£18,500 Compensation Payout For A Dog Bite Injury – Advice To Help Calculate Compensation Payouts

A dog bite injury can be very serious. Dogs can bite people for a number of different reasons. You may have been bitten because the dog was a dangerous breed, off its lead when it should not have been or because it felt threatened. If you have been bitten by a dog and are not sure if you are eligible to claim for compensation for the injury you suffered and financial implications this guide may be useful to you.

Dog bite injury compensation

Dog bite injury compensation

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  5. Personal Injury Compensation Calculation Process
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A Guide To Claiming Compensation For A Dog Bite Injury

In this guide, we’re covering several important topics relating to a dog bite injury. This includes us defining the true extent of the potential damage after being bitten by a dog. We also explain the various ways in which a dog bite injury might occur. We look closely at the concept of ”duty of care”. Where this may be applied. And importantly how this may be breached. Additionally, we explain general and special damages, along with the benefits of No Win No Fee agreements.

Personal Injury Claims Time Limit

Now, you have 3 years in which to make a claim for a dog bite injury. This could begin from the date that the bite first happened. Or it could begin from the date of knowledge. There are numerous exceptions, but most dog bite injury victims have to make a claim within the 3-year window. To learn more, you can have a word with our helpful team at any time.

What Is A Dog Bite Injury?

A dog bite injury seems self-explanatory at first glance, but this isn’t necessarily the case. After all, a dog bite injury could encompass many potential situations. The most common dog bite injuries see the victim suffer a puncture wound in the skin. This is due to the dog’s teeth sinking deep into the skin of the person they have bitten. The situation compounds further if it comes out afterwards that the dog has rabies, potentially transmitting infection to the victim.

Typical symptoms of a dog bite infection include puss oozing from the cut, tenderness, instability of the body part, fever or chills and also possible night sweats. If the bite only causes minimal damage, then the victim could move past what has happened within a week. But for a more serious dog bite, it might be several months before the victim fully recovers. And there’s always the potential to be handling the subsequent infections for an extended period as well. To discuss dog bite injuries in greater depth, please chat with our specialist team via the number above.

How Can You Suffer A Dog Bite Injury At Work?

For any compensation claim to succeed, you have to prove negligence as the cause. To do this means meeting these 3 points of criteria:

  • A third party owed you a duty of care of some description;
  • However, somehow a breach of this duty occurred;
  • And the fallout was you being harmed, such as you suffering a dog bite injury.

Now, it could be that you suffer a dog bite injury at work. Workplace accidents should be preventable by following the duty of care that is applicable under the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974. And yet an accident at work could still happen as not all accident could be prevented. Employers’ liability (EL) is an employer being liable for an employee suffering harm through their negligence. One example could be that an on-site guard dog bites a victim without provocation. This may demonstrate negligence if the dog is not correctly controlled or has bitten someone before. There are other examples we could provide if you get in touch via the Live Chat in the right-hand corner.

Dog Bite Injury In A Public Place

Public liability places a duty of care on those who control public spaces. Those who can foresee and prevent accidents may be liable if a member of the public is injured on their premises due to failure to adhere to health and safety. There is a clear duty of care under the Occupiers’ Liability Act 1957. It is very true that not all accidents are foreseeable and therefore not all injuries are avoidable, but for those that are liability exists.

An example here might be the owner of a shop having their dog on the premises. If the dog proceeded to bite a customer because it is not tied up correctly this may be seen as negligence. In theory, anyone could be bitten by a dog, and it could lead to serious health complications.  For further examples of a dog bite injury in a public place, feel free to contact our expert team today.

Personal Injury Compensation Calculation Process

So, you have seen how a dog bite injury could occur, and which area could apply to your specific situation. One of the vital steps in a compensation claim is for you to undergo a complete medical assessment. The purpose of this is to receive a total diagnosis from a trusted doctor. And this evidence could greatly support the validity of your claim by proving the true extent of the damage you’ve suffered. It could also clarify the link between what originally happened and how you feel today.

Once personal injury lawyers have these findings, those handling your case could then consider how much you may claim for. A minor injury from a dog bite restricts you towards amounts at the lower end of the scale. But if your damages are potentially life-changing, the possible payout increases dramatically. And note that we use you and your circumstances as the basis for your compensation value. We avoid an online personal injury claims calculator since this generalises potential settlements that could prove inaccurate for your case.

Now, the settlement itself divides into two parts. One of these is special damages, which we’re covering in the next section due to the depth of each element. But here we must mention general damages, as they directly relate to the dog bite injury. This means the physical pain, as well as any mental trauma you’re enduring in the aftermath of the situation. And if the accident has altered your life or independence in any way, this also comes under general damages. Speak with us if you want further guidance about compensation calculations.

What Are Special Damages?

As for what special damages comprise, then, these handle the extra costs stemming from a dog bite injury. In some cases, they’re clear consequences of the situation. But others may not have been expected, as they only arise when the time comes. The first example concerns time off work, which could be significant if the damage from the dog bite is serious. Your loss of earnings can be included as special damages and predicted loss of wages also.

Next, we should consider any medical treatment you have to pay out for as you recover. Again, this is dependent on how much damage you’ve suffered, with major health complications requiring more medication. Also, consider how you may need assistance to get around if the injury prevents you from driving. (This could apply to a dog bite to the leg, for instance, as that could weaken you and hinder your driving skills.) And also think about any aftercare you receive as you’re recuperating, which may prove quite costly. Each of these elements could form your special damages. To discuss special damages in further detail, simply get in touch with our knowledgeable team.

Case Study: £18,500 For A Dog Bite Injury

Mr Coady, 23, worked as an office assistant for a law firm. In his spare time, he enjoyed playing sports and running marathons.

One morning, at an early hour, Mr Coady went into his local shop. His corner shop at the top of his road. As he walked into the shop he became aware that there was quite a big dog on the premises. The owner explained that it was for protection due to the shop being robbed previously. As Mr Coady proceeded to retrieve the items from the shelves the dog started to bark and act aggressively. All fo a sudden before Mr Coady could escape from the shop the dog bit into his leg.

To Mr Coady’s horror, the dog bit his left leg near the thighbone. He screamed in pain, and yet the dog didn’t relinquish its grip. The owner was slow to react, and even when he did respond, he was dismissive of what had just occurred.

At this point, the leg was deeply lacerated. Mr Coady left the shop but while outside called for an ambulance as he was in great pain. At the hospital, Mr Coady was taken for surgery as a chunk of flesh had been taken from his thigh and his soft tissue was seriously damaged. There was also muscle damage due to the leg being weakened by the bite.

Mr Coady ended up missing work. He was very upset about the whole situation. He had suffered so much pain and may be left with some disability. Mr Coady decided that he would see if he could be compensated.

Dog Bite Injury Settlement

After speaking with a personal injury solicitor, Mr Coady realised he had a viable claim to make, which he filed against the shop owners. A settlement was reached out-of-court for £18,500. Please see the breakdown of special damages below.

Type Of Special DamagesIncludes:How Much?
Lost EarningsLost earnings £1,400
Medical CostsCosts of medication during recovery£100
Transport CostsCosts of using public transport for hospital visits£150

This story is not based on actual events and is just a possible scenario for a dog bite injury claim.

Get Your Free Legal Advice From Our Team

Before proceeding with a claim for a dog bite injury, it helps to understand exactly what you can expect. That’s why we’re providing the initial consultation about your compensation case for no charge as a courtesy. It allows you to ask any crucial questions prior to you deciding to move ahead with a claim. What’s more, we can give you an outline of what to realistically expect if you do receive compensation. And we could also give you an insight into the evidence that you should gather for your case to succeed. That way, you could receive a head start by collating the vital information prior to you officially starting your claim. Find out more by leaving us a message on our 24/7 Live Chat service.

Explanation Of No Win No Fee Claims Policies

If you’re claiming for a dog bite injury, it helps to be aware of No Win No Fee agreements. This policy allows claimants to avoid unnecessary stress and expenses by only having to pay their personal injury solicitor if they receive compensation. Assuming that their case wins, the mandatory payment is a success fee, which has a cap under law. And that goes towards a personal injury solicitor’s own legal costs for their time and effort.

But if the case loses for whatever reason, then this payment isn’t a requirement. In other words, you only pay your No Win No Fee solicitor if your case wins. And even then, the payment comes at the very end of legal proceedings. That means not having to pay them up-front or at any stage during the claims process itself. Please contact our friendly team if you have any queries at all about No Win No Fee agreements.

Chat With Our Friendly Specialists For Free Legal Advice

We have covered everything of significance in relation to a dog bite injury ahead of a potential compensation claim. So, now we just need to hear what you have to say. By getting in touch, you could take the first step towards receiving compensation for your own dog bite injury. And that could allow you to speak with our panel of personal injury solicitors to handle your case. To get in touch, you can:

Remember that you’re not under any pressure to proceed with a case simply by talking to us. What’s more, our advisors are reachable all day and every day.

More Resources And Guides On Dog Bite Injuries

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Dog Bite Injury FAQs

What is the average payout for a dog bite injury?

The potential settlement varies depending on the damage.

Should I report a dog bite?

Yes, you could report any dog bite involving someone else’s animal to the police.

If a dog bites me, should I seek medical treatment?

Yes, it’s imperative for a doctor to check if you’re okay after a dog bite, especially if it involves a stranger’ dog.

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