£52,000 Compensation Payout For A Back Injury Caused By Car Accident – Advice To Help Calculate Compensation Payouts

Have you suffered a back injury caused by a car accident that was not your fault? Did your back get injured in a car crash caused by someone else? You might be wondering how you can make ends meet if you’re unable to work? Back injury caused by car accidents can be painful and recovery can be prolonged, which means you could face a sudden influx of both health and financial problems.        

Back injury caused by a car accident compensation

Back injury caused by a car accident compensation

There are many different types and severities of back injuries and wthe advice contained in this article aims to help you see if you are eligible to claim compensation. So, a £52,000 or similar compensation payout might be possible. And you could use the help of a No Win No Fee solicitor to claim it.

Using a case study, that is simply an example based on past cases, we explain how two heads of claim can combine to generate a car accident injury settlement. At Advice.co.uk, we’re committed to helping you ensure that your case is evaluated correctly. 

Call and speak to our friendly personal injury claims team who are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day on 0161 696 9685 or write an email to Advice.co.uk. In addition to this, you could use the live support option, bottom right for instant, confidential help.

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  5. What Are Special Damages?
  6. Case Study: £52,000 For A Back Injury Caused By A Car Accident
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A Guide To Claiming Compensation Payouts For A Back Injury Caused By A Car Accident

We begin this article by explaining typical accidents and symptoms of a back injury caused by a car accident. And our advice aims to help you decide who might be to blame for your accident and how the law can support your right to make a claim against them.

If you’ve considered making a claim against a third party for injury but are not sure how it works, the advice in this article can help. Using an example case study we show how a personal injury solicitor could help you get a medical assessment, prove your injuries, as well as, collect all the evidence of financial suffering so they could be added to your compensation.

We conclude by showing you how two types of compensation can really increase the final settlement amount you might receive. Our service aims to connect you with No Win No Fee solicitors who can help. 

What Is A Back Injury?

The human body is complicated. No two injuries are the same. Though well protected, the spinal cord, in particular, is delicate and crucial to so many different movements and functions. The spinal column (vertebrae encasing the spinal cord) has three main sections which can be harmed during a road traffic accident (RTA). Briefly, they are:

  • Cervical: at the top of the spine, near the base of the neck
  • Thoracic: the main central part of the spine
  • Lumbar: the lower area near the tailbone

Sudden or even slower impact can bump the delicately aligned vertebrae in the spine, trapping nerves or dislodging discs in the back too. Even, a pinched nerve can render a victim immobile and broken vertebrae or spinal nerve damage can cause problems for life, impacting every area of normal living.

The seated position that we are in when we drive can expose all three areas to possible damage during the course of an accident. Whether you are hit head-on, in a side-impact, rear-ended, or hit in collision with something stationary, any or all of these parts of your back could suffer serious harm.

Symptoms of Back Injury Caused By Car Accident

It’s important to note that some back injuries may not be instant and can develop over time. So please consider carefully if you’ve experienced any symptoms out of the ordinary, even mild ones, after your road traffic accident. Typical symptoms of a back injury caused by a car accident could include some or all of the following:

  • Pain in the neck, back, or head that is acute
  • Inability to move fingers or toes
  • Tingling, burning sensations, numbness in any part of the body
  • The immediate onset of headache
  • Inability to walk, loss of balance
  • Unable to control bowels or bladder
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Being left in an unnatural or twisted position after impact

In addition to the symptoms above, you might experience later onset problems as your body tries to compensate for the damage. Referred pain and delayed nerve damage issues can be agony and drag on for months or even years. They can include:

  • Headaches for several days or weeks after the accident
  • Stomach pain, tenderness, swelling, or bruising
  • Weakness or inability to lift light things
  • Pain and/or a pinching feeling in the shoulders, neck, or back
  • Persistent feelings of tingling or numbness in the arms, hands, or fingers
  • Decreased or impaired hearing or vision
  • Developing feelings of stress, anxiety, or inexplicable panic

Examples of acute injury can include fractured vertebrae and slipped discs, both of which can involve months of physiotherapy, pain management, hospital stays, and surgery too.

Please refer to this NHS link for more advice on back pain and always seek medical advice after any kind of road traffic accident.

Top 3 Common Back Injury Caused By Car Accident Examples

If you start a claim against a third party for injury, there are some points that are important to clarify at the beginning. Firstly, who was responsible for your safety in the area where your accident happened? Secondly, did that person breach their legal duty of care to you? And finally, did that result in actually causing injury to you? Importantly, you must have done everything reasonably possible yourself to avoid getting injured.

The Highway Code are the rules that try to protect our safety and wellbeing on British roads. It requires all road users to protect each other’s safety. For example, drivers should ensure their cars are properly taxed and insured. Also, they must ensure their car has a valid MOT and is a roadworthy vehicle. Minimum eyesight tests must be passed. And the vehicle should be operated safely. This means that anyone who operates a vehicle while drunk or intoxicated could be prosecuted.

Many different scenarios can cause injury. Speeding, reckless driving, and road rage incidents can all contribute to a set of circumstances. This can lead to a back injury caused by a car accident. Let’s look at some specific scenarios.

Head-on Collisions

Road traffic accidents caused by head-on collisions can perhaps be the most frightening. The velocity of two vehicles colliding from opposing directions means that, even when wearing seat belts, it’s possible to suffer serious injury. Statistics for 2019 show why duty of care is so vitally important:

  • 1,752 people were killed during road traffic accidents (RTA).
  • 25,945 serious injuries were reported.
  • There were 153,158 injuries of all severity recorded.

A drunk driver hurtling down a dark country lane may have no chance to stop in time before crashing head-on into your vehicle. The resultant fractured back or broken spine is an injury that could afflict you for the rest of your life. 

Back Injury Caused By Car Accident – Rear-end Collisions

Factors such as the age or health of an individual could mean that they are more or less susceptible to back injuries in a car crash. A slight shunt can be all it takes to misalign vertebrae. And this could cause agony and suffering for the victim. Don’t try to shrug off a minor injury caused by someone else. Even low impact or slow speed rear-end collisions can have disastrous consequences. Speak to our personal injury team to see if you can start a car insurance claim for an accident like this.

Multiple Car Pile-Ups

Multiple car collisions can be harrowing ordeals for anyone who witnesses or experiences them. A split-second error of judgement or an act of recklessness, especially on the motorway driving at high speeds, can create carnage. A back injury could easily result from a multiple car collision. 

Our experts can help you sort through the events of that day. Then see how you can be prevented from suffering further damage to your finances. So, speak now to our personal injury specialist team to see how compensation could take care of some of the repercussions.

Car injury accident settlement amounts can be calculated by taking into account every aspect of how the injuries have impacted your life. If someone else was responsible for causing the crash, you could claim against their insurance. 

Expert Estimations Of Personal Injury Compensation Claims

The correct way to approach an accurate car accident injury settlement calculation is to firstly sit for a medical examination. The purpose of this is to confirm, if possible, that the accident caused or at least worsened your injuries. 

This is important, as the results can rule out prior conditions being the sole reason for your injuries, which could throw doubt on your claim. Your No Win No Fee lawyer can arrange all this, if you choose to use one. The service we offer tries to take as much stress and aggravation out of the process for you and help every step of the way.

After they have a medical report, your lawyer can then refer to the Judicial College Guidelines. This publication offers suggested compensation amounts based on injuries. The guide tries to provide a fair and consistent figure to fully recognise the damage done to you. Therefore, the following can have an impact on the value of your injury:

  • Pain and suffering caused
  • Mental health impact
  • Damage to personal relationships
  • Loss of pleasure in life

The JCG provides your personal injury lawyer with a figure to argue for on your behalf. Referred to as general damages, this figure is the first half of the possible compensation that you could be awarded. It’s important to note that they are only suggestions and no compensation amount is absolutely certain.

If you’d like a free estimation before speaking with a lawyer, our expert advisors could help. Their experience and knowledge allows them to make approximate calculations. If you call or message and ask for this service, an advisor will confidentially discuss your case with you in order to gauge the value of your claim. They’re available any time of any day on the number at the top of the page.

What Are Special Damages?

The second head of claim that can be calculated is special damages. Designed to stop your finances from suffering because of an accident that wasn’t your fault, special damages seek to compensate you for all the out-of-pocket expenses you may have incurred as a result of your injuries. Everything that you can prove carries an unwanted and unexpected cost implication could be included, things such as: 

  • Loss of earnings
  • Damage to your ability to earn future money
  • Impact on pension contributions
  • Loss of attendance bonus
  • Any care cost incurred from family members or paid professionals
  • Child care costs
  • Loss or forfeited deposits from missed special occasions
  • Physiotherapy or counselling costs
  • Gardening, pet care (any necessary task you cannot perform yourself)

You will need physical evidence such as bills, receipts, or statements to prove these costs. There could be items other than those listed above that are eligible to claim for. If you choose to use one, your No Win No Fee lawyer can advise and possibly have the financial losses included as part of your request for compensation. Therefore, if they are upheld, the defendant, the liable party, or their insurer will have to pay them back to you.

Many people think that these costs are just an additional burden and unavoidable consequence of your accident. This does not have to be the case. Call our team now to see how we can help.

Case Study: £52,000 For A Back Injury Caused By Car Accident

Miss Johns was parked outside the local primary school waiting to pick up her daughter. She was absorbed in her mobile when suddenly she was shunted forward with enough force to bang her head on the steering wheel. Very quickly, it was clear that the vehicle behind had rear-ended her. The driver had been speeding when they swerved to avoid a crossing child and collided with Miss Johns’ car. No sooner had the shock and surprise hit her than the pain in her lower back did too.

After being taken to the hospital and assessed, it was revealed that Miss Johns had fractured vertebrae in her lower spine, or lumbar region, from the impact. Immediately stricken with pain, a headache, and an inability to walk properly, her whole life was put on hold as she tried to adapt. Rest and painkillers were prescribed, as well as numerous sessions with a physiotherapist following surgery. All this was exhausting and very expensive.

Making a Personal Injury Claim

Unable to work or look after her children, Miss Johns started to see the damage this accident was causing in every area of her life. She was able to collect together all the bills that proved her financial losses caused by her injuries. When she finally met the right No Win No Fee solicitor, she was in a good position to seek a spinal injury compensation payout. 

Her personal injury solicitor represented her in a No Win No Fee arrangement against the liable party who caused the collision. Our table below demonstrates how the personal injury solicitor was able to incorporate all the details to reach a realistic figure for compensation. The driver admitted liability straight away. Miss Johns received £52,000 for her rear-end collision.

General Damages How Much? Special Damages How Much?
According to the JCG, cases of fractures of vertebral bodies leading to chronic conditions where, despite surgery, there remain disabilities such as continuing severe pain and discomfort could be awarded between £36,390 and £65,440. £37,000 Missed work £7,500
Professional care £2,500
Private physiotherapy and chiropractor sessions after NHS session ended £800
prescriptions, painkillers, support cushions, etc. £200
Child care provision £2,000
Loss of attendance bonus £1,500
Travel costs to work, school and hospital £500

The above case study is just an example and only for illustrative purposes. It’s based on past cases and serves to demonstrate the personal injury claims process. 

Claim Your Free Legal Advice Today

Our advisors offering a wealth of free advice can also connect you with a quality personal injury solicitor to handle your case. Our large team of specialist advisors is here to explain the legal jargon and streamline the whole process on your behalf.

All you need to do is put your trust in us and share as much information about your case as you can in a free initial consultation. The more we understand, the deeper an insight we can gain into possible compensation that may be due to you. Our panel of solicitors are personal injury specialists and have the expertise to simplify your claims process. You are legally entitled to start a claim for compensation on your own. It can be complex and time-consuming and therefore we hope the advantages of entrusting it to us are obvious.

We understand that starting a liability case can seem daunting, but we are with you every step of the way. Please use what you’ve learned in this guide to think about how you would like to proceed and, if you decide to get in touch, we look forward to helping with any queries.

No Win No Fee Policies For Victims

You’re probably familiar with the expression No Win No Fee or Conditional Fee Agreements, but what does it really mean to use a personal injury solicitor in this way and what are the advantages to you and your circumstances?

Firstly, it’s important to note that No Win No Fee means exactly what it says. If your case goes to court and is not successful, there are no hidden fees to pay the solicitors. What is less well known is that No Win No Fee also means there are no upfront solicitor fees required.

Irrespective of your financial position, through this type of agreement, you can access an expert solicitor straight away to take up your case. This is crucial, as personal injury claims have a three-year time limit and you don’t want to be obstructed because of a lack of immediate funds.

Finally, other advantages include the fee at the end of your case. How much is it? It’s a capped percentage of your overall settlement amount but, because it’s capped by law, you receive the bulk of the compensation. Only a modest fee goes to the solicitors for their work.

Our Specialists Will Discuss Your Claim Through Free Legal Advice

At Advice.co.uk we understand that this may be a sensitive and difficult time for you. We offer discretion and complete confidentiality and you can even use the live support (bottom right) option to avoid talking within earshot if you prefer. Likewise, emails or letters are handled with complete confidentiality, professionalism, courtesy, and expert care.

Chatting over the telephone suits many people well, and we are happy to discuss your case with you now on 0161 696 9685. Whatever the circumstances of your back injury caused by a car accident, our advisors are happy to provide on-the-spot-free legal advice to your concerns. We provide this service for many satisfied clients. Why not join them?

More Resources And Guides On Back Injuries Caused By Car Accident

To conclude… Thank you for taking the time to read our article. We hope that we’ve helped inform you and give you the resources needed to make a decision. You can get in touch to discuss anything and there is no obligation to proceed with us. Our team is happy to answer any questions you may have about your back injury caused by a car accident.

We offer a guide about car accident claims, if you’d like to find out more.

As well as, a guide about accidents in the workplace.

In addition, if you’ve suffered a broken back due to someone else’s negligence, read our broken back claims guide that includes a case study of an £800,000 payout. 

Please refer here for resources about living with a back injury.

Importantly, find out what NHS services are available to you.

To conclude, more information is available from the Health and Safety Executive about taking care of your back at work.

Back Injury Caused By Car Accident FAQs

How long does a back injury take to heal?

Every type of injury differs and it’s difficult to generalise. Your back injury may be considered minor or a simple injury that can take 4 to 6 weeks to heal. A serious back injury can take months or even years to repair. In fact, in some cases, normal health is never restored.

Can I still drive with a back injury?

It is not advised until you have had a full medical assessment and a GP or specialist says it’s okay to drive again.

Will a back injury caused by a car accident affect my future health?

Always seek medical attention to fully discuss the potential long-term effects of your injuries. Some forms of back pain are delayed and not immediately obvious. Not attending to them can create additional health problems.

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