£7,500 Compensation Payout For A Rat Bite Injury – Advice To Help Calculate Compensation Payouts

In this guide, we’re exploring what to do if you suffer a rat bite injury. More to the point, we analyse what rights you have if the bite occurs through no fault of your own. If someone else’s carelessness causes your injury, you may be able to claim compensation. In order to be meet the eligibility criteria for making a personal injury claim, you must prove three key points. Firstly, you were owed a duty of care. Secondly, this duty was negligently breached. And finally, you were caused an injury because of this negligence. And as part of this, we outline an example case study. In this scenario, the victim of a rat bite injury receives a compensation settlement of £7,500.

Rat bite injury compensation

Rat bite injury compensation

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  1. A Guide To Claiming Compensation Payouts For A Rat Bite Injury
  2. What Is A Rat Bite Injury?
  3. How Can You Suffer A Rat Bite Injury At Work?
  4. Rat Bite Injury In A Public Place 
  5. Let’s Talk About Personal Injury Compensation Calculations
  6. What Are Special Damages?
  7. Case Study: £7,500 For A Rat Bite Injury
  8. Our Expert Free Legal Advice Can Help Value Your Claim
  9. A Look At No Win No Fee Policies
  10. Your Professional Free Legal Advice Is Here
  11. More Resources And Guides On A Rat Bite Injury
  12. Rat Bite Injury FAQs

A Guide To Claiming Compensation Payouts For A Rat Bite Injury

The topics in this guide include identifying what a rat bite injury is, along with symptoms and potential consequences. We explain negligence as the primary cause of an injury, which is a necessity for a compensation claim to succeed. Then we delve into the main areas where an injury like this could occur. The compensation calculation process receives a full explanation, which includes us spotlighting general damages and special damages. After our illustrative case study, we note our free consultation and the benefits of a No Win No Fee policy. And we end the guide by answering some of the questions that claimants ask the most about a rat bite injury.

Personal Injury Claims Time Limit

You have up to 3 years to start a claim. This window could begin from the date of the accident if you were immediately aware of what had happened. Or it could be the date of knowledge if you only learn about the injury further down the line. Some symptoms may not arise immediately, and some rat bite injuries could go without notice depending on your work environment. There are exceptions and variations to this time limit. Please call us on the telephone number that you can see above for further details.

What Is A Rat Bite Injury?

A rat bite injury is any situation where a rat bites the skin on any part of your body. It is generally identifiable by a small cut or a number of cuts where the rat’s teeth sink into the skin tissue. Typical symptoms include pain, along with bleeding, redness, swelling and pus emanating from the open wound. Now, sometimes the minuscule nature of the wound leads to people assuming that the bite isn’t that serious. Yes, they’re enduring some pain, but they may wrongfully assume that the damage goes no further than that.

But this could be a dangerous misconception to have. That’s because the rat bite could bring about an infection. Rat Bite Fever (RBF) is one of numerous examples of the victim potentially catching an infection due to the injury. Rashes, bruising and changes in skin colour are amongst the symptoms of that. But there could also be chills, headaches and nausea. And if the infection becomes serious, it could lead to real health complications. For that reason, we strongly advise seeing a doctor as soon as you realise that a rat has bitten you. And if the rat bite injury occurs because of someone else’s actions, we recommend that you call our claims team. Read on for more information or get in touch with our friendly team for advice.

How Can You Suffer A Rat Bite Injury At Work?

A rat bite injury needs to occur via a third party’s negligence if your claim is going to be viable. To ensure this, you have to meet these 3 points of criteria with clear evidence to support them:

  • You were owed some form of a duty of care by a third party;
  • Yet somehow there was a breach of duty which led to a particular incident taking place;
  • And the outcome of the accident was you being hurt, with one example being a rat bite injury.

This could very well happen at work. Employers are liable for their employees’ safety while they are at work. Now, there is a duty of care via the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974. But nevertheless, a workplace accident might happen, and while some can’t be helped, others could definitely have been prevented. Consider, for instance, if staff had raised complaints to the managers about rat sightings in the stockroom. But if they do nothing about it, and then your finger is bitten by a rat while sorting stock, that demonstrates negligence. Those in charge failed to keep you safe in spite of warnings, which could lead to a claim. Message us if you need extra guidance.

Rat Bite Injury In A Public Place

The situation could potentially happen due to an accident in a public place. Now, public liability (PL) comes under the Occupiers’ Liability Act 1957 and its duty of care. Those controlling public lands and spaces have to protect those using the properties to ensure their safety and wellbeing as much as practically possible. And there are many potential public locations, from restaurants and cafes to pubs and clubs. But that doesn’t mean someone can’t be injured in a public place.

An example could be that, at a pub, a customer may drop something on the floor. And as they go to retrieve it, they unexpectedly suffer a rat bite injury to their finger. Those in control of public environments have a responsibility to those that frequent them. Their failure to keep customers safe from such situations on their lands, and thus placing customers at unnecessary risk of harm, could demonstrate a breach of duty. And if the customer happens to suffer multiple injuries, then it may be that they could file a multiple injury claim. Contact us today if you wish to know more.

Let’s Talk About Personal Injury Compensation Calculations

So, you should now be aware as to which duty of care breach and negligence scenario applies to you. From that stage onwards, it’s about building your case. It’s imperative that, as part of this, you have a medical assessment. This is to fully diagnose the short- and long-term impact of your rat bite injury. Even if it happened some time ago, there may be lasting effects that you struggle with to this very day. Alternatively, perhaps the medical check could highlight physical problems that you were previously unaware of. And most of all, it aims to confirm the link between the original accident and your health problems.

The findings of the medical report, along with your own evidence, helps to shape your claim.  Only by knowing how hurt you are and any lifestyle changes due to the injury could an accurate figure result. Incidentally, this is also why personal injury lawyers do not use an online personal injury claims calculator which often provides basic estimates.

Now, the settlement itself is split into general damages and special damages. The next section is covering special damages, but first, let’s talk about general damages. These relate to the physical and psychological trauma that you endure after the rat bite injury. That includes the aforementioned cuts, wounds, pain and infections. And it could include mental anguish as well. The latter could be extremely significant if you already have a rat phobia prior to the injury. Get in touch today if you wish to receive additional information.

What Are Special Damages?

Then, we come onto special damages. These cover other consequences of you suffering a rat bite injury. For instance, you may require time off work, which could result in a lack of income while you recuperate. And if you don’t receive statutory sick pay (SSP) for any reason, this dilemma compounds further. Then we have prescription costs. Also, think about the need for public transport if you’re unable to drive while you recover. And it may be that you need to hire a professional for home chores as you’re on the mend. Having receipts or invoices to cover these secondary expenses could support the viability of your case strongly. Please talk to a member of your claims team if you have any questions.

Case Study: £7,500 For A Rat Bite Injury

Mr Griswald, 28, worked as a personal trainer at his local gym. Occasionally, he visited other branches around the country to teach classes to larger groups. On one occasion, Mr Griswald travelled to a major class. This had the potential to be a breakthrough moment for him to progress towards being one of the gym operator’s leading national PTs.

But unfortunately, an unforeseen accident led to disastrous consequences for Mr Griswald. He travelled from his hometown of Liverpool to Newcastle after completing a day shift. Mr Griswald’s class was the following morning, so he needed to get an early night’s sleep. So, upon arriving at his hotel, he quickly showered and went to bed.

During the night, Mr Griswald got up to use the restroom. Because he didn’t wear socks in bed, his feet were bare, and this proved crucial. So, as Mr Griswald got up in the dark and walked to the bathroom, something totally unexpected happened. Unbeknownst to him, there was a rat in the room; he hadn’t noticed as it had been under the bed. But when Mr Griswald got up, the rat had come out from its hiding place.

And as he slowly walked to the bathroom door, the rat bit him on his ankle. Mr Griswald screamed in agony, partly due to the totally unexpected nature of it. He quickly turned the light on and saw the rat, which freaked him out further as he had a phobia of rodents. Before Mr Griswald could react, though, he noticed bleeding from his ankle, and he was in great pain. After composing himself, he called the hotel reception to alert them of what happened. A staff member quickly came to the room.

Mr Griswald changed rooms. By the morning, though, he was in great pain, to the point that he sadly had to sit out the aforementioned class. This was a major disappointment to Mr Griswald, though he was more concerned that his ankle could be infected. And he also felt like he was coming down with an illness, due to a high temperature and occasional shivers.

So, Mr Griswald visited a hospital in Newcastle where he received medical treatment for Rat Bite Fever. He had to stay in the hospital for several days while the fever went down. Mr Griswald was eventually allowed to return home, though there were further complications due to the damaged ankle. All in all, he ended up missing a month of potential work. Mr Griswald was furious at the hotel staff for allowing this to happen, and at the consequences. He had missed a potential career-making opportunity while also losing work during his recovery. Not to mention how the original phobia compounded matters.

After talking to a personal injury lawyer, Mr Griswald filed a compensation claim against the hotel. This was due to negligence via a breach of duty as per the Occupiers’ Liability Act 1957. Mr Griswald received £7,500 as a compensation settlement, with £4,510 being general damages and £2,490 being special damages.

Type Of Special Damages Includes: How Much?
Lost Earnings Lost earnings from being unable to work for a month £2,000
Prescription and medication Costs Costs of medical treatment during his recovery £100
Transport Costs Costs of using public transport for journeys £150
Care costs Other costs relating to his injuries £240

Note: This case study stems from a collection of past cases combined to show how a personal injury claim for a rat bit would proceed. It is not based on a real case. 

Our Expert Free Legal Advice Can Help Value Your Claim

Hopefully, the case study proves to be of value as you consider claiming compensation for your rat bite injury. But we realise that every situation is different for each victim. And so there may be points you want to raise that the case study doesn’t cover. That’s why we offer a free consultation prior to the victim taking legal action. This allows you to further understand what you need to do and what obstacles you may have to overcome. Crucially, you need to be confident that taking action with a viable claim is the correct decision. And this is why our consultation, free of charge, could prove to be vital for you. Message us today to arrange your own consultation with us.

A Look At No Win No Fee Policies

Don’t underestimate the importance of working with a No Win No Fee solicitor. For a claimant, it could make a massive difference in terms of being financially able to have a solicitor work on your case. By entering into a No Win No Fee agreement, the client only has to pay the solicitor if they receive compensation. In that case, their personal injury lawyer takes a success fee, which is capped, to cover their legal costs. But if the case doesn’t win for whatever reason, the payment of this nominal fee isn’t a requirement. And no payments to the personal injury solicitor are necessary at the beginning of a case or during it regardless.

Not only does this help the claimant, but it also increases the chances of them receiving compensation. Why? Because the lawyer has to work even harder to ensure a successful outcome for the rat bite injury. And this can only be a good thing for the victim. Of course, there is no guarantee of compensation. But the odds increase. Find out more by calling up our friendly team at any time of your choosing.

Your Professional Free Legal Advice Is Here

It’s now your turn to talk to us and tell us about your experience. The sooner we hear from you, the sooner that we can help you. And the sooner that the panel of personal injury lawyers who we work with could handle your case for compensation. That being said, remember that there is no obligation to take action simply because you speak with us.

If you’re ready to move ahead with a claim, though, our advisors are accessible 24/7 to discuss this with you. You can telephone us by ringing up 0161 696 9685. Alternatively, you may prefer to provide an in-depth breakdown of your situation by filling out our exclusive contact form. Or if you prefer an instant reply to a short message, why not use our Live Chat tool in the bottom corner.

More Resources And Guides On A Rat Bite Injury

Thank you for taking the time out to read our in-depth guide about claiming for a rat bite injury. But it’s possible that you could still benefit from extra guidance. That’s why we have some additional links below that you can check out at your leisure.

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Rat Bite Injury FAQs

What are the symptoms of a rat bite injury?

Typical symptoms include pain, redness, swelling and weeping of pus from the wound. There could also be fever as a secondary consequence.

Could I catch rabies from a rat bite injury?

Maybe a small chance in the UK.

Might I get sick from a rat bite injury?

Without early treatment, you could fall seriously ill due to infections stemming from a rat bite injury.

What injections could I receive for a rat bite injury?

Options for an injection include penicillin, cefuroxime, ampicillin and cefotaxime.

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