Botched And Negligent Dermal Lip Filler Injury Claims – Negligence Claims Guide For Dermal Lip Fillers Gone Wrong

Dermal fillers are popular at the moment and seen as a quick way to reduce the appearance of wrinkles in the lips, cheeks, nose and other wrinkle lines. They generally are swift and successful, but if they go wrong you may need to consider a dermal lip filler compensation claim against the practitioner or business who completed the treatment. is a personal injury and medical negligence claims specialist who is able to help you make dermal filler injury claims that have happened anywhere in the UK.

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A Guide To Negligent Dermal Lip Filler Compensation Claims

Dermal lip filler negligence compensation guide

Dermal lip filler negligence compensation guide

Dermal lip fillers are a relatively quick procedure used by more and more people to smooth out wrinkles in the lips.  As well as becoming popular cosmetic procedures, they are becoming a common medical negligence claim as well.

We are asked a lot of questions around lip fillers including:

  • “What are the long-term effects of lip fillers?”
  • “Are dermal fillers dangerous?”
  • “Can you go blind from lip fillers?”
  • “What are the risks of lip fillers?”
  • “Can lip injections get infected?”
  • “Is bruising normal after lip fillers?”
  • And “Is it normal to have lumps after lip fillers?”

In this guide, we’ll try to answer some of these questions and provide advice on what to do if the procedure goes wrong.

We’ll also cover what levels of compensation you may be entitled to if the problem was caused by negligence, common injuries that can occur, whether you’re eligible to begin a claim and how a No Win No Fee service can be used to make a claim.

We’re very pleased to offer free legal advice to anybody who’s considering making a lip filler claim, so if you have any questions, please get in touch.

What Are Dermal Lip Filler And Dermal Fillers In General?

Dermal fillers are injections into the skin that fill wrinkles and creases which are either temporary or permanent, depending on the filler used.

When used in the lips and cheeks they can be used to increase volume rather than just to fill wrinkles.

The different types of filler currently in use are:

  • Collagen fillers – these are effective for up to 4 months
  • Hyaluronic acid fillers – the effective period is between 4 and 6 months
  • Calcium Hydroxylapatite fillers – these can last for around 18 months
  • Poly-L-lactic acid fillers – also known as PPLA fillers. The injections can be given over a few months but can last for up to 2 years
  • Polymethylmethacrylate beads – also known as PMMA fillers. These are dermal fillers that have a permanent effect.

Treatments usually take around 45 minutes and can be applied with a local anaesthetic (either by cream or injection). They aren’t usually painful but can be a little uncomfortable. Following the treatment, you may notice a small amount of swelling, tenderness and redness for around a day following the procedure.

How Popular Are Dermal Fillers In The UK – Statistics?

Cosmetic surgery is becoming more and more popular with the millennial generation. It used to be almost taboo to admit to any type of surgery, but one survey highlighted that 28% of 18 to 24-year olds have had some type of cosmetic treatment. An older age group, the 25 to 34-year-old group, answered as highly as 31%. This, in comparison to the rest of the UK at 21%, shows the rise in confidence of having treatments.

The confidence may be there, but the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons Association (BAAPS) indicates that the percentage of its surgeons who’ve witnessed problems with dermal fillers is high.

There are a growing number of outlets offering dermal filler treatments which would suggest that confidence in the treatment is still increasing.


Calculating Compensation For Botched Or Negligent Dermal Lip Filler Injuries

There are websites which offer a medical negligence compensation calculator or personal injury compensation calculator for visitors, but a lot of claims have too many factors for calculators to be accurate.

In the table below you can see some possibly relevant injuries and their compensation awards. These figures have been taken from guidelines produced by a legal body known as the Judicial College:

Injury and severityNotesValue
Facial scarringVery severe scarring. Higher compensation awarded to younger victims.£27,940 to £91,350
Facial scarringLess significant scarring. Includes scars that can be hidden or masked. £3,710 to £12,900
Facial scarringTrivial scarring. Minor injuries which fully heal£1,600 to £3,310
Mental AnguishA fear of death or harm.£4,380
PTSDModerately severe. Under this header, recovery is possible, but the person will have mental symptoms of a significant nature. £56,180 to £94,470
PTSDLess severe. A complete recovery within 2 years after experiencing minor symptoms. £3,710 to £7,680

Remember, this is just one part of a claim, we’ll cover other elements that you can claim in the next section. For a more accurate estimate of your compensation based on your circumstances, call us today.

I Was Injured By Negligent Dermal Lip Fillers, What Can I Claim?

When you hire a medical negligence or personal injury solicitor, they have the knowledge to be able to build a claim based on different elements, not just for physical injuries.

The different elements are called Heads of Loss and broadly speaking, make up two parts of your compensation award. Let’s look at each in more detail.

General Damages

These are figures paid out for the pain and suffering for your injuries. There are examples of general damages awards in the table above. You’ll notice that there is a range of compensation available for different injuries.

One of the jobs your solicitor will do is provide justification of where your injuries fit in the range. This will ensure you get the right compensation and is done by providing medical evidence, which can be obtained as part of the claims process.

Special Damages

Any financial costs that are caused by the negligence can be claimed back using the special damages element of a claim. The idea of special damages is to ensure that you are left in no worse a situation (financially) than you were before the negligence occurred.

The types of special damage that can be recovered include:

  • Medical Costs – If you need any medicines on prescription, then you can claim the cost back with this part of a claim. If you have to pay for any remedial treatment, then this can also be claimed back.
  • Travelling Costs – You may need to make numerous trips as a result of your injuries including trips to and from the doctor who’s treating you or a hospital. The costs of fuel and car parking can be claimed back with your compensation.
  • Loss of Income – It is also possible to claim back any lost earnings that you may incur when taking time off work to visit a doctor or because you need to take time off from work to recover.

Your solicitor will assess all special damages that have already been incurred and then work out the potential for any future special damages. These will be claimed at the same time, as once a claim has been settled, you won’t be able to ask for more compensation later on.

What Are Dermal Lips Fillers Used For?

When talking about the cheeks and lips, dermal fillers are used to give more volume and greater definition. They can be used in other parts of the face to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and lines such as marionette lines, mouth corners, laughter lines and the nose.

Am I Eligible To Claim For Negligent Or Botched Dermal Filler Injuries?

To be able to claim compensation, you need to prove that the practitioner did something wrong. They have a duty of care towards you, but it needs to be proven that they breached that duty. This could be because:

  • Procedural error or mistake. This means that the treatment was completed incorrectly, such as when the filler has been placed incorrectly which leaves the area of the face lumpy or with bumps under the skin. Another error that can occur is when too much filler is used when over correcting a mistake.
  • Incorrect advice. All patients of any medical treatment or procedure need to be fully informed prior to any treatment going ahead.

If either of these is true and you become injured, then you could make a claim for compensation against the shop or salon where you were treated.

What Should You Do After Botched Or Negligent Dermal Filler Injuries?

As with any medical negligence claim, there are a number of things you can do following negligent treatment which will make claiming compensation easier:

  • Visit a doctor to receive an assessment and treatment for any injuries sustained. We will be able to use the medical records as evidence to base the claim on.
  • Photograph your injuries or ask somebody else to do this for you.
  • Report the injuries to the treatment centre and ask them for a copy of the accident report that they log.
  • If anybody chaperoned you while you were undergoing treatment or in a consultation prior to treatment, ask them to write a witness statement about what they saw and what was said in any consultation. Include their contact details as well.
  • You might consider asking a different practitioner for a second opinion. If they offer an opinion on whether the treatment was carried out negligently, you could use this as further supporting evidence.
  • Keep a note of any costs that are incurred because of the injuries you’ve sustained.

These steps can provide crucial evidence and make your claim easier.

Common Injuries From The Negligent Application Of Dermal Fillers

There are a number of common injuries that can occur following dermal filler treatment. The list below isn’t conclusive, so don’t worry if your injury isn’t listed, we can still help.

The symptoms or injuries you might sustain include:

  • Swelling
  • Rashes
  • Lumps forming under the skin
  • Filler not staying in the correct place (i.e. it moves under the skin)
  • Bruising
  • Itching
  • Infections
  • Tissue death, blindness (and permanent blindness) or a pulmonary embolism (which is rare) because the filler blocks a blood vessel.

Obviously, some of these are very serious conditions, whereas others will heal fairly rapidly.  Regardless, if they’ve been caused by negligence you could make a compensation claim against the practitioner or salon that treated you.

I Had An Allergic Reaction To My Dermal Filler, Can I Claim Compensation?

If you were warned about the possible side effects or reactions that may happen when undergoing the treatment, then you wouldn’t be able to claim. If, however, you weren’t made aware of possible allergic reactions, then you would be able to begin a claim for any injuries.

It would be good to get a witness statement from anybody who was with you when you were given advice prior to the treatment.

Can You Claim Compensation If You Have Signed A Waiver Or Disclaimer?

Even when a waiver has been provided and signed, you still can make a claim if the practitioner has acted negligently. They are still bound by a duty of care to take care of you and ensure your treatment meets expected standards and procedures, so a waiver will not stop you claiming in this instance.

You may find that the defendant tries to say the waiver protects them which is why you should use a medical negligence specialist, like, to support you when making a claim against them. We have the experience to counter any arguments, such as waivers, when negligence has occurred.

My Dermal Filler Treatment Was Not Carried Out By A Nurse, Can I Claim Compensation?

Botched dermal lip filler

Botched dermal lip filler

This depends entirely on whether you knew that the person who carried out the dermal filler treatment wasn’t qualified i.e. if you allowed a friend to attempt the treatment and you knew they weren’t qualified, then you’d both be equally responsible so no claim could be made.

If you did not know that the person who administered the treatment wasn’t qualified to do so and you’re injured in any way, then you’d have grounds to begin a claim.

The government now provides a register of approved non-surgical cosmetic treatment providers, so it would be worth checking before undergoing any treatment. We’ve included a link to their website at the bottom of this guide.

Please call us to explain the specifics of your injuries and who treated you and we’ll consider your claim.

How Much Time Do I Have To Make A Botched Dermal Filler Compensation Claim?

All medical negligence and personal injury claims, including dermal filler claims, are time-limited by UK law. The current time limits for claiming compensation are:

Claim Time Limit
Personal Injury Claim3 Years from the date of the accident
Medical Negligence Claim3 Years from the date of the injury or from the date you gained knowledge of an illness or condition.

We’d hate you to miss out on the compensation you could be entitled to because you missed the time limits for claiming, so call us as soon as you can following a botched lip injection so that we have plenty of time to prepare your claim and gather the required supporting evidence.

How To Start A Personal Injury Claim For Dermal Filler Negligence

Quite simply, the easiest way to begin a dermal lip filler negligence claim is to pick up the phone and contact us, but before you do, you should try to gather the required evidence that was detailed earlier in this document.

We’ll then assess your claim, the supporting evidence, the injuries you sustained and then work out if there’s a good chance of making a successful claim. We’ll happily provide you with an estimate at this point if we believe you could win compensation and provide any other legal advice you need prior to making a claim.

No Win No Fee Botched And Negligent Dermal Lip Filler Injuries

When you begin either a medical negligence or personal injury claim, you may be worried about the cost of hiring a solicitor; many people do.

There are two options that you can choose from when hiring a solicitor.  We’ve outlined both below, including any risks and benefits:

  1. Pay a solicitor who charges by the hour
    This type of solicitor will charge you an hourly rate for their service. If they win the case, you’ve already paid them for their service, so you keep 100% of any compensation awarded to you. The big risk here though is, if they fail to win compensation, you’ll already have paid what could be a large legal bill.
  2. Use a solicitor who offers No Win No Fee agreements
    When you engage with a No Win No Fee solicitor, they will tell you what their ‘success fee’ will be if they win your case. It will be a small percentage of your compensation (which is legally capped) and, if they win, they keep their success fee before sending the rest of the compensation on to you.  The main benefit of this type of solicitor is, if they lose the case, you don’t have to pay for their service at all. 

Following feedback from clients, we only work with solicitors on our panel who work on a No Win No Fee basis as it drastically reduces the risk associated with making a claim and also reduces the stress during the claim process.

How Our Beauty And Medical Negligence Specialists Can Help You

We’d love you to use to begin your dermal lip filler negligence claim and are happy to offer you free legal advice if you’re still not sure if you have a valid claim or what you should do next.

Our team are medical negligence specialists who work tirelessly to ensure we gain enough information from you to ensure you receive the correct level of compensation when you make a claim.

When we deal with any claim, we follow the process below:

You get in touch with the details of your claimWe'll assess the merits of the claimIf you're happy to proceed, we'll begin your claim.

How To Contact Us

If you’d like to use to begin your claim today, then please use the contact details below to get in touch.

We are personal injury and medical negligence specialists who can help you to make your claim wherever it occurred within the UK. We only work with No Win No Fee solicitors.

Our contact details are:

  • Telephone: Call us on0161 696 9685 and speak directly to a member of our team.
  • Email: You can send a message, with the details of your claim, to – we’ll be in touch at a time that suits you.
  • Online: If you prefer, you can fill in an online form to begin your claim.

When you begin your claim by contacting us, we’ll assess the merits of the case by listening to all of the details you provide us with. We’ll answer any questions that you have and then we’ll provide you with our opinion of whether you are likely to win compensation or not.

If we agree that your chances are high, we’ll provide you with an estimate of how much compensation could be awarded and connect you with a medical negligence solicitor who offers a No Win No Fee service.

Advice For Victims Of Negligent Beauty Treatment

We hope that having read this guide about dermal lip filler negligence claims you have enough information to know what to do next. For more information, we’ve provided further relevant advice below:

Dermal Fillers Guide – an NHS guide regarding the process used when applying dermal fillers and advice on how to find a practitioner.

Cosmetic Surgery Advice – a more generic guide from the NHS about other cosmetic procedures.

Register of Approved Practitioners – government-approved list of providers of non-surgical facial treatments.

Workplace Rights

No Win No Fee Claims

If you require any further information, please get in touch with one of our advisers using the contact number above.


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