How Much Could You Claim For A Ladder Accident?

How Much Could You Claim For A Ladder Accident

How Much Could You Claim For A Ladder Accident

If you have been involved in an accident at work while using a ladder, you may be eligible to make a claim for a ladder accident. 

Employers owe their employees a duty of care which will be expanded later in this guide. To be able to claim, not only does this duty of care need to have been breached, but you also need to have suffered injuries due to it.

Throughout this guide, we hope to answer pressing questions on who is eligible to make a personal injury claim after an accident at work, how much compensation could be awarded and what are No Win No Fee solicitors. 

Additionally, we will examine the types of injuries that you may suffer after falling off a ladder at work, as well as looking at specific examples of how these incidents may occur. 

Everything you need to know about the claims process will be explored, such as how long you have to start your claim and how a No Win No Fee solicitor can assist you with your claim. 

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What Is A Claim For A Ladder Accident? 

A ladder is a handy tool that can be found in many workplaces. If an employee is tasked with using a ladder as part of their work duties, then it is vital that the ladder is safe; they are trained in how to use it correctly and provided with any personal protective equipment needed. This is part of an employer’s duty of care which is set out in the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974.

To be eligible to make an accident at work claim, you must be able to demonstrate that at the time and place of the accident, you were owed a duty of care by your employer. It is important to provide evidence of how this duty was breached and how this caused you harm.

If you still have any questions as to what a ladder accident claim is, please get in touch with a member of our team. 

How Much Could I Claim For A Ladder Accident? 

We have compiled a table using compensation figures from the Judicial College Guidelines (JCG), a document used by legal professionals. 

This table includes general damages that seek to compensate you for any physical or emotional pain and suffering caused by your injuries. For example, you might suffer a foot injury after falling from a ladder. 

It must be stated that these amounts should only be used as a guideline. This is because each personal injury claim is unique, and your potential payout could differ. 

Body Part Severity Compensation Bracket Details
Hand Total or Effective Loss of Both Hands £140,660 to £201,490 Where both hands are rendered little more than useless.
Hand Serious Damage to Both Hands £55,820 to £84,570 Serious damage to both hands which causes permanent cosmetic disability and significant loss of function.
Leg Severe Leg Injuries (i) £96,250 to £135,920 The most serious of injuries other than amputation.
Leg Less Serious Leg Injuries (i) £17,960 to £27,760 A fracture which has made an incomplete recovery or a serious soft tissue injury.
Arm Severe £96,160 to £130,930 An injury that is shy of amputation but is majorly severe and leaves the injured person little better off than if an amputation had taken place.
Head Moderate (iii) £43,060 to £90,720 An injury that impacts concentration and memory and the ability to work is reduced.
Foot Amputation £83,960 to £109,650 Amputation of one foot.
Foot Serious £24,990 to £39,200 An injury that results in permanent pain from traumatic arthritis, prolonged treatment with the risk of fusion surgery.
Ankle Very severe £50,060 to £69,700 Injuries that fall within this bracket are limited and unusual. For example, a transmalleolar fracture of the ankle with extensive soft-tissue damage resulting in deformity.
Knee Severe (iii) £26,190 to £43,460 Permanent symptoms, such as pain and discomfort and limitation of movement that require remedial surgery in the long term.

You could also be awarded special damages as part of your compensation if you suffer monetary harm caused by your injuries. For instance, if you break your arm and cannot work until you recover, you might be reimbursed for your loss of earnings. 

This head of claim could also cover: 

  • Home adaptations 
  • Care costs
  • Medical expenses 
  • Travel costs 

It is useful to provide evidence of the extent of your injuries and how they impact your life as well as any financial losses to strengthen your chances of being fully reimbursed. 

What Injuries Could A Ladder Accident Cause? 

Due to the nature of ladder accidents, the injury you may sustain can range from minor to fatal. Here are some examples of the type of injury that could be endured: 

  • Death 
  • Brain damage/ other head injuries 
  • A break or fracture
  • Sprains 
  • Damage to the nerves 
  • Dislocations 
  • Injuries to the tendons or ligaments
  • A scrape or cut

Ladder Safety And The Law 

Employers must take into account the Work at Height (amendments) Regulations 2007 which enforce regulations surrounding employees working from a height which is particularly relevant when considering ladders. A breach of any health and safety legislation could see an employer liable for any injuries suffered.

For example:

If you have been involved in a scenario similar to the examples provided above, please speak to a member of our team. 

Who Should Inspect A Ladder Before Use? 

As per the Health and Safety Executive’s (HSE) safe use of ladders and stepladders information, the ladder should be checked it’s safe before using it. 

This could be done: 

  • At the start of the workday 
  • After something has changed. For example, if the ladder has been dropped in an accident.

Workplace Non-Fatal Accidents 

As per the HSE’s 2021/22 non-fatal injury at work statistics, 8% of non-fatal injuries to employees resulted from a fall from a height.

Employers reported 61,731 injuries under The Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 2013 (RIDDOR). This included:

  • 5,533 affected the head
  • 12,633 affected the torso
  • 23, 091 affected the upper limb
  • 17,889 affected the lower limb

Can I Claim For A Ladder Accident At Work? 

To make an accident at work claim following an injury, you must satisfy the below criteria;

  • Your employer owed you a duty of care
  • It was breached
  • You suffered injuries as a consequence

Furthermore, you must ensure that you begin your claim within the 3-year limit outlined by the Limitation Act 1980. According to the legislation, the time limitation can begin from: 

  • The date of the accident 
  • When you realise negligence took place 

Some scenarios could see this time limit extended, for instance, if the injured party lacks the mental capacity to claim or is under 18 when the incident occurred. 

If this is the case, they may be allowed to start a claim 3 years after the mental capacity to claim is regained or 3 years after their 18th birthday. Or a litigation friend can make a claim for them in the mean time. 

For further details on litigation friends, please speak with a team member. 

Start A Claim Today 

A No Win No Fee solicitor from our panel can use their vast experience to cover all areas of your claim. There are also financial benefits to being represented via a No Win No Fee solicitor. For example, not having to pay for the services they provide upfront or while your claim is ongoing. 

They will typically ask you to enter into a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA), meaning that payment will only be required if your claim is successful. Therefore, if your claim is not won, no fees will be paid. 

Although, a capped by law success fee will be required if your claim is won. This will be deducted from your compensation and paid to your accident at work solicitor

Our advisors can provide you with a free consultation to determine whether you have an eligible claim. If you do, they may put you in contact with a personal injury solicitor from our panel. 

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