£16,000 Compensation Payout For A Broken Ring Finger Injury – Advice To Help Calculate Compensation Payouts

The settlement of a broken ring finger claim is not only dependent on how serious the injury and prognosis are, but also the victim’s resultant financial and psychological conditions. This guide has been designed to explain not only the claiming process but how compensation settlements are reached.

Broken ring finger injury compensation

Broken ring finger injury compensation

This guide will help you estimate what your broken ring finger compensation amount could be as an alternative to a finger injury claim calculator. You’ll also get to find out what happens when you make a personal injury claim and whether you have a foundation for claiming.

If you would like to talk to one of our advisors about your prospective broken ring finger claim amount, or for free legal advice, call us on 0161 696 9685. They can put you in touch with our panel of personal injury solicitor if you choose to make a claim, but these services aren’t compulsory.

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  5. Can Road Traffic Accidents Result In A Broken Ring Finger?
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A Guide To Claiming Compensation For A Broken Ring Finger

This guide intends to help you work out whether you can make a broken ring finger claim and, if so, what your broken finger compensation amount could be. To do this we’ll explain the duty of care different parties hold and how breaches can lead to claims (e.g. employers in an accident at work claim, road users in a road traffic accident claim and those who control premises for a public liability claim). We then move on to explaining the different damages you could claim for with supporting evidence and we use an example case study to form a picture of potential broken ring finger compensation claims. We also provide a quick explanation of No Win No Fee claims and how it suits some claimants.

Under the Judicial College Guidelines (an annually updated publication, solicitors may use to value damages), a broken ring finger could retrieve between £13,970 and £15,330 for pain and suffering. Financial loss would be additional.

If, at any point of reading, you decide you’d prefer to chat with a helpful professional about making a broken ring finger claim, call an advisor on the number on this page. You can also use the chatbox on this site. We offer free legal advice and are on hand 24/7.

What Is A Broken Ring Finger?

The NHS notes that it is hard to distinguish whether you have a broken finger without an X-ray.

There are three bones in each finger, and two in the thumb. These bones are called phalanges. The distal phalanx is the fingertip bone, connected to the middle phalanx. The middle phalanx meets the proximal, which joins the metacarpal bones of the hand.

In severe injuries, muscle, nerves,  ligaments at the joints and the extensor and flexor tendons can be damaged as well as the finger bones.

In a broken ring finger claim, claimants may realise they have fractured their finger when they see that it protrudes oddly, is swelling, is bruised and is difficult to move.

Generally, medical professionals try to straighten the finger by straping it to another finger. In these cases, the finger might heal within a couple of months. For fractures that require surgery, such as tendon repair, recovery can involve hand therapy and the finger can take a little longer.

For medical advice on ring finger injuries, a doctor is best-placed to help. But, for free legal advice on a broken ring finger claim, we can assist. Our advisors are on stand-by on the phones and via our live chat. They can give you counsel with no requirement to proceed with our services.

How Can You Suffer A Broken Ring Finger At Work? 

Recent Health and Safety Executive statistics show slips, trips and falls, along with lifting and carrying then being struck by an object are common ways employees could be injured in the workplace. It is very understandable that such accidents could potentially lead to injures to the hand and fingers.

What Is An Employer’s Duty Of Care?

If you are contemplating making a broken ring finger claim, you need to be sure that your employer caused the accident by not adhering to the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974. There are other pieces of legislation that an employer must also adhere to. Section 2 of the Act lays the groundwork for employers. To abide by this duty of care employers may create practices and policies that will reasonably protect the health, safety and wellbeing of their employees. If you suffered a ring finger fracture at work, compensation would only be given if you can prove that your employer’s negligent actions (or inaction) caused it.

 How Can My Employer Breach Their Duty Of Care?

HSE only accepts reports on fractured fingers that have been confirmed by a doctor, but you may still be able to make a work accident claim, provided your employer didn’t ensure your safety.

Consider your broken ring finger claim. Did your employer:

  • Provide suitable training and supervision?
  • Make sure you were working in safe conditions and, if not, advised you of risks and saw to it that you were trained properly?
  • Keep facilities and items of use regularly maintained?

Answering ‘no’ to the above could mean you may be entitled to make an accident at work claim. However, you should make sure that you acted safely and didn’t endanger yourself or others. If you think you didn’t use your training as responsibly as you could, for example, it is a good idea to share that with your personal injury solicitor if you choose to make an injury at work claim.

Broken Ring Finger In A Public Place

Some claimants who think about making a broken ring finger claim after accidents in a public place may be unsure as to who is liable and how. Those who control property, premises or land are, under the Occupiers’ Liability Act 1957, required to protect visitors’ safety and wellbeing.

The Duty Of Care Of Those In Control Of Public Spaces

Broken ring finger claims against occupiers such as businesses, local authorities or landlords may involve a breach of the Occupier’s Liability Act. The Act solicits occupiers to protect visitors by:

  • Ensuring dangers are clearly warned of or inaccessible.
  • Hiring competent contractors and (if applicable) making sure they warn visitors of risks.

Public liability insurance aims to cover occupiers in the event that they breach their duties and are brought to court.

How Can This Duty Be Breached?

If an occupier does not take reasonable steps to ensure safety, they could chance accidents in a public place. For example, a person who trips on loose steps that a business had not maintained for years could claim. However, that person also has a responsibility. If there was tape or a barrier around the steps and sufficient warning that the step was loose and the visitor proceeded to use it anyway, the person might not be able to make a broken ring finger claim.

Can Road Traffic Accidents Result In A Broken Ring Finger?

In 2019, car occupants accounted for the majority of fatal casualties, but the most vulnerable road users are pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists.

A Road Traffic Accident (RTA) can result in a broken finger, though it may also result in multiple injuries, each of which you could claim for. Any road accident (whether low-speed or high) could leave you with a ring finger fracture. RTA victims of all types only need a strong enough force to the finger for it to break.

Duty Of Care Of Road Users 

All road users’ safety is subject to other road users’ adherence to The Highway Code. Under these provisions, those who use the highway must try to avoid an RTA. This can be done by driving with care and skill. If you believe the road user involved in your case didn’t abide by The Highway Code and caused a crash which resulted in your injuries, you could seek a broken ring finger claim.

How Can A Road User Breach Their Duty Of Care?

You may make a car accident claim following another road user’s disregard for your welfare, which caused your injuries. For example, a driver who texts while driving is not focused on the road so could hit a cyclist, who then falls and puts their hand out to break their fall, which causes a ring finger fracture.

However, as a road user, you are also supposed to follow The Highway Code. If you’re concerned that your actions may have contributed to the incident, talk to our advisors. They offer confidential, free legal advice and you won’t have to proceed with the services of our panel of personal injury solicitors.

Details For Calculating Personal Injury Compensation

Your injuries (both physical and psychological) indicate the level of compensation you could receive. For example, hand injury compensation amounts may be higher than for a single, broken ring finger claim. Value depends on the severity of an injury and how it affected your quality of life.

Compensation covering pain and suffering is known as general damages, but you may also have suffered special damages. (See below section for more information.)

General damages must be proved with medical evidence. If you were injured at work and choose to make a work accident claim, for instance, you may need an independent medical professional to assess your ring finger. They would create a report so that your solicitor if you choose to use one, could value your claim accurately.

For help understanding what your injury means for your case, call our team for free legal advice. Advisors are here every day at all hours to support you.

What Are Special Damages?

Special damages can fluctuate dramatically between claimants because they’re solely based on what you have lost financially. A person making a broken ring finger claim may have been unable to work for a matter of days, but been covered by Company Sick Pay. A different claimant may have had a role that involved intensive use of the hands, meaning they were absent for weeks perhaps without SSP.

Other losses could include the cost of:

  • Transport to appointments.
  • Painkillers or finger braces.

It is crucial that any damages are a result of the injury and that you have evidence. For instance, travel costs can be verified by bus tickets, you could use receipts to prove the cost of painkillers or finger braces and bills for therapy.

You could also add additional care to your broken ring finger claim. If you have had a friend or family member care for you (through driving, cooking or cleaning etc.), you could reclaim their time through compensation.

Think about the financial impact of your injuries and call our team if you’d like to discuss it further. The number is at the top of the page but you can also write to us for free legal advice.

Case Study: £16,000 Broken Ring Finger Claim

Mr Devi worked in a fast-food restaurant.  One particularly busy Saturday, he was at the register, taking orders and payments from a long line of waiting customers.

As well as working on the till he also had to deliver food to tables and help on the restaurant floor when no customers were waiting to be served. In order to get to the tables from behind the counter, you had to go through a door. As Mr Devi was going to wipe down some tables as customers were waiting to sit down he proceeded through the door only to have his hand caught. Mr Devi was in great pain. His hand was beginning to swell straight away. His manager recorded the accident and advised that he go to the local A and E department.

Making a broken ring finger claim

He took a taxi to an emergency clinic. He had an X-ray confirming the fractured bone. Mr Devi had broken all there bones in his ring finger. He had also damaged the tendons and needed surgery. But, the bones suffered a malunion, resulting in permanent deformity and loss of function.

Mr Devi’s financial situation really concerned him, so he sought the services of a No Win No Fee solicitor. Using medical evidence and proof of lost wages, the solicitor was able to settle his broken ring finger claim.

Mr Devi received £14,290 in general damages. Special damages are summarised below:

Type of Special Damages: Includes: How much?:
Travel Expenses To and from appointments/treatment Taxi and buses to appointments: £50
Medications/Prescriptions Prescriptions, treatment, physiotherapy, walking aids, etc. Painkillers: £30
Future Loss Loss of Earnings, future loss of earnings, potential future care. £1100 for lost wages (excluding SSP)
Carer and Help Carer, cook, clean and gardening covered here. Includes gracious care. £500

The fractured ring finger case of Mr Devi is just an example. It was designed using our experience and knowledge of finger injury compensation claims, how a broken ring finger claim could be handled and appraised.

Your Free Legal Advice Is Waiting

Finding a clear answer to ‘How much is a finger worth in compensation in the UK?’ can be difficult, especially if you don’t have the guidance of a solicitor. You might discover, for example, that different sites give different values on what you can claim for a ring finger fracture at work claim. Compensation does vary for different injuries, severities and circumstances. That’s why, if this guide hasn’t helped you estimate your claim, we offer you free legal advice. Our advisors are available via phone (see the top of the page) or live chat. They can put you in touch with our panel of solicitors, but that’s entirely your choice.

Does No Win No Fee Matter?

Solicitor fees can be expensive but, fortunately, the Conditional Fee Agreements Order 2013 serves to help honest victims of third-party neglect. Also known as a No Win No Fee agreement, essentially it means that:

  • In the event that you lose your case, you don’t pay your solicitor fees.
  • You do pay your solicitor fees if you win, but they are capped to a small amount. Plus, you don’t pay anything until the case is settled.

Our panel of personal injury solicitors can help you make No Win No Fee claims. You can chat with an advisor on your preferred contact method below.

Receive Free Legal Advice From Our Team

For friendly, free legal advice (available 24/7) on your broken ring finger claim, get in touch:

More Resources And Guides On Broken Ring Fingers

Finger Pain: NHS guidance to looking after a finger that’s in pain.

Finger Injury Compensation Claims Guide: For deeper advice on finger injury compensation.

£13,000 Compensation Payout for a Broken Index Finger Injury: A guide on what to do after an index finger injury that wasn’t your fault.

Broken Ring Finger FAQs 

How much compensation do you get for an amputated finger?

It depends on your injuries, which finger, what other impacts the injury had on your life (e.g. finances). You could get an estimation from our advisors without charge or obligation to use our services.

Can I claim for a broken finger at work?

Providing your employer neglected their duty of care, in effect causing the accident, you could claim for a broken finger.

What do you do if you break your ring finger?

Seek out medical help.

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