£14,000 Compensation Payout For A Broken Nose Injury – Advice To Help Calculate Compensation Payouts

If you break your nose in an accident for which you weren’t responsible, you could make a broken nose injury claim for compensation. And this guide is covering all of the information you need when taking legal action after a broken nose injury caused by a liable third party. This includes us providing an example case study where a victim of the same injury receives a settlement of £14,000.

Broken Nose Injury claim

Broken Nose Injury claim

The 13 headings below can take you to the section that is of the greatest significance to you. But keep in mind that you could begin to speak with one of our advisors today. Our advice is free and there is no obligation to proceed to a claim. Our advisors are waiting to take your call. If you wish to get in touch, telephone 0161 696 9685, complete the contact form or simply use our 24/7 Live Chat.

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  1. A Guide To Claiming Compensation For A Broken Nose Injury
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  3. How Can You Suffer A Broken Nose Injury At Work?
  4. Broken Nose Injury In A Public Place 
  5. Can A Road Traffic Accident Cause A Broken Nose Injury?
  6. We’ll Help Calculate Your Personal Injury Compensation
  7. What Are Special Damages?
  8. Case Study: £14,000 For A Broken Nose Injury
  9. Free Legal Advice On Your Case Payout
  10. Eligibility Criteria For No Win No Fee Claims
  11. Our Team Can Offer Free Legal Advice
  12. More Resources And Guides On Broken Nose Injuries
  13. Broken Nose Injury FAQs

A Guide To Claiming Compensation For A Broken Nose Injury

Now, the key topics that we’re covering in this broken nose injury guide include:

  • Explaining what a broken nose injury is and how to identify it;
  • How to prove the negligence of a third party as the cause;
  • The scenarios where you could potentially break your nose in an accident;
  • How we calculate compensation;
  • No Win No Fee agreements and eligibility for this policy.

Personal Injury Claims Time Limit

For a child or someone lacking mental capacity, somebody of trust could handle their claim on their behalf. But for any other victim of a broken nose injury, they’re expected to process their own claim. And this must happen inside 3 years from the injury occurring or the date of knowledge. A failure to take legal action within that timeframe could preclude the victim from receiving any compensation. Find out more by messaging us on our Live Chat feature.

What Is A Broken Nose Injury?

A broken nose injury can be very uncomfortable to endure, and one which presents numerous consequences. The nose itself consists of two nasal bones. The usual symptoms of a broken nose include significant pain and tenderness, along with swelling and bruising around the area. You might also hear a cracking sound when the injury happens or when you touch your nose afterwards. There may also be a deformity in shape, causing it to bend in an unnatural fashion. And there may be some difficulty breathing through the nose which is the most worrying impact of all.

The good news is that it only takes around 3 weeks for a broken nose injury to heal. And it often happens naturally, without the need to undergo surgery. If the nose keeps bleeding without fail, or if the nose remains crooked, seeking further medical attention may be necessary. This is especially true if the injury begins to bring about additional problems, such as vision difficulties and headaches. In such cases, reconstructive surgery on the nose may be necessary, though this is a last resort. In any event, if someone else causes your broken nose injury, you may be able to claim compensation. We explain how in our next section, or you may wish to call our expert team for extra details.

How Can You Suffer A Broken Nose Injury At Work?

Before we discuss accident scenarios, let’s consider the basis on which you could make a claim. This applies to any scenario where you’re hurt from someone else’s wrongdoing, with a broken nose injury being amongst those. So, firstly a third party owed you a duty of care in some way, shape or form. However, a breach of this duty occurred, even if they weren’t directly involved in the accident that subsequently followed. And via this incident, you broke your nose. If you can prove each of these points, you could have a claim with the third party’s negligence as the root cause.

With this in mind, the scenario could be one of a workplace accident. The duty of care courtesy of the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 emphasises the importance of maintaining the safety of employees. That responsibility lies with the employer, hence the term employer’s liability (EL). But if an accident at work occurs which was totally preventable, then a breach of duty has taken place. An example might be an item falling off a completely wrongly stacked shelf and thus breaking an employee’s nose as a result. The intention might not have been to cause harm, but may have happened due to lack of training. Telephone our knowledgeable team for further guidance.

Broken Nose Injury In A Public Place

Now we come onto the scenario of an accident in a public place. Public liability (PL) relates to the duty of care that comes as part of the Occupiers’ Liability Act 1957. The crucial point is that those controlling a public land should protect the wellbeing of any users. This essentially means avoiding accidents in public places on their properties wherever and whenever possible.

But of course, people are still injured in a public place, which could be one of many locations. An example could be someone suffering a broken nose due to electrical doors on a premise, not being maintained. Call us via the number above to find out more.

Can A Road Traffic Accident Cause A Broken Nose Injury?

The answer to this question is: yes. A road traffic accident (RTA) could lead to the victim suffering a broken nose injury. That’s because a rear-end collision could lead to the driver falling forward onto their steering wheel and breaking their nose upon landing. If this is one of multiple injuries, then the victim could always consider filing a multiple injury claim.

Either way, it represents a breach of the duty of care applicable under the Highway Code. This duty should see all road users (drivers, pedestrians and cyclists) take care of one another on the road. So, a rear-end crash due to another motorist’s carelessness definitely breaches this duty. To discuss these scenarios in more depth, please talk to our helpful team.

We’ll Help Calculate Your Personal Injury Compensation

Personal injury lawyers could determine what settlement you may receive for your personal injury claim. A crucial step towards being able to define this figure is for you to undergo a complete medical assessment. The appointment seeks to fully diagnose the extent and contributory factors of the broken nose injury. The latter is critical as it provides an opportunity to have a medical professional prove the third party’s negligence as being responsible for the injury. And this includes any lingering physical consequences of the injury beyond the typical recovery period.

Our advisors may be able to offer some insight into how much you may be able to receive if your case is successful. We don’t do this by using an online personal injury claims calculator as this could sometimes be detrimental. Instead, we use your circumstances and injury as the basis for working out what you may be entitled to. That way, the estimate is far closer to what the final settlement could be if your case wins. After all, feasible accuracy is far more important than false optimism when it comes to potential compensation figures.

Now, the compensation settlement has two parts, with special damages being one that we’re covering in the next section. General damages, though are the primary basis because they relate to the injury itself. So, the physical pain and suffering from the broken nose injury are applicable here. The same applies to any mental anguish you’ve endured, along with the impact of the injury on your day-to-day life. Learn more by speaking with our friendly team at any time.

What Are Special Damages?

A victim of a broken nose injury is likely to focus on the physical impact, and understandably so. But there could be numerous other consequences in the weeks and months that follow. That’s what special damages are covering. To break this down in greater detail, special damages are covering:

  • Unpaid sick leave during the recovery period;
  • Costs for any prescription medication;
  • Expenses for public transportation;
  • Aftercare such as hiring a nurse or a professional to be covering home chores.

Special damages could elevate the compensation levels greatly depending on what you’ve lost or had to spend. But it’s also important to have proof of any additional expenses in the form of receipts and invoices. And you also need to prove their connection as being part of the fallout of the broken nose injury. Contact us for further details regarding special damages.

Case Study: £14,000 For A Broken Nose Injury

Mr Walton, 46, worked at a local supermarket. He took care of deliveries most of the time. His career started out at a local level and he was soon promoted to manager of the warehouse. He runs a tight ship and likes to have everything organised. Mr Walton was appreciated by staff and managers alike. Always working hard and helping out in other areas as much as he could. One afternoon just before the last delivery of the day he was getting the warehouse ready and making space for the delivery of the new goods. He had a small team of warehouse operatives who helped with the deliveries. 

This particular day the supermarket was running low on particular items. Mr Walton had been asked to bring the new delivery straight through so it could be loaded on the shelves. He took a delivery through and was heading back to the warehouse when a colleague used the wrong door and as it opened it knocked Mr Walton square in the face,

Mr Walton went to the A&E department at his local hospital, where he was diagnosed with a severely broken nose. He had to have emergency surgery as he was finding it incredibly hard to breathe. After the surgery was complete Mr Walton was told that more surgeries in the future would be needed to fix the issues with his nose. 

After taking some time to ponder his next move, Mr Walton spoke with a personal injury solicitor. They informed him that he could claim compensation due to a breach of duty under the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974. Mr Walton followed this advice and received £14,000 in compensation for his broken nose injury. This was made up of £11,990 for general damages and also £2,010 in special damages.

Type Of Special Damages Includes: How Much?
Lost Earnings Lost earnings during a month away from work £1,500
Medical Costs Costs of medication during recovery £250
Transport Costs Costs of using public transport for hospital visits £250
Other Costs Additional costs stemming from the injury £10

This is not a true story and is merely a reflection of a claim for a broken nose injury.

Free Legal Advice On Your Case Payout

We understand that you don’t want to rush into a decision on whether or not to file a claim. And we also recognise how the level of potential compensation could justify trying to claim for a broken nose injury. That’s why our panel of personal injury lawyers can advise you ahead of a case beginning. They could explain what is involved, how long it may take, and what you’d likely receive if the case wins. That’s to reassure you ahead of time about how viable and worthwhile your case may be. This, in turn, saves time and effort if you decide to not forge ahead with legal action. Use the Live Chat below to ask any questions.

Eligibility Criteria For No Win No Fee Claims

 And with a No Win No Fee agreement comes the following benefits:

  • You don’t have to pay your personal injury solicitor’s legal costs at the first point of contact;
  • Nor do you pay their fees at any point while the case is in progress;
  • If your case wins, you pay your personal injury solicitor a success fee which has a cap under English law;
  • But if your case loses, then you don’t pay anything towards their own costs.

The terms and conditions mean that the No Win No Fee solicitor has to win your case if they’re to be paid, which is a big advantage for you. Call us on the number above if you wish to make an enquiry about No Win No Fee solicitors.

Our Team Can Offer Free Legal Advice

So, now is the time for us to begin talking with you. A claim for a broken nose injury could begin to form at any moment whenever you’re ready. Our panel of personal injury solicitors has vast experience in managing cases like this. And so they could handle your claim for compensation too.

To speak with an advisor, just telephone 0161 696 9685, use our Live Chat or fill out the exclusive online form. Our specialist team works around the clock, so they’re accessible at any time of the day. And don’t fret about proceeding with a claim just because you speak with us, because this isn’t a mandatory requirement.

More Resources And Guides On Broken Nose Injuries

We appreciate you making time to read our guide about broken nose injuries. But if you wish to find out more, the links below may be of use.

First of all, we have a page discussing No Win No Fee agreements.

And we’re covering how to make a successful personal injury claim on our website too.

The NHS has its own page which details broken nose injuries.

And they discuss how you could identify broken bones.

Meanwhile, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) breaks down slips, trips and falls.

Broken Nose Injury FAQs

How can I tell if I have a severe broken nose injury?

For a diagnosis please seek medical advice.

What actually happens when a nose suffers a break?

The nasal bones suffer a fracture, with some likely damage to the nasal cartilage as well.

Could a broken nose heal on its own?

Always seek medical advice with any fracture concerns.

When could I file a claim for a broken nose injury?

At any time within 3 years of the date of the accident or the date of knowledge.

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