Permanent Scar Compensation Claims – How Much Can You Claim?

In this guide, we will reveal everything you need to know about making a claim for permanent scar compensation. Here at, we have years of experience and we can help you to make a claim for this type of injury. Most scar injuries naturally cause psychological injuries too, and we will ensure your compensation covers this. Before you call 0161 696 9685 to reach us, though, read on to discover more.

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A Guide To Claiming Permanent Scar Compensation

Permanent scar compensation claim guide

Permanent scar compensation claim guide

In this guide, we will answer all of your questions about permanent scar compensation. This includes: How much compensation will I get for a facial injury? Does workers comp pay for scars? How much can I claim for burns? We know that these sorts of cases can be very distressing, which is why we have put together all of the information you need. We also have a helpline available, which you can call any day of the week.

What Are Permanent Scars?

Scars are a common type of injury that could happen as a result of any type of accident. However, permanent scars can lead to confidence issues, having a permanent impact on the person’s life. Scar contractures, in particular, have a heavy impact on the aesthetic effect of the body. They can also cause pain, impacting the quality of life and mobility.

How Much Permanent Scar Compensation Can You Claim?

When making an accident claim, a part of your compensation will be determined based on your injury, your suffering and the impact it is having on your life. Scarring to the body can often occur in many different personal injury cases. From car crashes to construction accidents, any type of impact to the body can, of course, result in scars. This can be extremely distressing for the sufferer. 

When it comes to determining the amount of compensation you will receive for body scarring as the result of an accident, there are various factors that must be considered. These are as follows… 

  1. Medical Assessment – First and foremost, when making any type of accident claim it is imperative to see a doctor. You will not get compensation without a professional diagnosis. When it comes to determining the amount of compensation you will get, you will be examined to discover the true extent of your injuries and whether there is a chance of future symptoms as a result. After all, when making this type of claim it is likely that your scarring is not the only thing you will be receiving compensation for.
  2. Psychological reaction – Scarring can often result in physiological damage for a lot of people, as they come to terms with their injury. Moreover, if the scarring has occurred in a particularly tragic way, this can have a significant impact on someone’s mental state and thus they may require counselling and such like to get over this. If this applies to you, you will be compensated for this as well.
  3. Where the scar is located – Last but not least, the positioning of the scar is also pivotal. If your scar is on your face you will receive a greater sum of money compared to a scar on the body that can be hidden.

You can use the table below to get a better understanding of the value of a scar claim. If you cannot see the injury you have sustained, simply give us a call and we will be happy to explain further.

Scars - Where on the bodyScar severityTypical payout
FaceTrivial Scarring£1,600 to £3,310
FaceLess Significant Scarring£3,710 to £12,900
FaceSignificant Scarring£8,550 to £28,240
FaceLess Severe Scarring£16,860 to £45,440
FaceVery Severe Scarring£27,940 to £91,350
BodySeveral superficial scars or one noticable one£2,220 to £7,350
BodyExploratory laparotomy carried out but no significant internal injury foundIn the region of £8,110
BodyBurns over 40% of the bodyLikely to exceed £98,380

What Can My Scarring Claim Compensate Me For?

When making this type of claim, it is important to understand how compensation for scarring is divided. So, let’s take a look at this in further detail…

General damages

Firstly, you will be able to claim for the injuries you have sustained. How this is calculated was explained in the former section.

Special damages

When making this type of claim, not only will you be compensated for the injury you have sustained, i.e. the pain you are experiencing and the impact it is having on your life you will also be compensated for other damages, such as…

  • Camouflage make-up, hair extensions, a wig or anything else needed to cover the injury
  • Loss of earnings – Have you experienced a loss of earnings due to your inability to work during the recovery phase?
  • Travelling costs – I.e. the cost of travelling to and from the hospital and parking
  • Cost of any specialist medical treatments that have been required, such as skin grafts
  • Counselling expenses – A lot of people require counselling to get over the psychological damage caused
  • Treatments required to alleviate or resolve the injury, such as therapeutic treatments
  • Loss of enjoyment, i.e. if you have had to miss a holiday because of the injury.

Types Of Scars You Can Claim Compensation For

You can claim compensation for any type of scar. This includes the following:

  • Atrophic scars – These are usually caused by skin conditions and they have a sunken appearance.
  • Keloid scars – These are caused when there is too much collagen produced at the site of the wound. After the wound has healed, these scars continue to grow.
  • Hypertrophic scars – These are caused when there is too much collagen produced at the site of the wound. After the wound has healed, these scars do not continue to grow. They have a red and raised appearance.
  • Scar contractures – This is caused when the skin shrinks, often because of burns. It causes tightness around the skin and movement restrictions.
  • Pale, flat scars – This is the most common type of scar. It is characterised by a pale and thin line on the skin.

What Are The Effects Of Scarring On Victims?

Not only can the scars cause pain because of the initial injury, but continued pain is possible, especially in the case of scars caused by burns. Some people also suffer a lack of mobility. Plus, there is the psychological damage, which can be severe. You can claim for all of this.

Common Causes Of Permanent Scars

In the upcoming sections, we will take an in-depth look at some of the most common causes of permanent scars to give you a better understanding.

Permanent Scar Accidents At Work

All employers need to provide their workforce with a safe and healthy environment. If they have failed to do this, and you have been injured as a consequence, you will have grounds for a compensation claim. There are many different ways that this could happen. Perhaps a sharp object was left lying around? Maybe you were not given the correct training on how to use a specific machine within the workplace?

Making a claim against an employer is something that often worries a lot of people. They are scared that it will compromise their job. Could they be sacked? Will it spoil their working relationships?

The truth is – this is something you shouldn’t worry about too much. After all, if you have suffered an injury because of your employer’s error or negligence, you deserve compensation. They have a legal responsibility to provide a safe working environment. They know that it is their duty. Therefore, if they have failed to uphold this responsibility, they know the consequences they are facing. Your employer should have the necessary insurance policies in place to settle such claims.

Of course, your employer may feel frustrated, yet they cannot expect to take this out on you. If you find yourself facing being sacked because of this, you then have grounds for unfair dismissal and, therefore, you can fight this. So, don’t let any worries hold you back. One of the experienced solicitors we can provide to you will advise you on the best approach to take. It is all about handling the situation properly and fairly. If you do this, you can expect a smooth resolution of the issue and you will get the money you are entitled to as quickly as possible.

Permanent Scar Burn Accidents

Permanent scar from burns

Permanent scar from burns

There are so many different ways that these accidents can happen. For example, this could occur if you have been involved in a fire, or if you have suffered a burn because of unsafe work practices involving chemicals. Beauty treatments gone wrong can also lead to burns.

Permanent Scars Due To Medical Negligence

If you have suffered at the hands of medical negligence it can be an extremely distressing and upsetting experience. Sadly, every year people are said to experience unintentional harm whilst they are in the hospital. Here are some examples of what medical negligence commonly entails…

  • Late diagnosis of a serious illness
  • Poor aftercare
  • Injuries sustained during an operation
  • Negligent treatment / medication
  • Inaccurate or bad advice given by a medical professional

If you have experienced any of these injuries, or any other type of injury that has occurred because of medical negligence, and it has resulted in scarring, you’ll likely be entitled to go forward with a compensation claim.

Also, a lot of people tend to think of medical negligence only in relation to hospital incidents. Nonetheless, this is not always the case. Here are common examples of the different medical negligence cases that occur…

  • Clinical negligence claims
  • GP medical negligence claims
  • Dentist negligence claims
  • Needlestick injury claims
  • NHS negligence claims
  • Cosmetic surgery negligence claims

If you are feeling unsure as to whether you have the grounds for a claim involving medical negligence, simply give a ring.

Permanent Scars Caused By Criminal Injuries

There is no denying that suffering any type of injury can be upsetting, worrying and shocking. Nonetheless, most people would agree that this is always made worse if the injury occurred as a result of someone committing a crime – especially if the crime was directed at you. Here at, we want to make sure you get the full amount of compensation you deserve. Nevertheless, we also recognise that you have already gone through enough hassle, and that is why we ensure our service is as easy, effective and efficient as possible. We want you to focus on getting better, whilst we concentrate on getting you the compensation you deserve. This is even more important when a crime has taken place.

So, what actually is a criminal injury?  This is any type of injury that has happened because of a result of a crime. Were you injured during a robbery? Have you been the victim of assault? The possibilities are truly endless. Moreover, it is pivotal to note that in these cases the damage is not always physical. There are people who suffer from mental injuries because of the ordeal they have been through. These types of injuries are also eligible for compensation.

Permanent Scars Caused By Body Modification

If the procedure has not been carried out correctly and the right process has not been followed, you could easily be left with a scar. You can put forth a claim for the injury, as well as any psychological impact, for example, a loss of confidence.

Another type of body modification that could result in scarring if done incorrectly is cosmetic surgery. There is no denying that some cosmetic surgery procedures can be slightly painful. Nonetheless, the pain subsides and most people are delighted with the results. However, there are sadly a small minority of individuals that experience issues due to the surgery they have undergone. Cosmetic surgery negligence can leave people with scars and other types of issues. Of course, scars can be a risk associated with some treatments, and all of this should be explained to you beforehand. You can also claim if the scars go above what should be expected.

Cosmetic surgery negligence can be extremely distressing. If you have experienced this you are probably already feeling very upset and stressed. You need a company that minimizes the hassle and strain caused to you during the process of making claims. This is exactly what you have with

Permanent Scars Caused By Scratches And Bites

Severe scars can be the result of an animal that his bitten or scratched you, such as dog bites. You could make a claim against the owner in this case.

Can I Claim If I Was Scared In An Accident In A Public Place?

Yes, you can! If you have been scarred because of an injury that happened in a public place, whether you fell on a pavement or were injured in a park due to the negligence of a third party that owed you a duty of care, you could make a claim. Call us today for more information.

Permanent Scar Compensation Claim Time Limits

Please refer to the table below for the personal injury claims time limit relating to your case.

The nature of the incidentHow long do you have to make a claim?
Public accidentYou will have three years from the date of the accident - 3 years from date of diagnosis
Road traffic accidentYou will have three years from the date of the accident - 3 years from date of diagnosis
An accident in the workplaceYou will have three years from the date of the workplace accident - 3 years from date of diagnosis

How You Can Start A Personal Injury Claim

Here are the steps you need to take…

  1. Get all third party details – To begin with, it is imperative to try and get contact details from anyone that was involved in the accident, as well as anyone that witnessed it. Of course, it can be extremely difficult to think on your feet when you have just had the massive shock of such an accident. Yet, if you can, it will prove to be extremely helpful.
  2. Find a top quality law firm – This is extremely beneficial for you.
  3. Keep receipts of any expenses – Last but not least, it is so important to make sure you keep receipts of any expenses you have encountered because of the injury. You will be able to claim for these as special damages. This can be anything from medical costs, to childcare expenses, to travel costs. You can even claim for loss of income. However, you will need proof in order to do this, so make sure you keep a hold of anything that is relevant.

No Win No Fee Claims For Permanent Scar Compensation

One of the best things about choosing is the fact that all of the provided personal injury solicitors work on a No Win, No Fee basis. This is extremely beneficial for you, as it means you do not need any money to begin your claim and the financial risk that is associated with a traditional service is eliminated. Moreover, you can be sure that they will only take on your case if it is believed you have a high chance of getting compensation.

If they win the case, they keep some of your compensation (limited to a maximum of 25%) as a success fee,  if they lose the case, you won’t have to pay them anything for their services.

Why Make Your Claim Through Our Team?

From hand laceration compensation to skin graft compensation, we have the ability to handle all types of permanent scar compensation cases. There are many different reasons why you should use our service. This not only includes the provided solicitor’s No Win, No Fee approach, but our level of experience too. We will match you with a solicitor that has years of experience. We also make the process as easy as possible. Simply look at the three-step process below.

Contact our team by email, phone, or post.Our team will assess your claim.Once you are ready, we can then start your claim.

Contact Our Advisors

If you have any questions about the claim process or your case specifically, please do not wait any longer to get in touch. One of the reasons why we are a brilliant choice for No Win, No Fee claims is because we have a free legal helpline available. You can reach us on 0161 696 9685. This line is accessible seven days per week, meaning you will be able to get the help you need on any day at any time. So, let us take the stress off your shoulders. You focus on getting better and we will concentrate on helping you claim for the money you deserve.

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