Personal Injury Compensation & Personal Injury Claims Guidance

If you are looking at making personal injury claims, it could be that you’ve suffered an injury at work, on the road, in a public place, or even at someone else’s home. If someone else caused an accident that you suffered injury in, you could be eligible to claim personal injury compensation.

We could help advise you on many different personal injury claims. Below, we have provided a number of links to some of our most popular guides. If you’re interested in making a claim for personal injury compensation for any of the following reasons, they could be very helpful.

Personal Injury Case Studies

We’ve also compiled lots of useful case studies, designed to help illustrate the claims process and how you can succeed with your case.

FAQ on personal injury compensation

How are personal injury claims calculated?

Usually, courts and lawyers would need to assess all the evidence pertaining to your claim. This could include evidence of the accident and whose fault it was. It would also include medical evidence. This would not usually come from your own doctor. You’d need to attend a medical appointment with an independent specialist to gather such information, which courts and lawyers could use against the Judicial College Guidelines to assess how much compensation could be relevant. The strength of medical evidence could affect your personal injury compensation payout.

How long does a personal injury claim take to settle?

This would depend on how complex your case was and whether the liable party accepted liability and offered you a settlement straight away. Straightforward cases could be settled relatively quickly. However, complex claims, especially those where liability is denied, could take much longer.

What is the most common cause of an accident at work claim?

The HSE statistics for 2020-21 show that the biggest cause of workplace accidents was a slip, trip or fall. Please see the below graph for the other top causes.

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