What Are The Different Types Of Professional Negligence Cases?

This article offers free guidance for people considering professional negligence cases for compensation. Has your personal injury or medical negligence claim been damaged because of your solicitor? Have you suffered a loss of chance to pursue a claim after they failed to properly represent you?

Did your surveyor not inform you of a significant issue with a house you purchased, or perhaps an architect failed to secure planning permission before proceeding with building work? To find out if you have an eligible professional negligence claim, read this guide or call our advisors now for free advice.

This guide will look at who is eligible to start a claim for professional negligence. We then offer some general examples of professional negligence and what types of professionals a claim could be made against. Moving on to evidence, we then explain potential amounts that may apply if your claim is a success.

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Our guide concludes by explaining how a professional negligence solicitor from our panel could provide their expertise to give your claim its best chances of success. Our team can offer an assessment of eligibility to get professional negligence cases started right now when you:

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What Is Professional Negligence?

Professional negligence can be a situation where a professional fails to meet the standards expected in that particular industry and, as a result, creates loss for their client. In addition to solicitors, other professionals such as financial advisors, surveyors, architects and accountants owe a duty of care to their clients. Their duty of care is to provide a service of reasonable skill and care that of a competent member of their profession.

To be eligible to make a negligence claim against a professional, you would need to satisfy the below criteria:

  • Firstly, the professional owed you a duty of care. This would be established if a professional had agreed to work with you.
  • They performed an action (or inaction) that breached this duty.
  • You suffered loss as a result.

We invite you to speak with our advisors, who can assess your case today for free with no obligation to continue with our services. If they find that you have good grounds to pursue professional negligence compensation, they could connect you with an expert solicitor from our panel.

What Types Of Professional Negligence Cases Can We Help You With?

At Advice.co.uk, we could connect you with professional negligence solicitors to help with claims against the following:

  • Surveyors – Surveyors have an obligation to detect and report any substantial issues with the condition of a property. If they fail to notify a client about issues such as dampness or subsidence and the client purchases the property, creating losses for them in the future, a claim against the surveyor may stand.
  • Accountants – A key part of an accountant’s duty of care to their client is to submit accurate accounts and returns. Failure to do this could result in a penalty from HMRC for a variety of reasons.
  • Financial Advisors – There can be an element of risk with investments and shares but financial advisors still have a duty to provide good quality, informed financial guidance to their clients. If they do not, it can be possible for the client to suffer financial harm that could have been avoidable.
  • Architects – Sometimes building regulations and planning permission must be sought by architects for any project they are involved with. Should an architect fail to apply for permission or proceed with a construction that is flawed, the client could incur costs to correct it.
  • Engineers – In a similar way, engineers must be sure that their designs and constructions comply with safety regulations and are suitable for the purpose. A badly designed piece of engineering can malfunction and cause significant expense for the client to correct.

Our team are on hand to talk in person about all types of professional negligence cases. Just use the number at the top of this page to get started.

Examples Of Professional Negligence From A Solicitor

As well as adhering to their duty of care solicitors in England and Wales must also comply with standards laid out in a Code of Conduct stated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA). The SRA is the regulator in England and Wales for law firms and solicitors. Some general instances of professional negligence from a solicitor can include:

  • Insufficient valuation of the personal injury claim. This can happen if the solicitor does not include long-term health care needs or lost wages. This can be called under-settling the claim.
  • When a solicitor completely misses the period of limitation to make the claim through over-sight or error.
  • Also, a claim can be statute-barred if the lawyer over-ran the limitation date because they ran out of time.
  • When solicitors do not comply with other time limits and court instructions, the case can be struck out.
  • Submitting information to the courts that is either incomplete or incorrect.

We are happy to discuss the particular circumstances of your claim and clarify the grounds for any type of professional negligence claim you are considering.

Examples Of Professional Negligence Compensation

Compensation for professional negligence cases tries to achieve a specific point. That is to place the claimant in the position they would have been in, before the professional negligence. Each claim depends on the individual circumstance.

Below, we list potential example compensation amounts; however, these are only rough estimates, and many factors are taken into account in a professional negligence claim when compensation is awarded.

Claim TypePotential Settlements
Negligence By A SolicitorUp to £500,000+
Financial Advisor NegligenceUp to £500,000+
Negligence by a SurveyorUp to £500,000+
Accountant NegligenceUp to £500,000+
Negligence by an EngineerUp to £500,000+

As well as these amounts, an 8% interest can apply for each year.

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We invite you to get in touch to discuss your professional negligence claim. You can reach us on the contact details above for a free assessment of your eligibility.

Is There A Time Limit For Professional Negligence Cases?

Professional negligence claims need to be initiated within a 6-year time limit. There are, of course, exceptions to this limitation period, but in general, court proceedings must be initiated within 6 years.

Please contact us to discuss this and any other aspects of the professional negligence claims process you are unclear about.

Use Our Panel Of No Win No Fee Solicitors To Claim For Professional Negligence

Starting a professional negligence claim against a solicitor, or other professional, is something that you do not need to face alone. At Advice, we can assess your case for free and connect you with a professional negligence solicitor who can provide you with free legal advice.

If you have eligible grounds to start a claim, then the specialist professional negligence solicitors on our panel could take it up under a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA) which can be generally described under the umbrella term of a No Win No Fee agreement.

This helps people to launch a claim with a solicitor without having to pay charges and fees upfront. If the claim is a success, a capped percentage from the award becomes due as a success fee to reward the solicitors for their efforts. But importantly, no fees apply if the case has an unsuccessful outcome.

a no win no fee solicitor that deals with professional negligence cases.

To discover the other ways an agreement like this could help you, please:

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Read More About Professional Negligence Cases

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