How To Make An Allergic Reaction Claim Against Pizza Express – No Win No Fee Compensation Claims

If you buy food in the UK, the presence of a number of allergens should be clearly declared. This could be through signage, websites, menus or food packing. If the allergen information is inaccurate and you suffer an allergic reaction as a result, you could potentially claim for your suffering. In this article, we’ll examine the idea of allergic reaction claims against Pizza Express. We’ll explain the types of allergens that should be declared, the different types of allergic reactions and what you could claim compensation for.

Pizza Express allergy compensation claims guideOur specialist advisors can review your case for you and offer free legal advice on claiming. If the claim is suitable, it could be passed to a personal injury solicitor from our panel. Should they agree to take your claim on, they will represent you on a No Win No Fee basis.

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A Guide To Allergic Reaction Claims Against Pizza Express

All food businesses have a legal obligation to ensure their food is safe to eat. This can lead them to list the presence of certain allergens in their products, which allows allergy sufferers to make an informed decision about the food they purchase.

While some allergic reactions cause a bit of irritation, others can be life-threatening or fatal. Later on, we’ll explain some of the common, and less common, symptoms of an allergic reaction to food. We’ll also list the allergens that should be declared and look at what methods can be used to advertise allergen information.

We’ll also cover why you could claim compensation, what you could include in your claim and how much could be awarded.

If you are contemplating making a claim, you should bear in mind that there is a time limit. In the majority of cases, you’ll have 3 years from the date of the allergic reaction. Claims on behalf of children can be made at any point before their 18th birthday. If no claim is made then they can make their own claim up until their 21st birthday.

When you have finished reading this article about allergic reaction claims against Pizza Express, please contact us if you’d like to discuss your case. An advisor will provide free legal advice about claiming. They’ll also offer you a free telephone consultation to see if your claim is strong enough to proceed. If it is, we could pass it through to a personal injury solicitor from our panel. Should they take your claim forward, it will be on No Win No Fee terms to make the process less financially stressful.

Calculating Compensation For Allergic Reaction Claims Against Pizza Express

Before we move on to look at why you could claim for an allergy, we’re going to show you some potential compensation figures. As no two claims are the same, the figures listed here should be used as guidance only. We’ll be able to offer a better estimate once your case has been reviewed.

The amounts we have listed in our compensation table are from the Judicial College Guidelines (JCG). This is something that legal professionals use to help set compensation levels. These figures cover general damages – the amount paid to try and compensate for pain and suffering.

Injury Description Compensation Range
Non-traumatic injury related to allergic reaction Reactions that include acute pain, fever, vomiting and diarrhoea caused by severe toxicosis. Hospitalisation will be required for some days or weeks. Additionally, some continuing symptoms will impact significantly on life enjoyment. £36,090 to £49,270
Non-traumatic injury related to allergic reaction These allergic reactions will caused short-lived but serious symptoms including vomiting and diarrhoea. They will lessen over a two to four week period. £8,950 to £18,020
Non-traumatic injury related to allergic reaction Reactions that lead to stomach cramps, alteration of bowel function, stomach cramps and fatigue. Complete recovery will take around a year but hospitalisation might be required for a few days. £3,710 to £8,950
Non-traumatic injury related to allergic reaction Reactions causing cramps, diarrhoea, cramps and varying degrees of pain for days or weeks. Up to £3,710

Proving the severity of your suffering is crucial in achieving the correct compensation amount. Therefore, as part of any claim, you will need a medical assessment. When working with a lawyer on our panel, they will try to arrange a local assessment for you.

In your appointment, an independent specialist will discuss your symptoms with you. They will try to ascertain how you have suffered already and whether you will do in the future. Additionally, they may review medical records if they are available.

Once they have completed your assessment, the specialist will prepare a report which will be sent to your lawyer so that they can use it to help them value your injuries. The report should indicate whether your injuries were at least worsened by the incident, if not fully caused by it. If it concludes that your allergic reaction wasn’t caused by the incident, you would not be able to claim.

Further Damages Awarded For Allergic Reactions To Food

In addition to the amounts listed above, you may also need to make a special damages claim. This type of claim aims to cover financial costs and losses caused by the allergic reaction. Importantly, this type of claim is not a fine or penalty. It is claimed to try and return you to the same financial position as you were before the allergic reaction.

Again, each allergy claim will be different but special damages could be claimed for:

  • Travel expenses. You could claim back fuel, parking or public transport costs if they are linked to medical appointments, for instance.
  • Medical costs. When you are treated for your injuries, it will usually be free on the NHS. However, you could end up out of pocket because of prescription costs or the cost of treatment which is not available from the NHS.
  • Care costs. If you need to be looked after during your recovery, you may be able to claim any relevant care costs. For example, you may be able to claim for the time a relative spent supporting you.
  • Lost income. It can be quite costly if you need time off work while you recover. Therefore, you could claim back any lost salary caused by the allergic reaction.
  • Future loss of income. In more serious cases, it might be possible to claim future lost earnings if your injuries have an effect on your ability to work. The amount awarded would depend on age, salary and job prospects.

We advise that you keep a diary of the expenses that relate to your allergic reaction. That will make it easier to explain them later on. Also, remember to retain receipts and bank statements to help prove your losses.

What Is A Food Allergic Reaction At Pizza Express?

An allergic reaction is caused when your body’s immune system wrongly labels an ingredient as being dangerous. To try and protect you, chemicals are released. Instead of protecting you, they cause the symptoms of an allergic reaction. According to the NHS, some of the most common symptoms include:

  • Hives – a red itchy raised rash.
  • Nausea and vomiting.
  • Swelling in the faces, lips, tongue, around the eyes and in the roof of the mouth.
  • An itchy sensation around the ears, mouth or throat.

More serious allergic reactions, known as anaphylaxis, are rarer but can lead to fatalities in some cases.

Do Restaurants Have To Display Allergy Warnings?

Food businesses should inform customers if their product is known to contain one of 14 allergens. The way in which they declare it can include:

  • Allergy warning signs that tell you where allergen information can be found (displayed prominently).
  • Staff telling customers what allergens are in the food when asked.
  • Listing the allergens on menus.
  • Listing the allergens on food packaging.

They could also display messages like “may contain nuts” if the product doesn’t have an allergen ingredient but is prepared in an area where they are used.

Negligent Food Safety Practices

There are several practices that could lead to a customer suffering an allergic reaction in a restaurant. They could include:

  • The item not being prepared using the correct ingredients.
  • Not adhering to food safety practices leads to cross-contamination.
  • Failing to declare known allergens on menus, signs or food packaging.
  • Staff giving incorrect information when asked about the presence of allergens.

If you believe that an allergic reaction that you suffered was caused by any of the above, why not call to discuss making a claim? Our advisors are ready to review your claim for free.

Potential Allergens You Can Ask To Be Removed

When you visit a restaurant, you are always free to ask for certain items to be removed from the dish you are buying. It may be the case that staff tell you that your request cannot be met, so you’ll need to choose another order. If they do agree to fulfil your request though, but the order still contains the item you asked to be removed, you may be entitled to claim if it causes an allergic reaction.

You could ask for the following to be removed from your meal:

  • Cheese
  • Eggs
  • Wheat
  • Tomatoes
  • Fish
  • Oats
  • Nuts
  • Milk

In the next section, we’ll explain what you should do if your order isn’t prepared correctly.

Steps You Can Take If Served An Allergen

If you have requested an ingredient to be removed from your food, but it isn’t, you could be entitled to claim compensation for any suffering caused. Proving what went wrong will be critical to the success of any claim. Therefore, we’d advise that you:

  • Keep hold of your receipt, especially if it contains details of your bespoke order.
  • Try to keep a sample of the food. This might be used for testing later on.
  • Ask any witnesses who heard you make your request for their details. They might be asked for a statement at a later date.
  • Request copies of medical records following treatment for your allergic reaction.

If you believe you can show that you’ve suffered due to being served an allergen you asked to be removed, we could help you seek compensation. Please call today and let us review your evidence and let you know your options.

What Should I Do If A Restaurant Served Me Food I Am Allergic To?

If you wish to make a claim against a restaurant following an allergic reaction, you will need to show that:

  • You were owed a duty of care (which is often the case when eating in a restaurant).
  • That the restaurant’s owners or staff were negligent.
  • As a result of their negligence, you suffered an allergic reaction.

The best way to prove those things is by collecting evidence as listed in the previous section. Then your next step might be to contact one of our advisors.

If that’s how you proceed, your advisor will review your claim with you for free. They’ll look at the evidence you’re able to supply and explain your options. If your case appears viable, they could partner you with a personal injury solicitor on our panel. Any claim which is accepted will be managed on a No Win No Fee basis.

Can I Still Claim If I Didn’t Tell The Restaurant I Have An Allergy?

As an allergy sufferer, you might want to tell a restaurant about your condition before ordering. While that might seem a good idea, you’re not obliged to do so, though you are expected to manage and protect your own health. Therefore, if you forget to tell staff and you suffer from certain allergies, you could still be entitled to claim. However, your allergic reaction must have been caused due to negligence.

As discussed, restaurants should ensure that it’s easy for you to find out about allergens regardless of whether they know about your condition or not. If serving staff or a menu gave incorrect information about allergens in the food, you may not have told the restaurant about your allergy because you had already been informed the food was safe to eat. In this instance, after finding that the information was incorrect and you suffered, the restaurant could potentially be fully liable.

If you would like to claim on this basis, why not speak to one of our specialists today?

Allergy Statistics And Facts

For your information, we are going to supply some interesting facts from Allergy UK in this section. The information contained in this section is about allergies generally not just food allergies.

In the UK:

  • Over 20% of us suffer from at least one allergic disorder.
  • A massive 44% of adults have at least one allergy and that number is on the rise. Almost half of those (48%) has to deal with more than one allergy.
  • In a 20-year period leading up to 2012, the number of hospitalisations caused by anaphylaxis rose by an incredible 615%.

If you’d like help, support or free legal advice about claiming for an allergic reaction, please call our team on the number at the top of the page.

Check The Pizza Express Menu

If you would like to check what ingredients are on their menu, please visit the Pizza Express allergen information page. At the time of writing, the current items on the Pizza Express menu include:


  • Leggera Vegan Mezze
  • Margherita Bufala
  • Calabrese
  • American
  • American Hot
  • Diavolo
  • Padana
  • Pollo ad Astra
  • Pollo Forza
  • Sloppy Giuseppe
  • Fiorentina
  • Margherita
  • Leggera La Reine
  • Legger Vegan Giardiniera
  • Veneziana
  • Vegan Mezze
  • Margherita Bufala


  • Bolognese
  • Lasagna Classica
  • Pollo Pesto

How Do You Claim?

If you suffer an allergic reaction and would like to make a claim, you’ll need evidence to support it. Therefore, you should try to photograph the menu or take down details of any witnesses who were present at the time. Medical records could also be used as evidence to show how you suffered. Once you’re ready to start, you could call our free advice line.

You’ll be able to answer as many questions as you need. A specialist advisor will assess your case for free. They won’t put any pressure on you to make a claim, but they will provide plenty of free claims advice. If you wish to proceed, and your claim is suitable, it could be passed to a specialist solicitor from our panel. For more information on your options, why not contact us today?

No Win No Fee Allergic Reaction Claims Against Pizza Express

You might be wondering how financially risky it is to take on a personal injury lawyer. There’s no need to worry though. A solicitor who works on a No Win No Fee basis for all accepted claims could reduce your stress levels.

To offer a No Win No Fee service, the solicitor will need to review your case first. If they accept it, they’ll provide you with a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA). This is your contract, and it will explain what needs to happen before the solicitor is paid. The CFA will also show that:

  • No upfront solicitor funding is required to your solicitor.
  • You won’t be asked to cover any solicitor’s fees during the claim.
  • If the solicitor fails to win your case, you won’t have to pay for their work.

If your case is won, and you receive compensation, your solicitor will be paid a success fee. This is a percentage of any compensation and it is listed in your CFA. To put your mind at ease, we should tell you that success fees are small and legally capped.

Please get in touch today to see if you could use a CFA to fund your solicitor.

Contact Our Specialist Team

Thank you for visiting today. We hope our guide has answered any question you may have had about allergic reaction claims. If you’d now like to talk to us about starting a claim, you can:

  • Call our team for free legal advice on 0161 696 9685.
  • Ask a specialist to explain your options via live chat.
  • Contact us online so that we can arrange to call you back.

Our claims line is open 24/7 so you can call when it’s most convenient. Please remember that our advisors can provide free claims advice and review any claim on a no-obligation basis. If the claim is accepted by a personal injury lawyer on our panel, they’ll represent you on a No Win No Fee basis.

Allergy Claims Resources

You have reached the final section of this article about allergic reaction claims against Pizza Express. Hopefully, you now have enough information to help you decide if you’ll begin a claim. Therefore, in this section, we’ll concentrate on providing links to resources that could help you during your claim. If you need any further advice, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Vegan Foods And Allergens: Information for vegans from the Food Standards Agency.

Anaphylaxis Campaign: This charity provides advice and support to anybody at risk of anaphylactic shock.

Food Intolerances: An NHS article explaining what food intolerance is and how it differs from an allergy.

Finally, because we offer support on many different types of claims, we’ve added some more of our guides below:

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