£13,000 Compensation Payout For A Broken Index Finger Injury – Advice To Help Calculate Compensation Payouts

Have you suffered a broken index finger in an accident that was not your fault? Was it caused in an accident at work, or in a road traffic accident or maybe in a public place? If your injury was caused through a breach in the duty of care owed to you, you may be eligible for compensation. But how could you claim for such an injury, and what compensation could you viably claim for? That’s what this guide is covering, which includes an example case study where a victim of the same injury receives £13,000.

broken index finger

Broken index finger claim

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How Much Compensation For A Broken Index Finger?

Amongst the topics that we’re covering in this guide include defining a broken index finger injury and how to determine negligence. We also explain accident scenarios at work, in public places and on the road. We outline general and special damages, along with No Win No Fee agreements. And we answer frequently asked questions at the end of this article.

Personal Injury Claims Time Limit

Now, any accident victim wishing to make a claim has a maximum of 3 years in which to do so. This begins from the date they were hurt, or alternatively the date of knowledge. The latter means that they may only discover at a later date that they had broken their finger. There are however alternative time limits for certain circumstances. Drop us a message if you have any queries about this.

What Is A Broken Index Finger Injury?

A broken index finger means breaking a bone or joint within the index finger itself. This could include fracturing the distal, middle or proximal phalanxes, or alternatively fracturing the distal or proximal interphalangeal joints. Because it’s known as the “pointing” finger, the index finger is used for many things, from typing and writing to texting and swiping. It’s also the strongest finger in the hand for this reason. Therefore, a break to the index finger is noticeable almost immediately. Typical symptoms could include a disfigurement of shape, severe pain, bruising, bleeding, swelling and tenderness. You may also find that it’s a struggle to bend the finger.

It is always important to see medical attention if you suspect you have suffered a fractured bone. For a fractured to the finger according to the NHS you are looking anywhere from a couple of weeks to a couple of months healing time. But if it’s a tougher break, a minor operation could be necessary which ultimately prolongs the recovery period. Only the most severe index finger breaks could necessitate a serious decision such as an amputation. Regardless of severity, though, if you break your index finger after an accident caused by a responsible third party, you could potentially claim. And that’s what this guide explains in detail. Find out more by reading ahead or by using the Live Chat below.

How Can You Suffer A Broken Index Finger Injury At Work?

There are three areas covering most accident scenarios which we’re covering in separate sections. Before this, though, let’s talk about the criteria for making a claim. Any broken index finger claim has to prove the negligence of a third party as the main cause. To do so means proving that they owed you some form of a duty of care which was then breached. This led to an accident and you suffering an injury, such as a broken index finger. Only by having conclusive evidence for each of these points could you have a viable claim.

Employer’s liability (EL) means your employer is liable for any harm caused by their negligence. You could suffer a broken index finger injury from an accident at work. Perhaps your finger is trapped in a door that does not have a safety mechanism, or maybe it is fractured as you put your hand out to break your fall due to a wet floor void of warning signs. Or maybe you trip on frayed carpet at work and break your finger as you hit the ground. If a breach of duty has occurred under the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 this may entitle you to compensation for any suffering caused. Use the telephone number on top of this page to speak to us about such scenarios.

Broken Index Finger Injury In A Public Place

It’s possible that you suffer a broken index finger accident in a public place, meaning public liability (PL). This is anywhere that you could be a customer, a client, a visitor and so on. Those in control of public spaces must adhere to the Occupiers’ Liability Act 1957 and its duty of care. But what if a breach of duty occurs? 

For instance, if you suffer a fall at a restaurant due to flooring that requires repair and you fracture your finger the owner of the restaurant may be liable for your suffering. Or you suffer a fractured finger because an unsafe display item falls on you in a supermarket. Or your finger is trapped in a defective park gate. There are many other examples we could provide, and we can explain more if you call us today.

Can Road Traffic Accidents Result In A Broken Index Finger?

A road traffic accident (RTA) could indeed cause you to suffer a broken index finger. The force of a crash into the side of your car could break your fingers amongst multiple injuries that could potentially result in a multiple injury claim. But you could also be a motorcyclist who falls off their bike from a collision, thus causing a broken finger. Even a pedestrian could break their finger upon landing if they’re knocked down on the road by a vehicle.

Any of these could be a breach of the Highway Code’s duty of care, thus showing negligence via carelessness. And that applies to all road users who may cause an accident: drivers, cyclists and pedestrians. The psychological impact could also see the victim avoid using the road for a long time beyond their finger healing. Hence why claiming compensation is a wise step to take. Contact us if you wish to discuss this to a greater extent.

The Process Of Calculating Personal Injury Compensation?

So, you’re aware of the circumstances behind the cause of your broken index finger. You’ve narrowed down the breach of duty which means you could claim for negligence from a third party. But what comes next?

Firstly, it’s about seriously considering how strong a case you have. Are there any aspects of the accident which could preclude you from successfully receiving compensation? Is there anything that you’ve forgotten which could potentially absolve a third party of blame? Or are you able to sufficiently prove that they did indeed breach their duty of care towards you? Assuming all is well, that’s the moment to speak to our helpful team.

From there, our panel of personal injury solicitors assesses the viability of your case. If it’s highly likely to succeed, you may be provided with a No Win No Fee agreement. Along the way, you should gather as much evidence as possible to support your claim, which includes any witness details. Also, you should attend a medical examination so that you could answer several key questions, such as:

  • What was the condition of your index finger prior to the accident?
  • How did the accident happen?
  • What was the impact of the accident?
  • How long will it take for you to fully recover?
  • What impact has this had on your day-to-day life?

At this point, it is possible to generate an estimate for your potential compensation settlement. This is based on your evidence, and not the guesswork of an online personal injury claims calculator. It divides up into two parts, those being general damages and special damages. We’re covering special damages separately in our next section. But general damages focus on the primary pain and suffering as a result of the accident. General damages essentially highlight the injury itself and all physical and mental consequences. To enquire about any aspect of the process of calculating a compensation payout, please call our specialist team. 

What Are Special Damages?

Special damages are another crucial layer of the compensation settlement for your broken index finger injury. These handle the costs that arise in the aftermath of you being hurt. 

Loss of income during recovery could be a big hit if you’re unable to work while recovering from the fracture. This is especially true if the injury is particularly serious, requiring extensive time for recuperation. Then there’s medication to heal the injury, along with public transport trips to hospital appointments while you’re unable to safely drive. Physiotherapy could be another element, though this is only likely for the most severe finger fractures.

And don’t forget about aftercare. While you’re recovering, you might pay a nurse to look after you at home. Conversely, it could be that you pay out for a professional to handle such chores as gardening and cleaning. And also think about the gracious care from friends and family with a valuation on their time and effort. All of this could also make up special damages. And where applicable, it’s best for you to have receipts and/or invoices covering each charge. You can speak to our knowledgeable team for a further breakdown of special damages.

Case Study: £13,000 Broken Index Finger Injury Claim

Mr Matheson, 35, worked in a busy office block. He was a respected employee, who worked very hard often achieving all targets set to him. The office building was quite old and was in need of repairs. Employees would often complain to the manager about the state of their working environment. 

One Monday morning, Mr Matheson was just settling into his daily duties. All of a sudden the fire alarm sounded. Mr Matherson picked up his belonging and headed towards the door. Most of his colleagues were already down the stairs. As he reached the fire door is closed suddenly trapping his fingers. He screamed out in pain as both of his colleagues tried to help him. But it was clear that he was hurt, especially with his index finger looking particularly bruised and swollen.

After speaking to the first aid team member on-site, Mr Matheson went to the A&E department at his local hospital. He was diagnosed with a severely fractured index finger. The finger had broke in two separate places. 

Mr Matheson spoke with a personal injury solicitor. It was discovered that the safety mechanism on the door was broken and had been this way for some time. The fire door was part of his employer’s property. She advised him to file a claim due to a breach of duty caused by negligence under the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974. This he did, and he received £13,000 in compensation. Of this, £10,480 was for general damages with £2,520 being special damages. 

Type Of Special Damages Includes: How Much?
Lost Earnings The amount of money lost due to a month off work £2,00
Medical Expenses Costs of medication during recovery £50
Other Costs Other expenses during the rehabilitation process £270
Public Transport Use of public transport for hospital visits and an alternative way to get to work. £100

We must state that Mr Matheson’s situation is purely an example not based on actual events, providing a mere example for this article.

Your Case Deserves Free Legal Advice

Note that prior to you agreeing to work with us, we’re able to provide you with advice for no charge. This is a courtesy that we offer to all of those who get in touch with our friendly team. It allows you to have an idea about what the claims process involves before moving ahead with it. Additionally, it allows you to be aware of how much you could potentially receive in compensation if successful. This is important because it ensures that once a client agrees to work with us, they’re comfortable about what is to come. And it also means we’re more confident that you’re going to receive compensation for your broken index finger. Use the 24/7 Live Chat option in the corner beneath this article to ask any questions.

How Does No Win No Fee Affect My Claim?

A No Win No Fee policy reduces financial requirements and stress for the claimant. How so? Well, you only pay your personal injury solicitors’ legal costs if the case goes in your favour. That means, if you don’t win for any reason, you’re not obligated to cover your personal injury solicitors’ own costs. And even if you do pay him/her, the success fee towards them only comes at the end of a case. So, there aren’t any payments up-front or while the case is in progress. Call us today to find out more about the benefits of working with a No Win No Fee solicitor.

Get Free Legal Advice From Our Specialist Team

Well, we’ve covered everything that we can regarding broken index finger injury claims for compensation. So, it’s now time for us to hear about your own injury circumstances! We could begin to discuss how our panel of personal injury solicitors could work with you. And the goal is to build a case on your behalf which results in you receiving fair compensation for your injury.

To get in touch with Advice.co.uk today, you could telephone 0161 696 9685, complete our contact form or use our Live Chat. We’re accessible 24/7 to handle enquiries, and you don’t have to proceed with a case after contacting us.

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Broken Index Finger FAQs

How do you know if you have a broken index finger?

It is always best to seek immediate medical treatment if you think you have fractured a bone. 

How long does it take for a broken index finger to heal?

It depends on the severity of the injury anywhere from 2 weeks to possibly a few months.

Should I immediately claim for a broken index finger?

You should consider the circumstances of the accident causing your finger fracture. If it appears that a third party has shown negligence by breaching a duty of care, you could claim at any point within 3 years. There are exceptions. 

How much could I receive in compensation for a broken index finger?

This will all depend on the nature of the injury, prognosis and financial harm. 

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