How Do Building Site and Construction Site Accident Claims Work?

Were you hurt on-site and need to make a construction site accident claim against your employer? Were essential health and safety requirements missing on the construction site you were on? Did it lead to you suffering injuries? Read on to see what you need to do to start a claim for personal injury compensation.

Building and construction site accident claims guide

Building and construction site accident claims guide

At we aim to provide you with all the information to start a claim either independently, or with the help of a personal injury solicitor. If you want to talk about your case right now, get in touch on the details below for an instant free consultation:

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  1. Types Of Accidents In The Construction Industry
  2. What Are Some Of The Steps That You Take After A Construction Site Accident?
  3. Limitation Periods Which Could Affect Your Construction Site Accident Claim
  4. Construction Site Accident Claim Settlements
  5. How To Agree Your Settlement
  6. Use A No Win No Fee Solicitor For A Construction Site Accident Claim

Types Of Accidents In The Construction Industry

As you may know, there are specific laws that seek to protect health and safety in the workplace and some that relate specifically to the construction industry. The main pieces of legislation to protect all workers regardless of industry are:

These laws and guidance from the HSE can also protect workers who are self-employed or sub-contractors.

Given the increased nature of risk on building sites, there may be more health and safety laws in place than with other industries. These laws help to ensure that risks are removed or reduced as much as is reasonably practicable.

Despite this, a variety of health and safety issues can present themselves on construction sites if practices are not properly adhered to. Some potential construction industry accidents could include:

As you consider making your accident at work compensation claim it can be important to be clear who had a duty of care to your safety, how exactly they breached it, and whether you suffered direct injury as a consequence. An accident alone is insufficient grounds to start a claim, but if you are unsure, call and speak to our team for further guidance about your rights after an accident at work.

Construction Site Safety Statistics

The statistics below are drawn from RIDDOR (Reporting of Injuries, Diseases, and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 2013) and are a percentage representing the reported construction  workplace non-fatal injuries between 2018/19 – 2020/21:


What Are Some Of The Steps That You Take After A Construction Site Accident?

As you piece together the facts around your construction site accident, there are some important steps you can follow in case you have a valid compensation claim:

  • Be clear on who was responsible for the hazard that injured you
  • Report the accident to onsite management
  • Log it in the accident book
  • Take photos of the scene or request CCTV footage
  • Ask witnesses for contact details incase they are needed to give statements at a later date
  • Access your medical notes or a copy of the A&E admission notes
  • Arrange a medical assessment
  • Consider legal advice

Its important to point out that anyone is free to represent themselves in a personal injury claim, but using a personal injury solicitor can be much easier. They can negotiate with your employer or their insurance company to get you the best settlement. Their advice and help can mean you concentrate on recovering more quickly.

Call our advisors today for free advice on your construction site accident claim.

Limitation Periods Which Could Affect Your Construction Site Accident Claim

The general time limit detailed in the Limitation Act 1980 for making a personal injury claim is three years. This can start from the date of the accident or the date that you became aware of illness or injury.

There are exceptions for people under the age of 18 (giving them until age 21 to make a claim), or those that lack mental capacity.

In addition to this, you can initiate and conduct all the aspects of a claim on someone’s behalf by acting as a litigation friend. This may be appropriate if a very serious construction site accident has left the person unable to represent themselves in a claim.

Construction Site Accident Claim Settlements

Two types of damages can be used to calculate compensation after a construction site accident called ‘general’ and ‘special’ damages. General damages look to compensate you for the suffering caused by your injuries.

You may require a medical assessment of your injuries which could be compared with those listed in a publication called the Judicial College Guidelines. These are not guaranteed award amounts, however, they try to provide a guide amount for pain, suffering, and loss of amenity as shown:

Injury Severity JC Guideline award bracket Notes
Tetraplegia (a) £304,630 to £379,100 pain is present or where there is a significant effect on senses or ability to communicate
Neck severe (a) (i) In the region of
partial paralysis, severe headaches, little relief from wearing collar
Back severe (a) (i) £85,470 to £151,070 severe pain and disability, partial paralysis and bladder impairment
Arm severe (a) £90,250 to £122,860 acute nerve damage rendering the damage similar to amputation levels
Wrist less severe (c) £11,820 to £22,990 permanent injuries like pain and stiffness
Finger (J) Vibration White Finger (VWF) most serious (a) £29,690 to £36,060 hand damage severe enough to require a change in employment
Leg severe (b) (ii) £51,460 to £85,600 deformity, mobility issues and permanent need for walking aid
Knee severe (a) (i) £65,440 to £90,290 pain. loss of function, ligament damage and disruption of the joint
Ankle very severe (a) £46,980 to £65,420 transmalleolar fracture that may give rise to below-knee amputation
Toes serious (d) £9,010 to £12,900 crush fractures, permanent disability, scarring and impaired gait

In addition to these figures, you can include the out-of-pocket costs to you caused by the injuries if you have solid documented proof of them. Any paperwork that shows:

  • Loss of earnings
  • Costs of medical procedures not on the NHS
  • Costs for domestic help at home from family, friends, or paid carers
  • The estimated or costs for vital changes to your home or car
  • Travel costs to hospital or work (petrol, parking, etc)

Speak to our advisors to see what other expenses could be eligible. Or you can use our personal injury claims compensation calculator.

How To Agree Your Settlement

Every personal injury claimant will be expected to complete certain efforts to resolve the case before needing to bring it to court. These are called pre-action protocols and require that both sides disclose full details of their position on the accident and communicate in a meaningful way to come to an agreement. The protocols also provide a rough timeframe for the ‘back and forth’ communications that personal injury cases can entail.

Mediation and Arbitration

This is an important part of the pre-action protocols. It provides a chance for both parties to communicate through an intermediary and work towards agreeing on a settlement amount that both sides feel is fair and appropriate. In practice, most personal injury claims do not need to go all the way to court and mediation can be a very effective way of speeding up the process of reaching a settlement.

Use A No Win No Fee Solicitor For A Construction Site Accident Claim

With all this in mind, you may be wondering how to start your construction site accident claim? At our team could run through a brief assessment of eligibility with you right now and possibly connect you with a solicitor offering a No Win No Fee agreement.

Hiring solicitors under arrangements like this (also called ‘Conditional Fee Agreements’) have many advantages. Such as:

  • No fees upfront to hire the solicitor
  • None to pay to retain their services as the case progresses
  • No fees owed to your solicitors should the case fail
  • In addition to this, only a fee of 25% of the settlement becomes due if the case wins.

Our team is available right now to explain how a No Win No Fee agreement could work for your construction site accident claim. Find out more by:

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