prove that exceptional circumstances prevented you from starting your claim within this time.

Those under the age of 18 at the time of an incident that was reported to the police will have two years from the date of their 18th birthday to start a claim unless exceptional circumstances apply. However, if the incident was not reported to the police, you will have two years from the date you do report it. Again, you will need to prove that exceptional circumstances prevented you from reporting the incident to the police sooner.

If you have any questions about criminal injury claims made through the CICA for rape victims, please get in touch with our advisors. Additionally, they can assess whether you are still within the time limit to make a claim.

How Do I Make A Rape Victim Compensation Claim?

If you decide to claim for compensation because of the rape against you then the best thing to do is to call us, using the contact details at the bottom of this guide. We have a team of advisers who will offer free legal advice on what to do next.

When you call, we’ll offer a free and no-obligation consultation where we’ll discuss the claims that you’re making, the crime that happened against you, the injuries you sustained and how it’s affected you.

Following this we’ll be able to advise you, honestly and openly, whether or not you have a good chance of receiving compensation. We’ll also be able to provide an estimate of how much you could be entitled to.

Once you’re ready to proceed, we’ll put you in touch with a no win no fee personal injury solicitor who will be able to help you with your claim.

Compensation For Sexual Abuse – No Win No Fee Lawyers

When you make a claim for sexual abuse, you are not required to hire a solicitor. However, they could guide you through the process of claiming compensation for sexual abuse.

All of the solicitors on our panel can work on a No Win No Fee basis. This means that they take a legally capped percentage from your settlement as payment following a successful claim, known as a success fee. They only do this if you receive compensation. If your claim fails, you are not required to pay your solicitor.

There are also generally no upfront or ongoing fees when working with a No Win No Fee solicitor.

Get in touch today if you have any questions regarding a claim for rape injuries.

How Our Team Can Advise You Further On Receiving Rape Compensation

Advice.co.uk offer free legal advice prior to your case and during it so that you can have any questions you may have answered correctly. We believe it’s vital that you know where you stand legally prior to any claim and we’re always happy to help.

Our team are friendly, professional and will honestly assess your claim and let you know whether you have a good chance of claiming compensation or not.

If you decide to use our service, then we’ll take you through the following process:

Step One: Get in touch with our team via email, phone or our live chat. Step Two: We’ll assess your claim with you. Step Three: When you’re ready, we’ll commence your claim for you.

Get Advice From Our Experts

We hope that you have found the information in this guide useful and informative.

Remember that we can help victims of rape from any part of the UK and will only provide solicitors who offer no win no fee agreements. We are specialists in making personal injury claims and would be more than happy to assist you with your claim.

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We do understand how personal the crime against you was and that talking about it to a stranger is probably not going to be easy for you. We will not put you under any pressure and we’ll provide a free, no-obligation, consultation where you can tell us about your claim at your own pace.

Additional Advice And Information

Hopefully, now that you’ve read this complete guide, you understand how much compensation for rape victims can be awarded and are in a position to decide if you want to make a claim or not.

For further information, we’ve provided the following articles and websites which may be useful to you:

NHS Help After Rape – an NHS guide providing advice about the support available following rape and sexual assaults.

Rape Crisis – A UK charity offering support and counselling for people affected by rape.

Sexual Assault Statistics – the 2017 statistics from the government’s Office for National Statistics (ONS)

Other Useful Compensation Guides

Other Criminal Injury Claim Guides

To learn more about receiving rape compensation, please contact us at a time that suits you. We can tell you in one quick, confidential phone call if you’re able to claim and can even provide you with a compensation estimate using our contact details above.