£70,000 Compensation Payout For A Hip Injury Caused By A Car Accident – Advice To Help Calculate Compensation Payouts

A hip injury can be a serious injury, leading to significant long-term health problems and possibly even long term disability. Accidents which cause hip fractures are often very painful and traumatic.                       

If such an accident and injury were to occur in a car accident because of another driver’s negligence, you would no doubt be left feeling like you were dealt an unfair hand and you may wish to pursue hip injury compensation.

Hip injury compensation

Hip injury compensation

Luckily, we are on hand to provide you with free legal advice about claiming compensation after suffering a hip injury in an accident that is not your fault while on the road. In this article, we will explain how you could be entitled to make a claim for compensation. We’ll also look at how your compensation would be calculated with the help of a case study based on our experience of personal injuries. 

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A Guide To Claiming Compensation For A Hip Injury Caused By A Car Accident

This article will focus on the specific aspect of working out compensation for being injured in a car accident. For more general information on how making car accident claims work, you can visit this page here

We’ll look at the different heads that will make up your claim, how these different types of damages are calculated. Furthermore, we’ll look at an example case study. This will help to illustrate how the claims process for hip injury compensation works. 

In addition, we will offer you the services of our teams of advisors who can offer you free advice and help. If they can see that you have a good chance of being awarded compensation they could offer to transfer you to a panel of solicitors. If they agree to take your case on it will be on a No Win No Fee basis.

What Is A Hip Injury?

The hips are the juncture between the legs and the waist. Internally, the hips are made up of the upper portions of the thigh bones. This is a relatively tough part of the body, with thick bones padded by fat and muscle. 

However, injuries can be sustained to this part of the body by blows of sufficient force. A road traffic accident could be enough to cause a hip injury. Older people who have more brittle bones may be more at risk of suffering a hip injury.

If someone suffers a hip injury, then they may be unable to move their leg or put weight on it; this would effectively prevent them from walking. Even a hip injury that is relatively minor could limit your mobility at least until it heals. More serious hip injuries could leave the victim with a permanent disability or require an operation to replace the hip with an artificial one in order to restore function.

Surgery on a broken or fractured hip can result in the patient having to stay in the hospital for up to two weeks, followed by a lengthy period of physical rehabilitation in order to regain the ability to walk properly. 

Injuries to the hip, as well as the surgery required to treat them, carry the risk of complications that can pose a significant health risk. You can learn more about the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of hip injuries by visiting this NHS guide to hip injuries.

Top 3 Common Hip Injury Caused By A Car Accident Examples

If you’re injured in a car accident, you could be entitled to make a compensation claim if you can prove that you were not at fault for causing the accident. However, you also would have to prove that there was another party who was at fault in order to be able to seek compensation from them. Furthermore, you will also have to provide proof that your injury was the direct result of negligence on the part of a third party that owed you a duty of care. 

In most cases of injuries caused by car accidents, the party responsible that you will be claiming against will be another driver. This could be someone whose vehicle crashed into yours because they were driving recklessly, negligently or in violation of the law. 

If the other driver responsible for the crash cannot be identified or doesn’t hold driving insurance, you could make a claim to the Motor Insurance Bureau. They are an independent body that oversees the awarding of compensation in claims for accidents involving uninsured or untraced drivers.

In other cases, liability may lay with the authority that manages the road itself, such as the local council if it was an A or B road, or the highways authority if it was a motorway. This will be the case where the accident was caused by bad road conditions, such as a damaged road surface. 

The following three sections outline some of the common causes of road traffic accidents.

Head-On Collisions

Head-on collisions, where the front of two vehicles collide, usually happens when one car has been going in the wrong direction. This may be the case if one car was going down a one-way street, crossing a road or going the wrong way down an off-ramp. 

In such situations, it is usually clear and easy to prove who is to blame. Head-on collisions usually carry the greatest risk of danger.

Rear-End Bumps

Rear-end bumps are when one car runs into the back of another. This is usually caused when the car in front has suddenly stopped and the car behind has not left enough stopping distance. 

In almost all cases, the car behind will be at fault for the accident. This is because all drivers are expected to leave a safe stopping distance between cars. If they fail to do so, this is an example of negligence.

Multiple Car Pile Ups

Multiple car pile-ups are when an accident involves multiple vehicles. The term pile-up usually refers to an accident where vehicles crash into other vehicles that have already had a collision. 

The more extreme circumstances that are usually associated with a multi-car pile-up mean that the injuries that can stem from such an accident can often be more severe.

Estimations Of Personal Injury Compensation Claims From Our Team

If you would like an estimation of how much personal injury compensation you could be entitled to, we would be happy to offer you one. Just call us to get in touch with one of our advisers and discuss your situation with them. Then, they can start to put together an estimate of how much you could be owed in compensation for your injury. 

Calculating compensation for an injury is a matter of assessing the severity of the injury, and how it has impacted your life and health. The amount you could be entitled to will depend on the levels of pain and suffering you have experienced and for how long, including any future issues that may result from the injury. 

The part of your claim which covers the pain and suffering that your injuries have caused you is known as general damages. A viable calculation of the general damages associated with your claim will almost always rely on a medical assessment from a doctor.

What Are Special Damages?

Personal injury compensation also includes financial compensation for any financial losses you’ve incurred as a direct result of your injuries. These are known as special damages. Injuries can cause you to rack up costs in treatment, care and transport fees, while also causing you to lose income by preventing you from working. 

It’s important that you keep records of your lost income and the financial losses you’ve incurred. These may be copies of contracts, bank statements or receipts. You could be entitled to claim back the equivalent amount with the help of a No Win No Fee car accident lawyer.

Although it is not compulsory to have legal help with a personal injury claim they can make claiming compensation a lot less stressful. They have the experience to ensure your claim is filed correctly with as much supporting evidence as it needs. 

Case Study: £70,000 For A Hip Injury Caused By A Car Accident

Heather, aged 40, was seriously injured in a head-on collision with another car. The accident was caused by the negligence of a driver who attempted to drive the wrong way down the one-way road that Heather was travelling on. 

The driver in question drove at speed down the off-ramp and into traffic coming in the opposite direction. They collided head-first into Heather’s vehicle and the impact caused the front of Heather’s car to be crushed. 

After the accident, Heather was in extreme shock and found it difficult to comprehend what had just happened. After the shock had subsided slightly, she felt extreme pain in her right hip socket. 

The emergency services were called to the scene, and Heather had to be freed from her vehicle by the fire brigade. The next thing Heather knew. she was being taken to hospital. There, x-rays revealed that she’d suffered a serious hip fracture.  

Heather’s recovery

Heather’s recovery required surgery and she was unable to walk unassisted for several months. In the meantime, she had to take time off her job as an office administrator. She also needed mobility aids installed in her house to help her get up and down the stairs. Even after she was able to return to work and walk unaided, she still faced the risk of future complications requiring surgery.

As she was unable to drive, Heather had to use taxis to get to and from her medical appointments. She also had to cancel an upcoming trip to New Zealand to visit her sister, which saw her lose out on her deposit. 

Because Heather’s accident was caused by the negligence of another driver, she decided to pursue a claim for compensation. To start her claim, she got in touch with a personal injury solicitor. The police, fire and ambulance services had attended the scene and the crash was captured on CCTV. Because the incident was so well documented, liability was clear. 

Heather was able to successfully claim compensation for her injuries. Overall £70,000 was awarded for the harm she had suffered in her accident. Below is the table that shows a breakdown of the compensation she was awarded in general and special damages.

Kind of damages What for? How much?
General A hip injury requiring ongoing surgery and treatment. £63,000
Special Loss of earnings for 3 months £4,000
Special Home adaption costs £200
Special Travel costs, taxis to and from hospital appointments £750
Special Lost holiday deposit £1,250
Special Help around the home from family members £800

Get Free Legal Advice Today

You could be entitled to make a claim for personal injury compensation if you were injured as a result of someone else’s negligence. Get in touch with us today to receive a free legal consultation from our team to find out if you could make a claim. 

We could also offer you a rough evaluation of the value of your potential compensation payout if you have a chat about your circumstances with our friendly team.

No Win No Fee Policies For Negligence Claims

Having a solicitor help to pursue your compensation claim can offer many benefits. They will have probably handled many cases similar to your own in the past. In addition, they know the law and which legislation could be used to back up your claims. We would always advise using a solicitor that offers No Win No Fee terms. 

A No Win No Fee agreement, formally known as a Conditional Fee Agreement, is a way of funding a solicitor. With a No Win No Fee solicitor, the solicitor will take a legally capped success fee from the compensation awarded to you in the event of your claim succeeding. 

Being offered a No Win No Fee agreement is often a good sign that your solicitor is confident of success. It reduces the financial burden on you. Call us to find out more about making a claim with a No Win No Fee solicitor.

Our Specialist Free Legal Advice For Your Case

Our team of specialists can offer you free legal advice about your case and your compensation; just call 0161 696 9685 or fill out this contact form, You can also send us a message through the chat box that has popped up at the bottom of your screen.

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Hip Injury Caused By A Car Accident FAQs

Can a car accident cause hip pain?

If you are suffering from hip pain following a car accident, you may have sustained a fractured hip, contact a doctor as soon as possible.

How do you know if a hip injury is serious?

If you experience pain, swelling or difficulty moving your leg at the hip, it may be fractured. Seek medical attention as soon as you can.

How much is a hip injury worth?

The amount of compensation you could receive varies a lot depending on how serious the hip injury is. On the upper end of the scale, the most serious forms of hip injury could be worth in excess of £120,000 in general damages. This doesn’t include any potential special damages.

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