Hand Injury Compensation Claims Guide – How Much Can I Claim? – Hand Injury Compensation Amounts Calculator

By Marlon Wilkinson. Last Updated 11th July 2022. Welcome to our guide to making hand injury claims. In it, we discuss different hand injuries, from an amputation to a broken hand at work. Compensation is also discussed and we explain how we could give you a better idea of the compensation you could receive than a hand injury compensation calculator.

A hand injury can cause all sorts of problems with day to day life on a short-term or long-term basis depending on the severity.  When your hands are injured, you soon become aware of how reliant you are on them, especially the dominant hand.

When could you make hand injury claims?

When your accident is caused by a third party’s mistake or negligence, then you can make a hand injury compensation claim against the other person using a no win no fee service.

If you’d like to begin a claim today, please call Advice.co.uk on 0161 696 9685 and speak to one of our personal injury specialists.

If you’d like to know more first, please carry on reading and we’ll provide all the information that you’ll need when deciding whether to claim or not.

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A Guide To Making A Hand Injury Compensation Claim

hand injury claims broken hand at work compensation hand injury compensation calculator

Hand injury compensation claim guide

Hand injuries which cause some loss of function of one or both hands can really limit what we can do day to day and impact upon our, and others, lives.  They are one of the more common personal injury claims because, when we fall forwards, we tend to put our hands out in front of us to break the fall.

This guide aims to help you decide whether to make a compensation claim if your accident was caused by somebody else, whether that be by a negligent action or a mistake.

We’ll cover what you should do in the event of an accident, how to make claiming compensation easier, what amount of compensation you could receive and how to make a No Win No Fee claim.  On top of this, we’ll cover the most common types of accident that lead to hand injury compensation claims.

If you have any queries while reading this guide or afterwards, or you’ve suffered other injuries, such as head injuries or psychological injuries, you can call us for free legal advice and guidance on what steps you should take next.

Hand Injuries Explained

There’s no such thing as a typical hand injury as there 27 different bones in each hand as well as growth plates (in children’s hands), tendons, nerves and muscles that can all be injured during an accident.

Different types of hand injury will cause differing impacts on the victim, but even a simple fracture of a finger can limit the victim’s ability to complete everyday actions.

Claims can be made for any hand injury so long as the accident was caused by somebody else.

Hand Injury Compensation Amounts – Claim Calculator

A hand injury compensation calculator is a tool that you can use to offer you an estimate for how much compensation you could get for your hand injury.

The calculator will work by asking you about the type of injury you have suffered and how severe it was. It would then use compensation amounts previously awarded in court cases to address the distress and pain caused by similar injuries to offer you a compensation estimate.

This part of the compensation for the pain and distress caused by an injury is known as general damages. To illustrate what you could find in a hand injury compensation calculator, we have included a table containing potential compensation figures for hand injuries. We have used the April 2022 edition of the Judicial College Guidelines to put this table together. The figures in the guidelines come from compensation awards for similar injuries that have been handed out in court settlements.

InjurySeverityCompensation Information
Hand Extremely Severe£11,520 - £160,600This range would include injuries so severe that one or both hand has to be amputated.
Hand Moderate to Severe£4,640 - £10,580This range includes crush injuries and injuries where there is permanent pain going forward
Finger Mild - SevereTo £29,290The compensation awarded in this category will depend on which fingers are injured, how badly and how many.
Hand Mild£730 - £3,460This range includes much milder cases where the damage is fully repaired within 6 months
Wrist Mild - Severe£2,810 - £47,720Ranging from soft tissue damage through to complete loss of function or amputation
Arm Extremely Severe£76,650 - £239,140This range would include the most serious injuries where one or both arms is amputated
Arm Severe£31,220 - £104,370This range would include the accidents where movement is restricted in one or both arms and there is considerable pain or permanent disability

The calculator will then ask you to input any financial losses relevant to your injury, in order to offer you a final potential compensation amount. However, this may not take all aspects into account.

If you are looking for an estimate for compensation for your claim, please speak to one of our advisors. They can accurately value your claim and inform you of other costs that could be included as part of your compensation.

Types Of Damages You Can Claim After A Hand Injury

Your solicitor will use what’s know as “Heads of Loss” to determine what compensation you will seek.  There are various different heads of loss that they can use including:

General Damages

As mentioned before, this is the compensation that is paid for pain, suffering and loss of amenity to the victim following an accident.

Special Damages

These are calculated by real financial loss that you have suffered and future financial loss that you may suffer going forward following your accident.  The idea behind special damages is that you should not be left in a worse financial position than you were prior to the accident.

Special damages include:

Travel Expenses

If you need to travel to medical appointments, hospital or have to arrange any alternative travel arrangements (because you can’t drive because of your hand injury for instance), then you can claim these costs back.

Loss of Income

When your employer doesn’t pay full sick pay, you may lose some of your salary if you have to take time off of work to recover or to visit the doctor.  If this is the case, you can claim the loss of earnings back.

If your injuries are so severe that you have to change jobs or stop working altogether, then you could claim for future lost income as well.

Cost of a Carer

When you’ve injured your hand, in some cases, you may need to get help doing everyday tasks, while you’re recovering, that you would’ve done yourself previously.  If this is the case, then your solicitor may add these costs to the compensation claim.

Your solicitor will need to know all of the special damages at the same time as, once you’ve had your claim settled by the other person, you won’t be able to ask for more compensation at a later date.

Cost of Damage to Personal Property

If any item of your property is damaged at the time of your accident, then you could claim the cost of replacing or repairing the item.  Receipts should be provided to back up these claims.

Statistics For Hand Injuries

Hand injuries are very commonly reported in accidents in the workplace.  There are estimates that some 40% of accidents at work include hand injuries with an average 6 days off from work per accident.

Other accidents that result in hand injuries are not recorded in the same way so it’s difficult to ascertain what percentage of accidents cause them but it’s fair to say that pretty much any type of accident can result in damage to the hands.

Not all accidents are the fault of the employer, but we will cover workplace accidents in the coming sections.

Common Causes Of Hand Injuries

There are many causes of hand injuries including:

  • Sporting accidents, especially in ball sports and contact sports
  • Road traffic accidents
  • Heavy lifting
  • Slips, trips and falls where the hands are used to break the fall
  • General strains

Advice.co.uk can help with any type of personal injury claim for hand injuries caused by somebody else’s negligence.   Please get in touch with us to discuss whether you have a valid claim for compensation.

Workplace Hand Injuries

Every employer has a duty of care to its employees to ensure their safety while at work and while undertaking their daily tasks.

Not every accident is one that the employer can prevent but cases such as poor training, incorrect protective equipment (PPE), damaged equipment and unsafe working practices could mean the employer is liable for the accident and damages can be sought by the employee.

Some examples of workplace accidents include:

When you’re involved in an accident at work you should report the accident to the health and safety rep so that the incident is recorded and ask a copy of the report so that we can use it as part of the claim.

If you believe your employer is responsible for your accident at work and it has caused hand injuries of any type, you can contact our team so that we can assess the chances of you being awarded compensation.

Road Traffic Accident Hand Injuries

If you have been injured in a road traffic accident, where another driver is to blame, as either a cyclist, pedestrian, passenger or driver then you could claim compensation for your hand injury.

There are many hand injury compensation case studies which show compensation was awarded because of crush type injuries, broken radius injuries and fractured carpal bones all caused in road traffic accidents.

If you’re involved in a road traffic accident you should seek medical attention, report it to the police if necessary, get the other drivers contact details, insurance details and registration number and also ask any witnesses for their contact details before contacting us to begin your claim.

Claims For Slips And Falls Causing Hand Injuries

One of the most common reasons hands are injured is that when we fall our natural instinct is to put our hands out in front of us to break the fall.

Slipping or falling doesn’t automatically constitute negligence, as it could just be the victim wasn’t paying attention but there are case such as slippery floors (with no warning signs), uneven paving, broken hand rails and poor lighting which could mean somebody else is to blame for your hand injury and compensation can be claimed.

Public Place Hand Injury Compensation Claims

Most public places, such as shops, restaurants, parks, council buildings and businesses have a duty of care to customers and visitors to ensure they are safe while on site.

If you’ve had an accident in a public place you should report it to the operator and ask for a copy of the report and then contact Advice.co.uk to see if you have a valid claim for compensation.

Anatomy Of The Hand And Hand Bones

The hand is made up of 27 different bones (in adults) consisting of carpal bones, metacarpal bones and phalanges.

Intertwined with the bones are muscles that control the fingers and thumb, tendons, ligaments and arteries – all of which can become injured in any type of accident.

Common Hand Injuries

Common hand injuries hand injury claims broken hand at work compensation hand injury compensation calculator

Common hand injuries

Over the next few sections, we’re going to look at the most common types of hand injuries.  Don’t worry if you don’t see your injury here as we can help with any type, so long as it was somebody else’s fault.

Strains, Sprains And Muscle Tears

When a hand is strained, sprained or a muscle is torn it can lead to reduced grip in the affected hand if there is an impact on the ligaments or tendons.

These types of injuries may seem minor but can have an impact on the ability to carry out everyday tasks or mean you can’t complete your job for a period of time.

You can claim compensation for strains, sprains and tears if the accident was caused by somebody else.

Hand Crush Injuries

Crushed hand injuries can be very painful and fracture or break one or more of the bones in the hand.  This can mean many weeks or possibly months of restricted hand movement which in turn could lead to loss of income which could be claimed back.

The types of damage caused by hand crush type injuries include:

  • Broken or fractured radius bones
  • Broken or fractured ulna
  • A broken phalange
  • A fractured metacarpal bone
  • A fracture carpal bone

Each of these will be painful and, unfortunately, there is not always treatment available to fix them.  Some injuries can only be bandaged with a splint and allowed to heal naturally which can mean weeks of pain and incapacity.

Nerve Damage In The Hands And Fingers

As well as crush injuries, damage to the nerves in the fingers and hand can be very difficult to deal with as it difficult to complete basic tasks as nerve damage very often leads to loss of the sense of touch.

When this happens, victims are sometimes susceptible to burns or scalds because they lose the feeling of heat as well.

We can help with personal injury claims for nerve damage in the hands so please call if you believe you’ve got a valid claim.

How Severe Can A Hand Injury Be?

As we’ve seen in previous sections, compensation for hand injuries is awarded based on the severity of the injury and the impact it has had on the claimant.

There are very serious hand injuries that can lead to total loss of use of one or both of the hands which will ultimately be the type of injury that sees the highest amount of compensation.

Other hand injuries, while not as severe, can lead to long term disability, loss of function or ongoing pain which are all factors that are taken into account when assessing the amount of compensation that will be awarded.

There are various types of accident that can lead to severe hand injuries and whatever type you’re involved in, if the accident was caused by somebody else, you could seek compensation by contacting our team for free legal advice.

How Do I Prove Liability For Hand Injury Claims?

When looking at hand injury claims a solicitor has to determine if it’s somebody else’s fault or whether it was just a simple accident.

The criteria for making a successful claim are:

  • That the defendant (the person or company you’re claiming against) owed you some sort of duty of care,
  • That they breached that duty of care in some way (negligence),
  • And that because of that breach, you were involved in an accident and became injured.

When you’re at work or in a public place, generally, you are owed a duty of care to be kept safe by the employer or the company who operate the premises you are on.  The same is true on council operated streets, restaurants and shops.

Once duty of care is established it is then simply a case of identifying if somebody else caused your accident to happen.  If so, liability can be proven and a claim for compensation can be lodged.

What Is The Time Limit For Making A Personal Injury Claim?

As with all personal injury claims in the UK, if you’re making a hand injury claim then it has to be done within strict time limits.   These are non-negotiable so it’s important that you contact a solicitor as soon as possible so that they have enough time to prepare your claim and still submit it on time.

The current time limits for personal injury claims are:

Accident TypeTime limit
Accident at work3 years
Traffic Accident3 years
Slip, trip, or fall3 years

How To Start Your Hand Injury Compensation Claim

The main thing you need to do, to begin your hand injury compensation claim, is to call Advice.co.uk directly and speak with one of our specially trained advisers.  You’ve already read about what type of claims can be made and how long you have to make them so the next thing to do is decide if you’re ready to begin.

We can help with that as we offer all clients a free initial consultation of their claim where they can ask any questions and we’ll assess the claim with them.  Then, we give an honest appraisal of the chances of successfully claiming compensation.   If we agree to take on the case, we introduce the client to a personal injury solicitor who works on a no win no fee basis.

No Win No Fee Compensation Claims For A Hand Injury

When you choose a solicitor to make your hand injury compensation claim we’d recommend you use one who offers No Win No Fee agreements.

If you choose no win no fee you don’t have to pay your solicitor if they fail to win any compensation for you and, if they do win, you pay them a success fee which is a fixed percentage of your compensation.  This means you never actually have to send them any money yourself which is a big benefit to a lot of clients.

If you choose not to use a No Win No Fee service, you would get 100% of any compensation but you have to pay for the solicitor’s time yourself and, if they lose, you still have to pay them.

We only work with No Win No Fee solicitors because clients tell us it reduces a lot of the stress when making a claim.

Why Make Your Personal Injury Claim With Us For Broken Hand At Work Compensation?

The team at Advice.co.uk are all committed to ensuring that you get as much compensation as you deserve and work tirelessly to ensure we fully understand your claim and how your injuries have affected you.

We are friendly and professional and are always honest about the chances of success in all cases that we consider.

When you contact us to discuss your claim, we’ll use the following process:

You get in touch with our teamWe'll listen to your claim an assess it with youIf we agree, and you're happy to continue, we'll begin your claim.

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hold back because we are happy to try and ensure you’re fully equipped with the right information prior to making your hand injury compensation claim.

Contact Us About Hand Injury Claims

Advice.co.uk are personal injury specialists and are able to help with claims in any part of the UK.  We only work with solicitors that offer our clients no win no fee agreements so that your claim is much less stressful.

If you’d like to begin your claim with us today, please contact us using one of the following methods:

Whichever method you choose, a member of our team will answer any questions you may have and assess your claim with you and let you know whether you have a good chance of being awarded compensation or not.

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Here are some more guides from around the web which you may find useful:

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FAQ About Hand Injury Claims

What common workplace accidents could lead to broken hand at work compensation claims?

We have offered some information into common causes of accidents and injuries at work. However, let us now look at the statistics relating to the types of accident. The Health and Safety Executive’s 2020-21 figures clearly show that slips, trips and falls on the same level are the most common cause of self-reported work accidents, as reported to the Labour Force Survey. You can see other common causes below.


hand injury claims broken hand at work compensation hand injury compensation calculator

How much can I claim for a hand injury?

As we have mentioned, no hand injury compensation calculator could give an accurate compensation sum to you. All cases have to be assessed in accordance with their unique circumstances and facts. The medical evidence you present will be assessed to see how severe and long-lasting your injury is likely to be. Your compensation payout could depend on this.


How much is a permanent injury worth?

If you want to know how much a permanent hand injury could bring you, we could speak to you about this. Usually, permanent injury compensation would bring you more than a broken hand at work compensation claim with no complications. If you lose function in the hand permanently, this could affect your ability to do a lot of things, such as work, enjoy sports and other activities. Therefore, the payout would normally be higher to reflect what you have lost in this regard. Please call us to discuss this in detail.

We hope our hand injury claims guide has been useful, and you now know how we could help you start a claim for broken hand at work compensation. If you’d like us to give you guidance on a figure you’ve received from a hand injury compensation calculator, and explain how to start a claim, we’re here to assist you.