£17,000 Compensation Payout For A Loss Of Teeth – Advice To Help Calculate Compensation Payouts

Are you looking for information about how much loss of teeth injuries could be awarded in a successful compensation claim? This online guide has been produced for those who may have lost teeth in an accident for which a third party was responsible for. In order to be eligible to receive compensation the injury suffered will have been caused due to a breach in the duty of care owed to you by a third party.

This article hopes to;

Loss of teeth injury compensation

Loss of teeth injury compensation

  • Provide advice on what teeth loss means and how such injuries can come about.
  • What entities have a duty of care to you?
  • How compensation is calculated using two Heads of Loss.
  • The benefits of using a No Win No Fee solicitor
  • And much more

If you’re interested, you can contact us now to discuss your case on 0161 696 9685 to speak with no-obligation to our friendly team. Or you can write to us at Advice.co.uk to see how we could help you with a no-fault accident in the workplace, in public, or on the roads.

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  1. A Guide To Claiming Compensation Payouts For Loss Of Teeth?
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  3. How Can You Suffer Loss Of Teeth At Work?
  4. Loss Of Teeth In A Public Place
  5. How Can You Suffer Loss Of Teeth In A Road Traffic Accident?
  6. Calculation Process Of Personal Injury Compensation Broken Down
  7. What Are Special Damages?
  8. Case Study: £17,000 For Loss Of Teeth
  9. Receive Free Legal Advice On The Payout Of Your Claim
  10. No Win No Fee Claims Information
  11. Choose Our Specialists For Free Legal Advice
  12. More Resources And Guides On Loss Of Teeth
  13. Loss Of Teeth FAQs

A Guide To Claiming Compensation Payouts For Loss Of Teeth?

If you decide to start a compensation claim for an accident in the workplace, or an accident in a public place, or a road traffic accident (RTA) there are three crucial points to establish:

  • Firstly, who had a duty of care? Did someone have a responsibility for my health?
  • Secondly, how was it breached? What act of omission or negligence did the other party do to cause your accident and subsequent injury?
  • Thirdly, did you suffer injury because of it? You can’t launch a personal injury claim simply for an accident.

Having a solicitor represent you and your case is not a legal requirement however they can be very beneficial as they could;

  • Value your claim to the fullest possible potential using all the details of your case
  • As well as, explain the laws that try to protect us
  • Also, advise about medical assessments and evidence to support your claim for compensation like witness statements, bills, or CCTV footage
  • Not to mention, ensure your claim is filed within the limitation period.

If you have any questions please feel free to call our advisors. They can offer you a free consultation. This will allow you to have your case assessed and provide you with answers to any questions you may have.

What Is A Loss Of Teeth Injury?

Despite their daily use, teeth can be remarkably fragile. Given the right set of circumstances, it can be all too easy to knock out or chip one or more teeth during any number of possible scenarios such as:

  • Falling or slipping and knocking a tooth
  • Biting down on something hard that cracks, chips or breaks off a tooth
  • Being injured during an act of violence
  • Loss of teeth in elderly people due to gum weakness
  • Tooth damage from a car accident

It’s important to note that if neglect prompted any of these outcomes, another party may be liable. Compensation amounts can be calculated for loss of teeth accidents and our team are available right now to discuss the matter.

The NHS give some useful advice about how to deal with sudden tooth loss. If your tooth or teeth were chipped and broken it is possible for them to be reconstructed and restored by a dental specialist. But it can be expensive. Loss of front teeth, in particular, can have a massive impact on confidence and self-esteem and you may need all the financial help you can get to restore your smile. Call us and let us help.

How Can You Suffer Loss Of Teeth At Work?

Statistics show that sadly, workplace accidents are common. For example, during 2019/20:

  • 1.6 million people reported that they were suffering from a work-related illness
  • 693,000 people reported an injury in the workplace
  • 65,427 accidents were serious enough to warrant being recorded using RIDDOR
  • 111 people lost their lives at work

As a location that many of us spend a great part of our lives, it’s reasonable to ask what procedures our employers have in place to ensure our safety at work. Why are there so many accidents at work and what laws try to protect us?

What Is An Employer’s Duty Of Care?

It’s important to state firstly that as employees we have responsibility for our own safety and that of our colleagues. Therefore, we should:

  • Comply with all health and safety requirements
  • Not obstruct them in any way
  • Take personal care as much as we can

The Health And Safety At Work etc Act 1974 (HASAWA) outlines the employer’s duty of care:

  • Section 2 requires employers to create the safest possible environment as much as is reasonably practical for everybody’s well being.
  •  Section 3 asks that employers extend this consideration to any non-employees who visit their business.
  • And, Section 7 underlines our personal responsibility to be careful at work and try our hardest to avoid hazards for ourselves and others.

HASAWA could be the legislation you use when making an accident at work claim. If you were harmed because of an unavoidable accident caused at work through negligence, call our team today to discuss your options to seek compensation.

How Can My Employer Breach Their Duty Of Care?

Let’s consider some examples of how you could suffer dental damages from an accident caused by negligence in the workplace:

  • You could slip on unattended spillages or wet floors that are not marked clearly
  • Tripping on cables, ropes or other obstacles in walkways and landing on your face
  • Falling downstairs that are dark or unmarked
  • Operating machinery without proper PPE that might cause objects to fly up and strike your face
  • Additionally, being subjected to uncontrolled violent situations from either colleagues or the public

If you are unsure whether the accident you suffered in the workplace makes you eligible to receive compensation for your injuries call our team today. They can assess your case for free.

Loss Of Teeth In A Public Place

Public liability means those in control of public spaces can be liable in the event a member of the public suffers an injury due to their negligence. Importantly, The Occupiers’ Liability Act 1957 outlines this duty. It’s worth taking a moment to describe some places covered by this law:

  • Streets, roads, and highways
  • Also, shopping arcades and retail outlets
  • As well as, restaurants, bars, and clubs
  • Along with, car parks, libraries, and schools
  • Any municipal buildings too
  • No to mention, fairs or festivals
  • Last but by no means least, parks, woodland, and beaches

In short, nearly everywhere that is legally accessible to you as a member of the public must adhere to safety guidelines in the Occupiers’ Liability Act. If you were hurt in any of these places, or perhaps somewhere that you’re not sure about, speak to our team who can help clarify the duty of care in that place.

The Duty Of Care For Those In Control Of Public Places

Those in control of public spaces may;

  • Ensure the place is free of avoidable hazards.
  • Show a consistent common duty of care to all lawful visitors on their premises
  • Clearly mark hazards such as wet floors.
  • Refrain from conducting hazardous business on their premises whilst open to the public
  • Continue to maintain premises so they do not pose a risk.
  • Provide signs that give a clear warning to any potential hazards

If you were harmed in a public place, speak to our team for further information about who, if anyone was liable and what you can do about it.

How Can This Duty Be Breached?

Now let’s look at some circumstances that could result in this duty being breached:

  • Poorly trained staff, lack of supervision
  • Faulty or ramshackle premises too
  • Also, fittings and fixtures badly maintained or unfit for purpose
  • Fire hazard risks
  • Hygiene and bad food safety standards
  • Lack of adequate awareness of general hazards

Once again, the requirement to operate safe premises extends to members of the public and anyone who may access their premises by chance. If you have suffered an injury in a publicly operated space and want to find out if you qualify for compensation call our team for free advice.

How Can You Suffer Loss Of Teeth In A Road Traffic Accident?

Road users have a duty to show care to each other. Amongst other requirements, The Highway Code asks that a requisite standard of good driving be demonstrated at all times behind the wheel. To comply with road safety, road user can;

  • Tax and insure vehicles
  • Always making sure the vehicle is roadworthy
  • Importantly, attention to the roads at all times
  • Not driving under the influence
  • Avoiding reckless driving or speeding
  • Not getting involved in road rage or violent exchanges

How Can A Road User Breach Their Duty Of Care?

Much of the requirements given above are obvious examples of how breaches might occur. If the motorist is determined to speed, cut people up, jump lights or drive while drunk, it’s almost inevitable that an accident may occur. Nevertheless, You may be on the receiving end of this recklessness and suffer much worse injury than the loss of your teeth. Moreover, statistics about road traffic accidents make sobering reading and clearly demonstrate why a duty of care is so important.

Furthermore, if you suffered an injury because of errant or uninsured drivers, the Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB) could provide you with road accident compensation.

Calculation Process Of Personal Injury Compensation Broken Down

You will be invited to a medical assessment with an independent medical expert when making a personal injury claim. This is to determine the extent of your suffering, how it has and will impact your life and also what the prognosis will be. The medical assessment is vital for receiving the correct amount of compensation for your injuries. This is called general damages, as settlements are made up of two Heads of Loss, as we will explain. With any personal injury claim, the overall settlement will combine both general and special damages. Special damages are discussed below however, general damages are awarded for the pain, suffering and loss of amenity caused by your injuries.

What Are Special Damages?

Special damages aim to repair your impacted finances. An often serious and unexpected consequence of a personal injury is the way that it can absolutely turn your whole life upside-down. You may find that:

  • You’re unable to go to work and start losing money
  • You need to pay for care to help you cope with basic tasks
  • There are expensive medications or adaptations to be made
  • You miss out on future opportunities or suffer an impact on savings, pension, and bonuses
  • Basic domestic tasks are now impossible
  • It could be this way for a long time

A No Win No Fee lawyer will show you how to retain receipts, invoices, and bills as proof that you suffered financially.

Case Study: £17,000 For Loss Of Teeth

Mr Douglas was walking to the shops one Saturday afternoon. They were about a mile or so away from his home. As he picked up his pace he suddenly caught his foot on a piece of pavement that was defected. It was sticking up, uneven from the other paving stones. Mr Douglas did not have time to put his hands out to break his fall and fell face-first on to the pavement.

A person passing-by called an ambulance as Mr Douglas’ face was very badly damaged. He was taken to A and E. A doctor on closer examination could see that Mr Douglas had lost some front teeth. Mr Douglas was in great pain. He needed a small operation to mend the inside of his mouth and was told to visit his dentist for further procedures.

Mr Douglas was alarmed at the amount of money he would need to spend to have some implants replace his lost teeth as he was not keen on having false teeth.

It was his son who suggested that he may be able to make a claim. He reached out to a No Win No Fee solicitor who asked him to take images and measurements of the defect. The solicitor confirmed he had a case.

The local authority admitted liability. Mr Douglas was awarded £17,000 which would help pay for cosmetic dental procedures to restore his smile.

Mr Douglas’ settlement breakdown could look like this;

general damages special damages how much?
Loss of several front teeth. £10,700 Loss of earnings for one month £1,500
Specialist dental treatments £4,000
Fares to hospital/dental appointments £100
Damage to mobile phone caused by accident £700
TOTAL £17,000

The case study is not based on real events but driven by our past experiences of valuing claims. 

Receive Free Legal Advice On The Payout Of Your Claim

You can speak to us today about any form of personal injury that was caused by the actions of someone else. The service that we offer can help:

  • Value your potential compensation properly. We don’t rely on dental compensation calculators but assess your case based on expertise from hands-on experience
  • Advice on how to assemble evidence and proof to support your settlement claims for broken teeth
  • Assess your eligibility in a short, no-obligation chat and possibly introduce you to our panel of No Win No Fee solicitors to handle your case

No Win No Fee Claims Information

It’s important to point out that you can launch a personal injury claim on your own, but the benefits to using a No Win No Fee arrangement far outweigh doing it alone. What specifically?

  • You can rest assured that your claim is valued properly
  • The legal terminology can be explained and simplified
  • You receive support throughout your case
  • There are no costs to pay your solicitors upfront or as the case progresses
  • If the case fails, you don’t have to pay your No Win No Fee solicitor anything at all
  • Successful cases require a small percentage fee to pay your solicitors for their efforts on your behalf
  • This fee is capped by law to keep it as fair to you as possible

Choose Our Specialists For Free Legal Advice

In summary, thank you for taking the time to read our article. We hope that it has provided some useful information and advice about what can be possible to claim loss of teeth damages for. If you’re ready to get in touch, or would just like to discuss any of the topics raised, getting in touch is simple. You can:

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Loss Of Teeth FAQs

Can missing teeth affect the way you speak?

Yes. You may notice a lisping or slight slurring after the missing teeth, but a dentist can advise about bridges and implants to rectify the gap and stop this problem.

Can missing teeth change the shape of your face?

The teeth do have an effect on your features and significant tooth loss can alter your appearance. Speak to your dentist about the best way to improve this with dentures or implants.

Can you get gum infections from having missing teeth?

It’s still important to practice good oral hygiene. The gums can harbour bacteria that could cause infection whether a tooth is there or not. Speak to your dentist for advice.

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