Cycling Accident Claims In Newcastle

Cycling Accident Claims In Newcastle

Cycling Accident Claims In Newcastle

Our guide helps to inform you about cycling accident claims for Newcastle road traffic accidents. We detail what a cycling accident solicitor is and how their familiarity with the area of your claim is more beneficial than geographical proximity. 

Moreover, we explore the criteria you must meet to start your claim and the potential payouts you could be entitled to. We explain how legal professionals value injuries and what evidence would increase the likelihood of a successful claim. 

Our guide on cycling accident claims in Newcastle also details how these accidents could occur, what injuries could be sustained, and the statistical frequencies of road traffic accidents. We also inform you of the time limit you must be within to make your claim and how exceptions can exist. 

Furthermore, we take a look at the financial benefits of a No Win No Fee agreement and what they entail. For more information about making a cycling claim, please continue reading.

If you have questions about your claim and wish to speak to someone, you are able to reach us in the following ways: 

Please keep reading to find out if you’re eligible to claim. 

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  6. Why Make No Win No Fee Cycling Accident Claims For Newcastle Road Accidents With Our Team

An Overview Of Cycling Accident Claims In Newcastle 

Our guide on cycling accident claims for Newcastle road accidents explains how sourcing solicitors with the best knowledge and experience in the area of your claim will be more beneficial than hiring a solicitor based on their locational proximity. 

Accidents can happen in numerous ways, and having a solicitor with familiarity with claims like yours could increase the likelihood of the success of your claim. They will have received the training for this area of the law and will be more rehearsed in the process of these types of claims than a solicitor who specialises in a separate area.

The Road Traffic Act 1988 and The Highway Code provide laws and guidelines for operating as a road user. These outline that road users have a duty to navigate the roads with attention and care to prevent harm to other road users. 

To claim, you should be able to show that:

  • The road user owed you a duty of care
  • They breached this
  • This caused your injuries

Additionally, in regards to cyclists, in particular, Rule 204 states that cyclists are a part of the group that is considered to be most at risk from a road traffic accident. This then states that road users considered to be a greater threat to others have a greater responsibility to reduce the danger they pose. 

Example Payouts For Cycling Accident Injuries 

When taking a look into cycling accident claims for Newcastle, you may be interested in the potential compensation you may be eligible to receive. 

General damages are one type which covers the suffering and pain that you have endured as a result of your injury. Special damages are another type that covers monetary losses you have experienced. 

Legal professionals may use The Judicial College Guidelines to assist them when valuing injuries. These provide compensation brackets for various injuries, some shown in the table below. However, these are only to be used as a guide, as the outcome of your settlement may vary in comparison. 

Alternatively, compensation calculators can be used to give you a rough overview of the payout you may receive for your injuries. However, these are not definite representations of your compensation and should only be used as a guide.

Injury Severity Notes Value
Leg Injuries Amputations (a) (iv) One leg is amputated below the knee. The trauma of the accident will determine the award. £97,980 to £132,990
Leg Injuries Less Serious (c) (i) This includes fractures from which an incomplete recovery is made or serious soft-tissue injuries. £17,960 to £27,760
Facial Disfigurement Very Severe Scarring (a) This includes teens to early thirties where the cosmetic effect is very disfiguring. £29,780 to £97,330
Facial Disfigurement Less Severe Scarring (b) There is substantial disfigurement. £17,960 to £48,420
Foot Injuries Severe (d) Fractures of both feet/heels with substantially restricted mobility. £41,970 to £70,030
Ankle Injuries Very Severe (a) This includes transmalleolar fracture of the ankle and deformity. £50,060 to £69,700
Neck Injuries Severe (a) (iii) This includes fractures/dislocations and ruptured tendons and severe soft tissue damage. £45,470 to £55,990
Arm Injuries Less Severe (c) There has been significant disability but recovery is substantial. £19,200 to £39,170
Knee Injuries Moderate (b) (i) This include dislocations and torn cartilages. £14,840 to £26,190

In addition to these damages, you may be eligible to claim special damages, which are a type of compensation which restores the financial losses you endured due to your injuries. Examples of these losses are: 

  • Loss of earnings
  • Transportation costs
  • Medication, care, or home adaptations you have purchased 

When claiming for monetary losses, it is also important to have sufficient evidence during the claims process. These can be: 

  • Payslips
  • Tickets showing public transport costs
  • Bank statements showing the purchases

Types Of Accidents Cyclists Could Suffer 

There are many ways a cyclist accident could happen. Examples include:

  • A dooring accident: A person may open the door of their vehicle into the cyclist’s path, causing injury. 
  • Collisions: A vehicle may hit a cyclist if they pull out of a junction at the wrong time and don’t see them.
  • Roundabouts: A driver may not check their mirrors when turning.

Proving who is at fault for your cycling accident is important in determining the success of your claim. Establishing a road user’s breach of duty of care could prove their liability. 

Are Cycling Accidents In Newcastle Common? 

The frequency of road accidents in Great Britain can be explored through the statistics that are recorded in the Reported Road Casualties in Great Britain. However, it should be noted that these statistics are provisional estimates. 

Statistics from the year ending June 2022 show that: 

  • There were 1,760 fatalities from road collisions which is a 4% decrease from the year ending June 2019. 
  • There were 29,804 individuals reported to be killed or seriously injured, which has also decreased from the year ending June 2019 by 6%.
  • Overall, there were 137,013 reported casualties of all severities, which was a 12% decrease from the year ending June 2019. 
  • From the Pedal Cycle Factsheet 2020, it has been recorded that between 2015 and 2020, an average of 2 cyclists died, and 83 cyclists were seriously injured per week. 

How To Claim For Newcastle Cycling Accidents 

When exploring the ways to make cycling accident claims for Newcastle road accidents, you may be curious about the compensation you can be awarded and what can be useful in helping you to receive this. 

 Having sufficient evidence will be beneficial. This can include: 

  • CCTV/dashcam footage and photographs of the injury
  • Witness contact details
  • A diary you may have kept to illustrate the impact of the injuries

Furthermore, when making a cycling accident claim, you should know the time limit. This is stated in The Limitation Act 1980, which outlines that you generally have three years from the date of your accident to start the claim. 

However, the time limit is suspended if a person is under eighteen at the time of the accident or if a person lacks the mental capacity to claim. A person has three years from the date of their eighteenth birthday if a litigation friend has not done so on their behalf already. 

In the event that a person regains their mental capacity, they have three years from the date that this happens unless a claim has already been made for them by a litigation friend. 

Why Make No Win No Fee Cycling Accident Claims For Newcastle Road Accidents With Our Team 

Cycling accident claims for Newcastle can be made with No Win No Fee solicitors. Our panel of experienced solicitors may offer you this kind of arrangement, one type being a Conditional Fee Agreement.

This usually means that if your claim is unsuccessful, you will not be required to pay for your solicitor’s services. If your claim is successful, your solicitor will likely take a success fee from your compensation. 

This is a deduction from your award, but The Conditional Fee Agreements Order 2013 state that the amount they are allowed to deduct is legally capped at a percentage.

If you have any further questions about cycling accident claims for Newcastle road accidents, please get in touch.

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