£35,000 Compensation Payout For A Broken Jaw Injury

By Stephen Burke. Last Updated 31st August 2023. To be eligible to make a broken jaw injury claim you must be able to prove that your injury was caused due to a breach in legislation or a duty of care. Compensation depends on the severity of your injuries. You could also add other accompanying injuries, such as tooth damage or psychological damage. Then, on top of that, you could claim jaw injury compensation for any financial loss incurred. So long as injuries and losses were a consequence of the accident, you could claim for them.

Because the average settlement for a broken jaw is often not reflective of what individuals may be compensated for, we have created this guide. It aims to advise you on making and estimating jaw injury compensation claims.

If you think you’d like to speak to an advisor about making a broken jaw injury claim, call our team. They’re available 24/7 on 0161 696 9685 or through our live chatbox. You won’t need to proceed with our services if you don’t wish to but they can also put you in touch with our panel of personal injury solicitors. 

Broken jaw injury claim

Broken jaw injury claims guide

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Case Study: £35,000 For A Broken Jaw Injury

Ms Snape was a bank clerk and avid cyclist. She took the same route to work every morning, which included a lane where the speed limit was 30 miles an hour. One day, while she was cycling down this lane, a speeding car tried to overtake her too closely and clipped her knee. She fell and her jaw hit the curb. Her knee was bruised but her jaw was red, swelling and she couldn’t speak without feeling extreme pain. An ambulance was called to the scene. 

Ms Snape was taken to A&E where she had an X-ray followed by surgery. She stayed overnight in hospital and had to eat soft foods through the following week.  

After 2 months of recovery and counselling, Ms Snape felt better. However, parts of her jaw remained numb and she was still nervous when on her bike. At a follow-up with her doctor, they told her she would have this numbness (paresthesia) for the rest of her life. 

What Was The Outcome Of The Claim?

She contacted a No Win No Fee solicitor, who successfully helped in her broken jaw injury claim. The defendant argued that Ms Snape was cycling in the middle of the road, causing danger to overtaking cars. However, police reports from the scene didn’t corroborate this, the pedestrian’s account contradicted it. Medical evidence verified her injuries were caused by the crash.

She recovered £28, 500 in physical damages, £6,500 in special damages, which is detailed below

Type of Special Damages: Includes: How much?:
Travel Expenses To and from appointments/treatment Taxi to appointments: £50
Medications/Prescriptions Prescriptions, treatment, physiotherapy, walking aids, etc. Prescriptions and painkillers: £50
Additional Care Professional care at home, from family, childcare, etc. 7 counselling sessions: £700
Future Loss Loss of Earnings, future loss of earnings, potential future care. Loss of earnings £5000
Damaged property Bike repair £700

The broken jaw injury claim of Ms Snape is an example. We’ve used our past experiences of claims to create her case study and illustrate how personal injury claims are valued and handled. 

When Could You Claim For A Broken Jaw Injury?

Are you interested in claiming compensation for a broken jaw? In order to make a valid personal injury claim, you first have to establish whether or not you were owed a duty of care.

There are many situations in which you could be owed a duty of care, for example:

Breaching a duty of care alone is not enough to form the basis of a valid personal injury claim. In order to do this, you have to be able to prove that:

  • You were owed a duty of care
  • This duty was breached
  • You were injured because of this

An average settlement for a broken jaw injury will include two types of damages we discuss these further into this guide, or contact our team of friendly advisors today to find out if you could be eligible to claim compensation.

How Is Broken Jaw Compensation Calculated?

The amount of compensation for a broken jaw you may be offered if you can make a successful claim depends on several factors. These include how severe your broken jaw is, the recovery time and how much the injury is set to impact your life in the short and long-term future. Therefore, compensation payouts vary on a case-by-case basis.

Broken jaw compensation can include general damages, which are meant to compensate you for the pain and suffering caused by your injury. Solicitors can use the Judicial College Guidelines (JCG) to help them calculate this head of loss as it contains guideline compensation brackets, some of which have been included in the table. The table covers a variety of different jaw and mouth injuries. The figures are based on the latest (16th) edition of the JCG.

It should be used as a guide only.

Injury Potential Compensation Notes
Multiple injuries plus losses Up to £500,000+ You could be awarded compensation for more than one injury, alongside any financial losses inflicted by your injuries.
Jaw fracture (i) £30,490 to £45,540 Prolonged treatment along with lasting consequences from multiple jaw fractures that are very serious in nature.
Jaw fracture (ii) £17,960 to £30,490 Permanent problems, such as difficulty eating following a serious jaw fracture.
Jaw fracture (iii) £6,460 to £8,730 Complete recovery from a simple fracture.
Tooth damage Up to £38,130 The teeth generally experience significant deterioration causing significant chronic dental pain.
Tooth damage (i) £8,730 to £11,410 Several front teeth could experience serious damage or be lost completely.

If you’re eligible to claim for general damages, then you may also be able to claim additional compensation under special damages. This covers financial losses and expenses which can be directly linked to the injury you’re claiming for. Examples of costs you could claim back under special damages may include loss of income and travel expenses you’ve incurred so you can receive treatment for your injury.

For more advice on how much you could claim as broken jaw compensation, contact our advisors for free today about your case.

Am I Eligible For No Win No Fee Claims?

If you are interested in claiming compensation for a broken jaw, a solicitor from our panel may be able to help. Under a Conditional Fee Agreement, which is a type of No Win No Fee arrangement. You won’t be expected to pay any upfront or ongoing fees for the work the solicitor completes on your case. Should your claim fail, you aren’t responsible for paying them for their services. 

If you are awarded broken jaw compensation, your solicitor will take a success fee. They take this as a percentage, though this is limited by law to ensure you retain the majority amount of what you receive.

Are you interested in working with a solicitor from our panel via a No Win No Fee agreement? Continue reading to find out more about connecting with our team. Our advisors can also answer any questions regarding the average settlement for a broken jaw.

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